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) Activists campaigning against abortion promise that 2014 will be another year of gains for the movement.) If you find yourself tossing and turning, "it could suggest marginally greater confidence from the Senate,000 people from 36 countries in all regions of the world. Abdulsamad Rabiu who recalled that 15 years ago Nigeria was faced with a nightmare when it only produced 4 million tonnes of cement, “My advice is that when a vehicle is arrested.

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China may take any new government support into account when calculating future tariff retaliation,U. Brazil and Australia who at the very least would complain to the WTO "I think it would have been more effective to go to the Chinese with a series of trade allies and say it’s all of us saying this we’re all going to act unless you change your policies and we’re all watching to see what you actually do so" says Derek Scissors an economist focusing on China a the American Enterprise Institute Fixing the IP issue is also no simple manner While China needed foreign cash early in its economic liberalization and development in the 1980s and 1990s for the last decade the country has been financially buoyant Since then the very point of foreign investment has been to engineer IP transfer which is generally done by forcing foreign firms to partner with local Chinese entities essentially enabling those entities to pilfer IP Western firms have been so desperate to access the Chinese market that they agreed to operate under those terms and are now paying the price "One guilty party in all of this are US firms themselves many of whom have actively assisted in ‘voluntary’ technology transfer through joint ventures in order to access China’s domestic market" adds Baptist As such addressing the IP issue would involve China changing the entire way it interacts with foreign investment And while leveling the playing field is a noble goal in itself the question remains whether volatile markets and falling profits across the US economy are a price worth paying to get there "Does the US have a plan to actually pursue and at least partly win this trade war I don’t see that" says Scissors "So if I were an American company I’d be nervous that you’re going to take this pain for the next few years and end up with nothing really different than where you started" Write to Charlie Campbell at [email protected] years iPhone X was a groundbreaking device in part due to the removal of what made the iPhone so iconic Gone was the fingerprint-scanning home button and in its place was an aesthetically controversial "notch" to make room for the Face ID security (and Animoji) functionality It was also groundbreaking in terms of price It may have debuted alongside the $699-and-up iPhone 8 but it was the first thousand-dollar smartphone from Apple a price a surprisingly high number of people were able to stomach for the sake of having the coolest phone on the block With the new iPhone XS and XS Max Apple is trying to tell us something: like it or not this is the future of the iPhone All screen no buttons and a single port that grows increasingly frustrating to deal with Also youll probably need two hands to hit the corners Fortunately theres also a lot to like about the iPhone XS at least on the inside Apples "S" line of devices typically revisions of the design from the year prior are usually about internal updates and improvements rather than radical design changes The iPhone XS maintains that same pace bringing some much-needed software revisions along with it though without anything truly novel At first glance the XS is almost comically identical to the iPhone X before it Side by side youd be hard-pressed to figure out which is which It has the same rounded stainless steel frame and glass back the same 58-inch OLED display and the same Super Retina HD screen as the previous iPhone X The rear cameras still jut out The iPhone XS Max bumps that display up to 65 inches adding a few more pixels to maintain the 195:9 aspect ratio Read more: iPhone Xs vs iPhone Xs Max vs iPhone Xr: Which New Apple Smartphone Is Right for You Videos look fantastic on the iPhone XS and if you watch them cropped you wont notice the notch at all The audio output has been greatly improved thanks to the now-identical speakers at each end of the iPhone Youll get true stereo sound a welcome improvement over the X Still if you want to take advantage of every inch of that display those videos will be forever marred by the garish Face ID notch that removes a sliver of screen space Why make the display so gorgeous if youre just going to mess it up The battery life on the iPhone XS is similar to its predecessor Apple made some impressive strides with its new A12 Bionic processor making it more efficient than the A11 Bionic that came before it as well as more powerful You’ll enjoy more impressive gaming graphics as well but don’t expect a miracle Apple claims the XS will last "up to 30 minutes longer than iPhone X" which seems reasonable enough I never found myself scrambling for an outlet during normal use and enabling low-power mode when I was unable to recharge helped ease my anxiety of partying in the city without a working phone Battery management is more sophisticated and wont leave users wondering whether or not theyre dealing with a faulty power supply when their iPhone starts bugging out Identity problem aside the iPhone XS is still a beautiful device It’s sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing than the competition thanks to how simple it looks Compared to rival devices like the Note 9 or Pixel 2 the iPhone XS radiates elegance while the rest are simply smartphones with rounded corners or curvier screens Available in black white and now gold (gotta stay fresh) it looks and feels more like a luxury product than a device many of us will use mostly for sending emojis and memes has any right to be The dedication to form is admirable but it also makes the XS look a bit staid and makes me wish there were at least a few more colors to make it pop when not hidden in a case (The upcoming mid-tier iPhone XR will be offered in a wider array of colors) Given the lack of radical design changes Apple wants you to focus on the camera and just how good it is And well it is pretty good All the improvements made to the iPhones new processor let you snap HDR high dynamic range photos without worrying about shutter lag It also means your photos will look a lot better in environments adverse to photography Bright blue skies wont look washed out and low-light images will feel more alive and saturated thanks to the camera combining multiple exposures into a single photograph Each lens has optical image stabilization along with a 12-megapixel sensor; one uses a wide-angle f/18 lens the other a telephoto f/24 lens for 2x optical zoom Portrait mode photographs use both of the 12-megapixel cameras to simulate the narrow depth of field effect youd get with a high-quality DSLR camera and lens The camera will automatically focus on a subjects face and let you use live lighting effects to add some style to your photograph After you shoot your subject you can change the depth of field effect after the fact blurring or focusing the background as you see fit Though not the first device to enable depth adjustment its a useful and incredibly fun feature to have at your disposal even though it does get a bit heavy-handed as you approach the f/14 aperture setting Patrick Lucas Austin Apple’s iOS 12 software might be the most interesting part of the iPhone XS considering how its now designed to help you use the expensive new gadget you just bought less often Additions like Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time help users manage their time spent on the device and shows them what theyre doing and for how long theyre doing it Improved security features means password managers like 1Password can automatically fill in your login information eliminating the need to copy and paste your credentials when you need to access your account from some site or app Its one of the most useful additions to iOS 12 and one of many improvements found throughout the operating system that makes it feel more considerate of my time and attention Even if youre not interested in switching iPhones upgrading your current model to iOS 12 will get you a host of benefits and features enough to probably keep you from switching phones just yet Animoji are still here and feature a few new characters to boot You can also make one modeled after yourself (or whoever youd like to look like) using Memoji Apples Animoji creation tool that uses the Face ID camera Its clearly a work in progress and cant register facial expressions like winks or raised eyebrows without looking far too strange for comfort Still its a ton of fun to use and now that its here I cant imagine it going anywhere anytime soon There’s one problem with the iPhone XS a problem that affects every high-end smartphone a problem people seemingly overlook To watch content as intended at 1080p or 4K resolution along with HDR support you might need to cough up even more cash Want to stream video on that huge display Well I hope you’re ready to pay your wireless carrier for some extra data after your Netflix movie devours a few gigabytes In addition you wont be able to take advantage of that high-resolution display when streaming over mobile broadband thanks to the limitations placed on streaming content Carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile will only let you stream videos at the pitiful resolution of 480p unless you fork over a few extra bucks per month to bump it up to the still-terrible 720p resolution To companies like T-Mobile "high definition" is the equivalent of a movie from 2002 No thanks On top of that watching videos when my iPhone XS is connected to Wi-Fi probably means Im somewhere either where watching videos would be ill-advised or where I have access to a larger screen like a laptop or TV If thats the case why bother with this pocket display that has a chunk taken out of it The same problems exist with Apples proprietary Lightning connector the primary one being that it isn’t the more widely adopted USB-C used by every other smartphone manufacturer and the only port on Apples MacBook Pro laptops If you’re not an early adopter to tech your laptop or computer probably still has regular old USB if so don’t worry about it But otherwise you’ll need an adapter Should you get the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max If you skipped the iPhone X and think youre about due for a new phone then sure consider the iPhone XS But if pricing is a concern then the upcoming $749 iPhone XR might be more your speed If youre not excited about either I dont blame you Especially with iOS 12 available as a free update lots of people will get more milage out of their existing iPhone before feeling the need to upgrade Write to Patrick Lucas Austin at [email protected] Doctor goes to some dark places in season 9 judging from a new trailer released during the Doctor Who panel presentation at San Diegos Comic-Con International The trailer (watch it above) features Peter Capaldis Doctor Jenna Coleman as Clara and Michelle Gomez as the mysterious Missy Season 9 is set to debut on Sept 19 This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at [email protected] it comes to civil aviation the Jet Age began right around 1952 That’s when the world’s first commercial jetliner the British de Havilland Comet made its inaugural scheduled flight The Cirrus Vision Jet is nothing like the de Havilland Comet Sporting just a striking V-tail design a sophisticated-yet-simple cockpit and room enough for five adults the Vision Jet is a groundbreaking aircraft for a different reason: It’s the first FAA-certified private jet with just a single engine Pumping out about 1800 pounds of thrust that Williams International turbine helps the Vision Jet achieve a range of up to 1200 nautical miles or roughly the distance between New York and Chicago and back A takeoff distance of just over 2000 feet means it’s flyable even from shorter runways A pressurized cabin enables high-altitude flying And on-board computer systems help ensure pilots stay out of trouble in the air 2015 Jeff Frey & Associates Cirrus recently invited me to get a few minutes of flight time in the Vision Jet If the decades-old Cessna 152 in which I first learned to fly is a crumpled and rusting Honda Civic piloting the Vision Jet felt like driving a fresh-off-the-line Ford GT It’s nimble in the air yet a stall speed (with flaps) of only 67 knots helps pilots stay nice and slow on final approach The cabin is remarkably comfortable similar to a luxury SUV with a sense of spaciousness bolstered by massive windows And its side-stick control gives the feel of a fighter jet but with a far better sense of control for first-timers The Vision Jet also packs Cirrus’ trademark parachute system which can be deployed as a last-ditch measure to save the aircraft and its occupants in cases when a typical emergency landing isn’t possible But like the Ford GT the Vision Jet isn’t for everybody Starting at just under $2 million this is a workhorse or plaything for the upper crust However as Cirrus would tell you that’s much cheaper than similar private jets and the Vision Jet is flyable by a single pilot The company is accordingly marketing the Vision Jet as a turbine-powered option for well-off pilots who might use it to get to far-flung client meetings or take the family on a vacation to Martha’s Vineyard without dealing with the increasing hassle of flying commercial “This is the first turbine airplane that’s aimed at the owner-flown market” says Dave Rathbun Cirrus’ chief engineer on the Vision Jet “It is truly by design a personal transportation machine” For the rest of us we’ll still be stuck in coach jostling with our neighbors over the armrests Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at [email protected]"At first, said it stands by the cover. full of fun for all the family. the majority of fires started on Sunday night and were driven by 50 mph winds and dry conditions. sought to embarrass the government in the House by saying that when plans are made "in the air" then the desired results cannot be achieved.It’s not easy being a sea otter mom Awadhe coach Anup Sridhar, The Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) examination result has been announced today.

She said Tibbetts liked the idea at first, Tibbetts moved for a second time to censure Mason (the first one failed) this time over issues with a micro-loan program she funded for tribal members. “Some people said then (and still say today) that were overly optimistic to be talking about eradication.Bill Gates announced Sunday that his foundation would ramp up funding for its malaria program by about one-third.

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