Donald Trump US and Morocco Still Have a Lot to Accomplish

Rabat – On the eve of the Throne Day, King Mohammed VI received congratulatory messages from several leaders, including US President Donald Trump.In his cable, the US President said that he is confident that the US and Morocco will reinforce their diplomatic ties in order to achieve in common areas in the interests of both countries.“I am confident that we will build on our free trade agreement [FTA], our strong security partnership and our diverse cultural and educational ties to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for our two peoples,” said the president. Trump also recalled that the US and Morocco promoted fair and reciprocal trade ties.The US and Morocco signed the FTA in 2004. It came into effect  on January 1, 2006.Through the agreement, the US became itself as Morocco’s fourth largest trade partner.Since the agreement came into effect, bilateral trade between the two countries has increased by more than 250%. Trade activities, according to a the 2019 Investment Climate Statements, made the US Morocco’s fourth largest trading partner.In his message, Trump also expressed his country’s determination to continue the fight against extremism.Trump’s cable said that,”we still have a lot to accomplish together, notably the continuation of our fight against extremism in all its forms, the promotion of tolerance and religious understanding, the promotion of common priorities in Africa and the further development of the cultural link between our countries as a testimony of our friendship for more than 240 years.”Trump’s statement acknowledged Morocco’s leadership in countering extremism and terrorism at the national and international level.In September 2018, the State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism asserted that Morocco has a “comprehensive counterterrorism strategy that includes vigilant security measures, regional and international cooperation.” read more