FHTAGN Loathing 1 Is the Horror Stoner Comedy We Needed

first_img ‘Marvels’ Expands Marvel’s Podcast UniverseDamon Lindelof Starts Beef With Alan Moore Ahead of HBO’s ‘Watch… “It’s like “FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS” and “DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?” had a three-way with an elder god. No one is safe, and no one is sober. Get a contact high with Hari, West, and Dan (the fourth) as they shotgun, snort, and smoke their way through the plane of Loran in search of a way home and the memories of how they got here in the first place.”FHTAGN & LOATHING #1(W + A): Marie EngerHere’s the thing I’m in love with about comics. You can do whatever you want in them. You’re not bound by a rigid set of rules in comics that you have to follow these days. Those are way gone out of the window and in the alley trash somewhere. Now, the possibilities are endless and whatever is in your brain can be onto the pages. Comics also have the aims to bring you the bizarre and most absurd stuff that you’ve ever come across. So, if you’re in the realm of looking for the bizarre, sharp and unapologetically weird, with a love of horror and a damn good time, might I introduce you to Marie Enger’s FHTAGN & Loathing #1?via Marie EngerMarie Enger is a f*cking beast. I have no polite way to say that than to tell the absolute truth. Enger’s narrative for FHTAGN & Loathing is something one of a kind that is only native to Enger. FHTAGN & Loathing #1 feels like what the story is. Let me explain that. It feels like you’re getting as obliterated as Hari, West and Dan are in this otherworldly plane of Loran. You’re trying to figure the mystery of how they get there with them. You have no clue what’s going on on this story. However, the ride to get there is so worthwhile, especially within her dialogue.The dialogue happened to be one of many of my favorite things about this comic. It not only flows spontaneously and freely like best friends, who are blown out of their minds, would talk. This is also contributed to Enger’s lettering that allows the variation of different techniques to flow and help each character have their distinct way of speaking. You can easily tell them apart but continue not to know what’s happening between with them. It’s incredible how the dialogue also blends so well with the piece. Enger lettering herself allows her to take control and ebb & flow the dialogue. She takes places in a unique and off way, but that doesn’t distract you from what’s going on. In fact, it makes it even better.via Marie EngerThe very first thing you notice about FHTAGN & Loathing is the art. I’ve long-since admired Enger’s artistic style. I love how surreal, abstract, but also has this explosive edge to it that’s so f*cking unapologetically punk. She has a way of creating these epically sharp and wild details that make you scan every single object on her pages. Each character, monster, pieces of the plane are in themselves so unique. Enger brings a different type of feel to it to these panels that wrap everything together in one weird little boy. It’s only amped by her colors, creating an even offbeat and strange piece to this narrative. It never fails me the talent that she has, and with FHTAGN & Loathing #1, Enger is doing what she knows how to do best. You can tell how much she loves creating it every step of the way.FHTAGN & Loathing #1 is the best horror stoner comedy. It’s filled with buddies in danger, drugs all over the place and a lot of Lovecraftian horrors (and a special appearance from the man himself). Enger’s story is a combination of everything you love about buddy stoners mixed with strange horror elements that only Enger can do to perfection. If you’re into this or even a horror fan, FHTAGN & Loathing #1 will make your heart flutter.via Marie EngerFHTAGN & Loathing #1 & #2 are now available through Marie Enger’s website. Also, if you love one the best vampire’s on the face of the earth (don’t @ me), her new book Nosferatu is upon Backerkit for preorder right now.Looking for another great read, check out our review of Oni’s Dream Daddy. Want to support awesome indie creators, we’ve got 5 Kickstarter campaigns to kick money to. And see what beautiful variant covers are dropping this week. But as always stay on top of all things graphic novel here.  Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more