Mother arrested in search for missing two-year-old

first_imgOfficials in Virginia have arrested the mother of a two-year-old boy who she reported missing early last week.The incident was reported Monday at 11:36 a.m.According to the report, the child’s mother, Julia Tomlin, told authorities that she last saw her son Noah when she put him to bed around 1:00 am.She then contacted authorities 10 hours later to report that her child was missing.Officials have since conducted multiple searches using all of their resources including drones, helicopters, and other police agencies in an effort to locate the two-year-old:“We have looked on land, water; we have checked trash Dumpsters; we have checked neighborhoods, houses, underneath buildings, in sheds. We actually covered the area multiple times with different teams so we would have different eyes checking the same locations repeatedly,” Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult said.In a press conference Friday, Sult also reported that at this time, Noah is presumed dead and that they have taken his mother into custody.Authorities still, however, plan to continue the search for Noah.As of Monday, no charges have been brought against the mother despite authorities belief that she may have had something to do with her child’s disappearance.last_img read more

Drew Remenda on the Sharks: ‘Erik Karlsson is a Viking God’

first_imgThey say your best players have to be your best players if you want to win in the playoffs.The Sharks’ best players were at their dominant best in Game 1 against the Golden Knights.Brent Burns, Joe Pavelski, Erik Karlsson, Evander Kane, Joe Thornton and Marc-Edouard Vlasic, a large representation of the Sharks’ “core” all figured in on the scoring.However there was a tangible team physicality that was as important for the Sharks as the Big Guys lighting the lamp.ARE YOU INTERESTED OR ARE YOU …last_img read more

SA ‘must keep investing in growth’

first_img21 October 2008 However, decreasing export demand, financial volatility, exchange rate fluctuations and uncertain economic conditions in the future would have an affect on South Africa’s economy. “The world is experiencing a financial crisis on a scale not seen since the 1930s,” the minister told Parliament. “The prospects for global growth are poor and the short-term outlook is clouded by uncertainty. Manuel noted that South African consumer inflation has been outside the Reserve Bank’s inflation target band for over 15 months. This high inflationary environment has forced the Bank to raise interest rates, which has also had an effect on economic growth. Delivering his Budget Speech in February, Manuel had predicted a budget surplus of about 0.6 percent, but this figure was likely to drop in the face of decreasing consumer demand for goods and the resultant decrease in Valued Added Tax (VAT) revenue for government. Economic growth in the seven richest countries, which make up half of world economic output, may well be zero or negative next year, he indicated. Overall global growth is expected to fall from 5% in 2007 to 3.9% this year and could even drop as low as 3% in 2009. The 2009 Budget, he said, would see further resources allocated to employment-intensive programmes in the public sector, as well as incentive programmes for private employers and non-governmental organisations to use more labour-intensive methods. Delivering his medium term budget policy statement – a three-year guideline to government spending – in Parliament, Manuel said projections for South Africa’s output growth in 2008 and 2009 had been revised downward to 3.7% and 3% respectively. Further pressuring GDP growth was the Eskom debacle, which cost the South African economy billions of rands in lost revenue after unscheduled blackouts in January and February significantly disrupted business, especially mining, operations in the country. The country’s GDP plunged to 2.1% in the first quarter following the power disruptions. “The proposed fiscal framework for the 2009 Budget takes into account both slower economic growth and the need to support continued infrastructure investment and social development in a context of heightened uncertainty,” the minister said. “However, South Africa’s longer-term economic expansion rests on sound economic policies, healthy public finances and resilient financial institutions.” “It is important to recognise the causes and consequences of South Africa’s aging physical infrastructure and poor skills base,” Manuel said. “Decades of underinvestment in physical infrastructure, from electricity generation to water supply, roads and rail have constrained the economy’s ability to grow more rapidly.”center_img “Depending on international developments, gross domestic product growth is expected to recover to above 4 percent in 2010 and beyond.” The healthy state of South Africa’s financial sector relative to that of the United States, Germany and Britain, among others, would help the country escape the worst effects of the global economic downturn, Manuel said. “The South Africa economy has grown by an average of 5 percent a year for the past six years. During this period, investment increased from about 15 percent of GDP to more than 22 percent. The unemployment rate declined from about 29.3 percent in 2003 to 23 percent today. For the creation of jobs, however, the South African economy needed to grow, as well as to refocus on developing more labour-intensive projects. Decades of apartheid education, and limited progress in improving the quality of post-1994 education, had reinforced skills shortages that likewise inhibited economic growth. While South Africa was hoping to maintain its five percent economic growth rate in 2008 and 2009, global economic conditions had forced the downward revision of expected growth, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said in Cape Town on Tuesday. “Nevertheless, employment is still unacceptably high, and a critical objective of an economic policy over the next five years is to create work opportunities,” Manuel said. In order to foster greater GDP growth, the government was committing funds to improve South Africa’s competitiveness globally. Source: BuaNews Navigating through such a changed economic environment would be a tough challenge, the minister said, but the government would continue to expand and improve public services, and invest in the infrastructure needed for growth.last_img read more A (Semantic) Search Engine for Dreams, a site we’ve been hearing about since late last year, has just raised $4 million from angel investors for their “new agey” concept of a search engine for dreams. Currently in private alpha, the site makes fluffy claims about how they’re “reversing the traditional search process, continuously filtering and focusing the Universe of online content, to connect you with the best stuff around your interests and aspirations.” If you’re not clear on what exactly that means, don’t feel bad… but don’t write them off either. Instead, think of as a new take on the old 43Things, the site which encourages users to list goals, share progress, and cheer each other on. Dorthy does the same but gets you there by making interesting use of Web 3.0 technologies like AI and natural language search. Semantic Search for DreamsAccording to Jim Anderson, the co-founder who was hired as Dorthy’s CTO earlier this year, the site’s search engine doesn’t use keyword-based search but rather has the user enter a fully formed question, statement, or phrase like “run a marathon in 4 hours.” Not only does the search engine parse the semantics of your input using its proprietary algorithms, it also learns from you, incrementally enhancing your results upon every visit. sarah perez Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts As an example, Anderson describes how a fictional user named Jennifer might search for information about a trip to Paris. Because Jennifer had previously shared other background information like the fact that she’s an avid marathon runner, fluent in French, wants to learn to cook French food, and hates cruises, will retrieve specific information related to those interests. The results would be filtered to highlight info on cooking schools, shopping, and popular running routes in Paris – things that would be interesting to Jennifer specifically.This example doesn’t even necessarily count as a “dream,” it seems – you could plan an actual trip to Paris using Dorthy’s technology, too. However, the overall point of the service is to provide you with information about a particular goal or aspiration and then connect you with others who feel the same. Using DorthyWhen performing searches on Dorthy, you’ll have the option to create your own page on a specific topic or view the topic pages others have already created. These pages feature popular articles, videos, photos, and blog entries from the web and are constantly being updated with new content. When you find content you like, even if it’s on someone else’s page, you can easily copy it over to a page of your own. center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#Product Reviews#search#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… After this initial “discovery” process is complete, you can use Dorthy’s “Connect” feature to meet others also interested in your topic so you can share your progress and encourage each other, much like how the above-mentioned 43Things operates.In the future, Dorthy hopes to expand their offering to go beyond simply being a consumer-targeted Web-based service to one that could benefit the enterprise (think “I want to go to a virtualization conference in Las Vegas”), or so reported eWeek earlier this year. They also plan on moving to mobile at some point, too. At the moment, is in private alpha, but you can sign up to join here. last_img read more

Can IoT-assisted asset tracking save shippers trillions?

first_imgHow IoT Will Transform Cold Chain Logistics For… Tags:#Cisco#DHL#IIoT#IoT#logistics#shipping The Ultimate Checklist on Ways to Prevent IoT D… 5 Industries Destined for Technological Disruption Global supply chains are undergoing a massive Internet of Things (IoT) transformation that will generate huge economic value.A new report by Business Insider says that new connected technology will unlock $1.9 trillion, citing estimates by Cisco Systems and logistics giant DHL.Specifically, it is the advent of IoT devices and related asset tracking solutions that will spark a seismic shift in global supply chains.IoT-powered asset tracking technology stands to generate massive value for the logistics sector because of its sheer versatility.Among the many benefits for companies, the connected tracking tech creates cost savings at almost every stage in global supply chains. Such phases where IoT is saving money include extraction, production, storage, transportation and the ultimate delivery to the client.As well, new asset tracking technology will improve compliance reporting and unlock new revenue-generating opportunities in the logistics sector.Yet it’s not just the hardware sensors that is transforming the industry, but the data these sensors are producing. More importantly, it’s the valuable insight that logistics and supply chain operators can glean from this new torrent of data.“Analyzing real-time tracking data for operational insights can deliver a wide range of benefits including decreased fuel and storage costs, the automation of inventory-related tasks to free up employees for more valuable assignments, improved compliance reporting, and new revenue opportunities,” said the Business Insider report.Logistics firms need major upgradesResearchers found that the advent of IoT-powered asset tracking is prompting logistics companies to undergo major technology upgrades.“Legacy asset tracking technologies like barcode scanners are gradually being replaced with newer internet-connected tracking solutions that provide real-time tracking data, as well as other information on the condition of goods in transit,” said the report.“Asset tracking solutions allow companies to completely overhaul their supply chain and logistics operations so they can deliver more goods faster and more cheaply.”The report says that the leading sectors adopting the new asset tracking technology include: manufacturing, agriculture, retail and oil and gas.center_img Donal Power Related Posts Electronic Design is Utilizing AI-Enabled Solu…last_img read more

Roundup: Discounted (and FREE) Video Editing Assets!

first_imgEditStockEditStock is not a traditional stock footage company. They are selling stock footage with a purpose — to teach you how to become a better video editor.They sell high-quality footage with lined scripts, all of which you can use to edit your own version of the film. The exercise is certain to keep your editing sharp during slow times or help you learn more about what it’s like to edit a film. Check out the EditStock footage packs and start honing your editing chops immediately.EditStock 15% off Discount Code: GLPBMister HorseIf you aren’t familiar with Mister Horse graphics packs, make your introduction with this 20% off coupon code. Their motion design tools are an excellent resource, and now’s a great time to grab some motion presets, lower thirds, scene transitions, and backgrounds.Mister Horse 20% off Discount Code: PremiumBeatRocksRocketStockOur collaborations with RocketStock are plentiful. Together we’ve given away free wedding video assets, free customizable text messaging icons, and a variety of awesome free After Effects templates. Now RocketStock is offering our readers 25% off their stunning library of curated After Effects templates.These templates are invaluable if you’re in a time crunch on your video piece (especially if you’re not as comfortable with After Effects as a motion designer might be). After Effects templates have saved many a project and there’s no doubt that RocketStock templates are the best around.Also, be sure to sign up for their emails and follow their social media accounts. They give away new free After Effects assets every month.RocketStock Discount: Click this link for a 25% off RocketStock discount.What are some of your favorite free video editing assets from around the web? Share them in the comments below! Get your hands on exclusive discounted and FREE video editing assets! These elements are perfect for video editors and motion designers.Top image via ShutterstockPremiumBeat has been fortunate enough to build partnerships with some amazing companies over the years. For Free Week we wanted to do something special for our readers — provide discount codes to some of our favorite products, plugins, and video editing assets. Let’s do this!Adobe Video WorldPremiumBeat is headed to Adobe Video World, September 27th-October 2nd in beautiful Seattle, Washington. You can join us and save $100 on your ticket.The six-day conference is targeted to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects users and creatives. Hear from professional editors, VFX artists, motion graphics designers, and filmmakers.AVW $100 Off Discount Code: BEAT16CrumplePopCrumplePop’s Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro plugins are another must-have for all video editors. They have products that can really cut down on color correction time and help with numerous footage and audio issues.Sara from CrumplePop is offering our readers 50% off of AutoBalance, one of their best-selling products. AutoBalance saves you time by automatically white balancing your video clips. No need to find a white area of the frame or fiddle with color wheels.CrumplePop 50% off AutoBalance Discount Code: ATBL-0050-PRMBT-0912EditorsKeysMany video editors couldn’t live without their customized keyboards. For some of us, it’s our lifeline. Take your hot keys editing experience to the next level with the EditorsKeys silicone keyboard cover.You’ll have your most-used commands memorized in no time. Of course, if you don’t, you can always just look down and find them right in front of you. You might never open the keyboard preferences again!EditorsKeys Discount Codes25% off Silicone Keyboard Covers: PRBEATCOV15% off Keyboards: PRBEATKEYlast_img read more

Medial collateral ligament

first_imgThe medial collateral ligament connects the end of the femur (thigh) to the top of the tibia (shin bone). The medial collateral ligament provides stability against valgus stress. A valgus stress is described as a pressure applied to the leg that tries to bend the lower leg sideways at the knee, away from the other leg. Tackling in football or soccer are two common causes of this injury.Review Date:6/13/2010Reviewed By:Linda J. Vorvick, Medical Director, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, University of Washington School of Medicine; and C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M., Inc.last_img read more

Capital gains for Delhi

first_imgThe heat is on, literally. With the ambient air temperature hovering around the 43 degree Celsius mark in the Capital and other parts of India also facing the heat, playing cricket is not easy.Yet, as teams in the Indian Premier League start focussing on the business end of the tournament, the heat is literal and figurative. In all, the teams have to play 14 matches in the league stage before separating the wheat from the chaff.And with the weekend derby approaching, Delhi Capitals will be fancying their chances against the once formidable Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Feroze Shah Kotla on Sunday.It has been an interesting journey for both the teams till now. In the past, RCB, led by Virat Kohli, have been favourites on paper, though, this time around, they have failed to click as a unit. Kohli was initially struggling with his own batting form before is now finding the sweet spot.The bigger success story has been the rise of Delhi Capitals. Before the start of the season, when the team underwent changes, there was anticipation as well apprehension. Diehard fans, who have been backing erstwhile Delhi Daredevils, knew that with so many changes taking place in the team – including a change in ownership – there was a lot to look forward to.And they have not been disappointed with Delhi Capitals now third in the points table after having played 11 matches till now. It has been a fairly consistent performance from the side, led by Shreyas Iyer.advertisementAt a time when most of the other IPL teams have heavyweights as captains, Iyer has been focussed on the job and has ensured the team goes about its task in a professional manner. Compared to Kohli, MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma and R.Ashwin, Iyer may not have that halo around him. Yet, to marshal the resources on the field and ensure the team, fires have been good for the captain.The Delhi Capitals batting has looked solid and the best part is there has been no dependence on just one player. There is star power and there are proven performers who have clicked at the right time. If Shikhar Dhawan has shown he can be devastating on his day, then the man who must be feeling ‘left out’, Rishabh Pant, has served ample notice of his explosive talent with a whiz-thud 78 against Rajasthan Royals last week.If Dhawan and Pant, two batsmen who can decimate the rival attack have been playing to potential, the job is still unfinished. Delhi Capitals have to play three more league matches and are looking at topping the table so that they will be placed comfortably in the playoffs.While one has always known Dhawan to be a batsman with enormous potential in breaking down the bowlers, Pant has come under great scrutiny. The experts and armchair critics never minced words when they said Pant needs to curb his strokeplay. Yet, when Pant goes about his demolition job and scores runs, the same critics start singing praise.Delhi Capitals have the potential to do well in future matches as big knocks from Iyer and Prithvi Shaw are also due. Iyer was circumspect while talking to the media on Friday about his team’s chances on Friday ahead of the marquee clash against RCB.If Delhi’s batting has looked solid despite the occasional collapse, in the bowling department, Kagiso Rabada and Chris Morrison have bowled with a large heart. For all those who have watched matches at the Kotla, the wicket has been very poor. With no grass on the track and it resembling a runway fit for an aeroplane to land, there has been a low bounce. Perhaps, the home advantage has been used well by Delhi Capitals with Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly quite vocal in backing the youngsters in the side.Delhi would do well to play the way are till now and not get defensive at this stage. For a team to undergo a big shakeup and come together with new players has been impressive.At a time when the IPL is being held at the same time as the general elections, it is good matches are being held on the prescribed old home-and-away format. There is great interest in both elections and the IPL, with one former captain also entering the fray — Gautam Gambhir.Controversies have been part and parcel of the IPL and even today, R.Ashwin “Mankading” Jos Butler is being debated. At a time when Ashwin may not have found too many supporters from fellow cricketers in India, the Kings XI Punjab skipper has been fully backed by well-known umpire Simon Taufel in a well-articulated column in a cricket website.advertisementThe sport needs characters who can stir the spot. So, be it Ashwin involved in a controversy or MS Dhoni entering the field and arguing with the umpires, the IPL is all about club cricket being played at a fever pitch!last_img read more

Business forum on property

first_imgHACCI and Delphi Bank are hosting a business forum on tax considerations for property developments. Held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Melbourne in the Rialto, 495 Collins Street at 6:30 pm on Thursday 10 October. The forum is open to all. Contact (03) 9602 2977 for more information. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img