MAN to Hold Second International Media Forum in Washington DC in

Washington, D.C. – As both Morocco and the United States approach historical electoral crossroads, the second International Media Forum on September 27-28 will address the role of media in influencing society, leading and adapting to change, and shaping history.  From the use of media by candidates in the U.S. Presidential election and coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions to the reportage on the Moroccan elections and use of social media during the recent coup d’état in Turkey, media is having a significant impact on people’s perceptions, decisions, and the course of events perhaps like at no other time in history.The conference follows on from the first International Media Forum hosted by the Moroccan American Network (MAN) in 2014. The forum will feature prominent members of the Moroccan and U.S. media, academics, and others to explore the role of media in today’s rapidly changing world, the importance of free speech and critical thinking in a democracy, and the potential impact of Moroccan voices in America. “Our main objective,” according to Mohamed El Hajjam, the President of the Moroccan American Network, “is to ignite and inspire Moroccan-American strategic alliances by bringing journalists from all forms of media together.”  As part of a week of associated activities, this year’s conference will provide a platform for debate, networking opportunities, and exchanges of views and best practices.Panelists will address the changing face of media in a world of rapid technological change, and the development of digital media.  They will explore the role of media in the political processes in the U.S. and Morocco, and the impact and influence of media on public opinion, society, and the development of democracy.The conference recognizes excellence in media and will celebrate the fifth anniversary of on-line news platform, Morocco World News, the only English language media outlet focused on news relating to Morocco.The conference is being presented by MAN, AV Actions Inc., and 50 Frames, with the support of other strategic partners and sponsors.The Moroccan American Business Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening economic ties between Morocco and the United States.AV Actions, Inc. is a premier communications, event staging, and AV company specializing in light and sound.50 Frames is a full-service TV production company, based in Washington, D.C., that provides news and program services to national and international broadcasters.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission. read more