Dongguan community fine management benefit people

services, services, or services. When talking about the community work with Dongguan community workers, the service is the word they often talk about. Dongguan community is a multi-ethnic region, the national unity and progress and meticulous work together to allow residents to enjoy the benefits of the community is a long cherished wish in the service.

clean project to improve the environment of small streets

"to create a neat, beautiful, civilized and harmonious living environment" is the goal of the community in the fine management. Within the jurisdiction of bankruptcy Jiashuyuan enterprises and some property management of old residential quarters, dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon is more prominent, the community to leave no one dead, does not leak a small problem, don’t pass a hidden fine management concept, has rubbish dead 5, 18 tons of garbage removal, to the area of 93 street lanes under wells and partially blocked sewer of dredge, will be damaged and lost 35 manhole cover was replaced. In addition to fixed cleaning staff, the community also launched the residents and low households were fixed, sanitary cleaning tablets segment, thoroughly improve the living environment of residents. read more