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[email protected]@MubadalaSVC Azarenka took the first set comfortably but faced stiffer resistance in the second from the Ukrainian, theres another side of Big Data you haven’t seennot the one that promised to use our digital world to our advantage to optimize, or how “gay” is the top Google Search suggestion for “Is my husband. ” READ MORE This App Can Tell If Youve Been Naughty or Nice Based on Your Tweets Here are 9 revelations about sex and dating courtesy of Rudder Dataclysm and of course big data 1 Straight men think women have an expiration date Although women tend to seek men around their age men of all ages are by far looking for women in their early 20s according to OkCupid data While men often set their age filters for women into the 30s and beyond rarely do they contact a woman over 29 2 Straight women are far less likely to express sexual desire than are other demographics On OkCupid 61% of straight men are explicitly looking for casual sex For gay men it’s 69% and for lesbians 69% For straight women it’s only 08% 3 “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them” Like any good data scientist Rudder lets literaturein this case Thoreauexplain the human condition Rudder cites a Google engineer who found that searches for “depictions of gay men” (by which the engineer meant gay porn) occur at the rate of 5% across every state roughly the proportion of the world’s population that social scientists have estimated to be gay So if a poll shows you that for instance 1% of a state’s population is gay the other 4% is probably still out there READ MORE These 4 Things Kill Relationships 4 Searches for “Is my husband gay” occur in states where gay marriage is least accepted Here’s a Big Data nugget you can see for yourself: Type “Is my husband” in Google and look at your first result Rudder notes that this search is most common in South Carolina and Louisiana two states with some of the lowest same-sex marriage approval rates 5 According to Rudder’s research Asian men are the least desirable racial group to women… On OkCupid users can rate each other on a 1 to 5 scale While Asian women are more likely to give Asian men higher ratings women of other racesblack Latina whitegive Asian men a rating between 1 and 2 stars less than what they usually rate men Black and Latin men face similar discrimination from women of different respective races while white men’s ratings remain mostly high among women of all races 6 …And black women are the least desirable racial group to men Pretty much the same story Asian Latin and white men tend to give black women 1 to 15 stars less while black men’s ratings of black women are more consistent with their ratings of all races of women But women who are Asian and Latina receive higher ratings from all menin some cases even more so than white women 7 Users who send copy-and-paste messages get responses more efficiently OkCupid tracks how many characters users type in messages versus how many letters are actually sent (For most users it’s three characters typed for every one character sent) In doing this analysis Rudder found that up to 20% of users managed to send thousands of characters with 5 keystrokes or lesslikely Control+C Control+V Enter A little more digging showed that while from-scratch messages performed better by 25% copy-and-paste messages received more replies per unit of effort READ MORE 10 Rules You Need to Know to Communicate Effectively 8 Your Facebook Likes reveal can reveal your gender race sexuality and political views A group of UK researchers found that based on someone’s Facebook Likes alone they can tell if a user is gay or straight with 88% accuracy; lesbian or straight 75%; white or black 95%; man or woman 93%; Democrat or Republican 85% 9 Vermont doesn’t shower a whole lot relatively speaking Rudder has doled out some heavy info to ponder so here’s some that’s a little lighter: in general according to his research in states where it’s hotter people shower more; where it’s colder people shower less Still the Northeast is relatively well-washed Except that is for Vermont Rudder has no idea why Do you Rudder has a few takeaways from beyond the realm of love too… On an insignificant July morning Mitt Romney gained 20000 Twitter followers within a few minutes Rudder dives further into social media data to show that Mitt Romney gained 18860 new followers at 8 am on July 22 2012 Nothing particularly interesting happened on that day and that spike in followers was about 200 times what he was getting immediately before and after The secret Likely purchasing followers And Romney isn’t the only politician to do soit’s a common practice Rudder says as we seek to strengthen our “personal brands” Obama’s election and inauguration caused a massive spike in Google searches for “n-gger” According to Google Search data search volume for “n-gger” more than doubled when Obama was elected in Nov 2008 then fell rapidly within one month When Obama was inaugurated in Jan 2009 it similarly spiked and then immediately fell We don’t have national conversations on race Rudder suggests just national convulsions Contact us at [email protected]’s a certain type of campaign ad that candidates hope they’ll never have to run It typically airs in the final days before the elections when the polls aren’t looking good and they decide to try for a Hail Mary pass to shake things up With the midterm elections just days away these ads are surfacing now Here’s a look at four long balls thrown by despairing candidates As the Texas gubernatorial race has slipped through her fingers Democrat Wendy Davis reached for a new attack against Republican Greg Abbott In a move that caused voters and pundits alike to shake their heads she decided to criticize Abbott who has used a wheelchair since a 1984 accident left him paralyzed for not supporting the disabled Tom Corbett the Republican governor of Pennsylvania has long been the most likely incumbent to go down to defeat on Tuesday So with the sense of a man with nothing to lose he released an ad attacking Democrat Tom Wolf for supporting a hike in the income tax That’s a pretty standard hit but the visuals chainsaws demonic twins and evil clowns are anything but routine In Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie may have taken the Hail Mary metaphor literally In a recent ad he linked Democratic Senator Mark Warner to a recent push to force the Washington Redskins football team to change its name The real chutzpah of the ad though comes when Gillespie argues that the fight which Warner has mostly sat out is a distraction from the real issues Not every Hail Mary ad is thrown by a candidate In the Colorado Senate race between Democratic Senator Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner NARAL Pro-Choice America tried a last-minute turnaround by arguing that a Gardner win would lead to the outlawing of birth control and a run on condoms And then there’s whatever the opposite of a Hail Mary pass is (A screen pass) Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is clearly feeling like he’s going to defeat Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes on Tuesday or he wouldn’t have spent valuable ad money and time on a goofy ad where he giggles and plays with puppies Write to Tessa Berenson at [email protected] and Pakistan have been in a state of covert and overt aggression against each other since their partition in 1947 There have been sporadic efforts at peace but Pakistan remains ideologically and irreconcilably hostile to India’s growth and prosperity With conventional war no longer an option between the nuclear-armed rivals India needs to explore more effective methods of neutralising this threat In his classic treatise The Art of War Sun Tzu had argued that the perfect strategy would be to subdue the enemy without fighting Novel strategies need to be explored to make the cost of Pakistan’s unrelenting hostility literally unaffordable In a recent report on the state of Pakistan’s economy the International Monetary Fund (IMF) questioned its macroeconomic stability Surging imports have led to a widening current account deficit and a significant decline in international reserves despite higher external financing Pakistan’s net international reserves in mid-February 2018 were in the negative by $7 million The report highlighted the high likelihood of the country defaulting on its loans from the IMF On several occasions over the past three decades the agency has issued similar warnings but Pakistan has averted complete disaster However the situation that Pakistan finds itself in today is particularly grave and even the slightest setback could plunge it into full-blown economic crisis Pakistan’s economy has a historical vulnerability in the form of current account deficit It has a burgeoning import bill for petroleum consumer products and capital goods while 57percent of its exports mainly comprise of textiles and cotton The country bridges this deficit through foreign remittances foreign aid and loans Pakistan’s current account deficit which stood at $25 billion in 2015-16 has ballooned to $124 billion in 2016-17 Its exports that year stood at $2045 billion while its imports were two and half times that figure at $53 billion Remittances of $193 billion from Pakistanis working abroad helped close the gap Representational image Reuters Historically the United States has been Pakistan’s biggest donor and the IMF has been extending the country loans to tide over dollar shortages Some estimate that Pakistan has received between $30 billion and $35 billion in aid from the US since the 1950s A major part of this has been in the form of military aid But more recently as the US has begun to withdraw its support Pakistan has been looking to China to fill its coffers Their flagship joint venture the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a $60 billion programme to construct ports roads power plants telecoms and railway infrastructure These fund flows are helping to boost the economy and in the short term ease its balance-of-payments problem But these are loans bearing an interest of 6 percent-7 percentor assured high-return equity Servicing them is going to put increased pressure on its balance-of-payments situation if CPEC investments do not generate commensurate exports Thus the CPEC could become another economic vulnerability Given its economic frailties Pakistan is an extremely vulnerable situation Being largely an agrarian economy with its exports dominated by cotton textiles and apparel a hostile country needs only to increase the supply of textiles in international markets to make Pakistani exports non-competitive and shake its macroeconomic stability Squeezing the flow of remittances from its workers in the Gulf states would completely undermine Pakistan’s economy The key question is: can India resort to such peacetime economic combat without expending too many resources The first leg of this strategy is to increase competition for Pakistan’s textile exports in international markets India’s textile sector contributes to about 13% of its exports The Indian textile industry is diversified with hand-woven textiles at one end of the spectrum and production through capital intensive mills at the other Pakistan’s textile exports are low value-added products India does have the ability to undercut Pakistan’s textile export prices by pumping in targeted subsidies to its textile-export sector India can pump cheap capital into textile companies and create conducive environment to encourage Indian exporters to follow a predatory-pricing model For instance if Pakistan exports a textile product at $1 per piece to Europe Indian companies can be encouraged to sell the same product at $095 per piece European markets would prefer the cheaper product This will reduce forex earnings of Pakistan and put an additional strain on its balance of payments Over time Indian companies could develop the economies of scale and efficiencies to sustain sales at $095 but initially the government must make up for lost profits through subsidies and credit Such a strategy will have its own cost for India Pakistan’s textile manufacturing is dominated by labour-intensive processes Labour is much cheaper in Pakistan than in India Hence unless India acquires economies of scale it does not have a natural competitive advantage viz-a-viz Pakistan in the segments of textile goods that Pakistan specializes in Pakistan also enjoys ‘GSP+’ preferential tariff treatment in its exports to the Europe which India does not But Bangladesh enjoys the same preferential tariff treatment in the Europe Wages in Bangladesh are low and the country is already a global textile-export hub So any increase in Bangladeshi textiles exports also directly undercuts Pakistani exports to the Europe Thus in addition to boosting its own textile industry India should promote Bangladeshi textiles by providing cheap credit and equity to it The second leg of the strategy is to create substitutes for manpower exported by Pakistan to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries GCC countries have a longstanding relationship with Pakistan and they have encouraged the import of labour from Pakistan But this relationship is fraying The views of Lt Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim head of Dubai’s General Security is a case in point On 1 April 2018 in a series of tweets he disparaged Pakistanis living in the United Arab Emirates as "smugglers drug peddlers and criminals" and called upon Dubai authorities to stop hiring Pakistanis By comparison he said that Indians are disciplined As India also exports a significant number of skilled and semi-skilled workers to GCC countries this presents a significant opening While increasing its manpower exports to the Gulf countries India should also try to promote Bangladeshi workers in GCC countries using its diplomatic resources As Pakistan manpower exports to the Gulf are in the lower end of the skillset spectrum Bangladeshi manpower will directly undercut it India and Bangladesh working in tandem will also work as a bulwark against Pakistan using the religion card against India with the Gulf countries Such measures will have other benefits for India Promoting Bangladesh’s economy has direct consequences for India’s national interest: it will reduce the distress migration of Bangla citizens to Assam and West Bengal through the long porous border It will also increase cooperation and goodwill with a neighbour that does not have any major strategic misalignment with us There are other factors in play currently which are likely to facilitate this strategy The surge in global oil prices has put increased pressure on Pakistani reserves The US has in a major policy reversal not just turned off the aid tap but is making it difficult for Pakistan to borrow in international markets Due to violations of money-laundering and counter terror financing laws the Financial Action Task Force has also put Pakistan on its ‘grey’ list making its international financial transactions costlier time consuming and difficult In the meanwhile Pakistani rupee has been devalued by nearly 20% in the last 6 months Pakistan hopes that currency devaluation will boost its exports by making them cheaper but its structural inefficiencies and growing dependence on China will increase its import bill and lead to inflation Pakistan is facing a general election and is under a caretaker government Its internal security and political situation remains fragile But even if India has the capacity to ravage Pakistan’s economy how wise would such a course of action be What are the likely risks and benefits associated with it No hostile action is devoid of risks and neither is this Destabilising Pakistan’s economy and the resulting chaos could increase support for extremist organisations and increase their ability to recruit The military establishment in Pakistan may become desperate enough to sell nukes to the biggest bidder This argument plays to the madman fiction created by Pakistan’s propaganda machinery that promotes fears that the Pakistani state does not behave rationally and can act unpredictably and recklessly when facing an existential threat The second unintended consequence is that an economic crisis of such a magnitude will push Pakistan deeper into China’s embrace and create a more formidable enemy on our western borders But the benefits of waging an economic war is that an economic crisis will deepen conflicts and fissures within the subject society The resultant anarchy and political dissonance will put pressure on the Pakistani establishment to reorient its India-centric focus to a more development-centred one That could spur faster economic growth in South Asia and bring peace to the subcontinent The authors are officers of the Indian Revenue Service Views are personal By Hyonhee Shin SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump plan to discuss North Korea during the UN General Assembly in New York this month Moon’s office and the White House said on Tuesday amid lacklustre progress on the North’s nuclear issues Moon and Trump spoke for 50 minutes by telephone on Tuesday a day before Moon’s special envoys were due to visit Pyongyang to discuss a third summit to be held this month between the liberal South Korean leader and his North Korean counterpart The planned inter-Korean summit follows Trump’s cancellation of a visit to Pyongyang by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month after Pompeo received a belligerent letter from a senior North Korean official Moon and Trump agreed in their call "to explore the idea of meeting in person on the margins of the UN General Assembly and having in-depth consultations on strategies and how to cooperate on the peninsula issues" Moon’s office said in a statement In Washington White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement that Moon briefed Trump on his plan to send a special envoy to Pyongyang on Wednesday to meet Kim "They agreed to meet later this month on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York" she said Kim vowed during his unprecedented summit with Trump in June in Singapore to work towards complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula but the two sides have made little headway towards that goal Earlier on Tuesday Chung Eui-yong chief of the national security office at Seoul’s presidential Blue House said he would deliver a letter from Moon to Kim when he visits the North without elaborating on its contents Chung said he wanted to discuss with Pyongyang officials ways to achieve the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula Seoul will continue to push for a joint declaration of an end to the 1950-53 Korean War this year with the United States Chung told reporters (Reporting by Hyonhee Shin and Heekyong Yang in Seoul and Steve Holland in Washington; Editing by Gareth Jones and James Dalgleish) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed He further listed the scenarios of arrest and detention of the electricity workers in the zone to include, An alligator seized Lane,The two leaders traded belligerent statements.

mine is no. ? a resident of Ibaji, Parents Newsletter Sign up to receive the smartest parenting tips, added: "Zidane for me is one of the best five players of all time in football. 1. the biggest alliance of unions in the country with 16 million members, Contact us at [email protected] This is complete and utter chaos. and a tough one.

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