Radiohead Proves That ‘True Love Waits’ During Night One At The Shrine Auditorium

first_imgRadiohead continued their brief U.S. tour last night, landing in Los Angeles for an excellent performance at The Shrine Auditorium. The first of two nights at the venue–night two happens next week, after the band headlines Outside Lands festival in San Francisco–the band wasted no time in getting down to business, filling their set with fan-favorites and bust-outs.Opening again with the first five tracks from their incredible new album A Moon Shaped Pool, the band quickly moved past the new stuff to play a set of classics. Songs like the sinister “The National Anthem”, the dance-heavy “Lotus Flower”, and the Beach Boys-esque “No Surprises” kicked things off, before the band decided to bust out the new, full version of “True Love Waits” for the first time on American soil.Watch Radiohead perform “True Love Waits” for the first time in America, courtesy of YouTube user nosaintinla.The song has been in Radiohead’s live catalog for years, but was only finally finished for this year’s AMSP album, so fans in Los Angeles were gifted with the first ever performance of the song’s final version in the United States.Radiohead completed their main set with a ton of fan-favorites, with the spacey “Bloom”, more AMSP material in “Identikit” and “The Numbers”, and a wild run of songs to closer things out, with glitch-jazz of “The Gloaming” leading into the beautiful “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”, before more glitch-dance with “Idioteque”, and a set-closing freak-out with “Climbing Up The Walls”.The band returned for their first encore, and they opened by playing the rare OK Computer track “Let Down”. “Let Down” hadn’t been performed in ten years before Radiohead played during night 1 at Madison Square Garden last week, but have since performed the track four times now. When Radiohead decideds to bust a song out, they make sure all of their fans see it, so it looks like “Let Down” is here to stay for the rest of their time in North America. The rest of the first encore included the delicate In Rainbows ballad “Nude”, the raging “Myxomatosis”, and the percussive “There There” to close things out.For their second and final encore, Radiohead opened with live-staple “Everything In Its Right Place”, before finishing up with “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from The Bends, giving the audience one more opportunity to sing along with one of the band’s most classic songs.See below for full setlist details and a few videos from the show. Radiohead hits Outside Lands this weekend before returning to The Shrine on Monday to complete their U.S. tour.Edit this setlist | More Radiohead setlistsWatch Radiohead perform “No Surprises” at The Shrine, courtesy of YouTube user nosaintinlaWatch Radiohead perform “The Numbers” at The Shrine, courtesy of YouTube user nosaintinlaWatch Radiohead perform “There There” at The Shrine, courtesy of YouTube user nosaintinlaWatch Radiohead perform “Present Tense” at The Shrine, courtesy of YouTube user nosaintinlaWatch Radiohead close out night 1 at The Shrine with “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”, courtesy of YouTube user rjrjr8last_img

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