Security Council extends UN mission in Burundi six more months

Video of Council meeting [24mins] In unanimously adopting resolution 1577, the Council urged all governments and parties concerned to denounce violence and incitement, condemn violations of human rights, and actively cooperate with efforts aimed at ending impunity.On 13 August, 152 Congolese were killed at the Gatumba camp in Burundi. In his latest report on the UN Operation in Burundi (ONUB), Secretary-General Kofi Annan noted that extensive investigation has yielded no clear evidence of who organized and carried out the massacre.The Council said it was deeply troubled by the fact that a faction of the Forces nationals de liberation, known as Palipehutu-FNL, had claimed responsibility for the Gatumba massacre and expressed its intention to consider measures that might be taken against individuals who threaten peace and national reconciliation in Burundi.At the same time, the Council requested ONUB, along with the UN Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC), to continue to assist local authorities to investigate the massacre and to strengthening the security of vulnerable populations.ONUB was established in May to help the people of Burundi restore peace and promote national reconciliation. With 5,525 uniformed personnel deployed in country, the mission is nearly up to its authorized strength of 5,650 military. read more