Winterize Before the Bitter Cold Arrives

first_imgYou CAN prevent common winter plumbing problems and the costly damage that goes with them. Wicked winter weather brings its share of challenges. Expensive water damage from frozen pipes shouldn’t be one of them. Today, we’re sharing some preventative measures you can take now, before freezing temperatures set in, to reduce or eliminate the risk of cold-weather threats to your home.Insulate the exposed pipes in your homeBurst pipes can be incredibly destructive. Luckily, they are also largely preventable. Check to see if you have exposed piping in the uninsulated spaces of your home, such as the crawlspace, attic and outside walls. Most hardware or plumbing supply stores should have the insulation and tools you need. Wrap the pipes in insulation tubes made of polyethylene or fiberglass. The materials are inexpensive, and the task does not require any special skills.Insulate the crawl space beneath your homeWhen the thermometer starts plummeting, it pays to check the conditions of your crawl space. Because a crawl space is partially exposed to the environment through air vents, even a brief cold snap can freeze the water in your pipes beneath the home. Crawl spaces with pipes should either have the concrete walls around the perimeter coated with insulation, or the pipes themselves should be insulated or wrapped with heat tape. Properly insulating your crawl space will prevent cold floors, high heating costs, and frozen pipes.Protect water heaters in winter monthsMost homeowners do not even think about the water heater until there’s a problem. Cold temperatures can cause the metal to expand and contract, and if you have an older water heater kept in a cold or unheated location, leaks and cracks could be the result, so be sure to inspect your tank regularly. Insulating the tank and the pipes leading away from the water heater helps to reduce heat loss. Newer water heater tanks often already have this insulation built in, but if you have an older tank, you can purchase a tank cover that provides an extra layer of insulation to keep hot water hotter.Fix home plumbing leaks howThe best time to get leaks repaired is before the temperature drops to freezing. Check the faucets and plumbing in your home’s bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and utility room for drips or puddles. If you have a leaky faucet or pipe, contact your trusted team at Broadley’s immediately to get it back in tip-top shape.Pack away your garden hoseAs part of your regular seasonal maintenance, garden hoses should be disconnected, drained, and stored away before the first hard freeze. Leaving a hose connected outside in winter can cause water left inside to freeze and expand, damaging your faucets and connecting pipes as well. If you have interior shut off valves leading to outdoor faucets, close them and drain the water from outside lines. Any water that remains in the lines and freezes could cause major damage.For more ways to protect your home’s plumbing and other systems this winter, talk to Broadley’s for expert advice and a broad range of energy solutions.last_img read more

Bodies of man, 47, and two teenagers found in home on Spring River Drive…

first_img Pinterest IndianaLocalNews WhatsApp Pinterest Bodies of man, 47, and two teenagers found in home on Spring River Drive in Elkhart By Jon Zimney – December 20, 2020 0 525 (Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth) The bodies of a man, 47, an 18-year-old woman and a 15-year-old girl were found in a home in Elkhart County.Elkhart County Sheriff’s deputies were called just after 4 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 18, to the 23000 block of Spring River Dr. in Elkhart.The bodies were found inside the home.The Elkhart County Homicide Unit is investigating.There are no concerns for the safety of the public at this time, according to the sheriff’s office. WhatsApp Google+ Facebook Google+ Previous articleIndiana unemployment figures hold steady from OctoberNext articleSouth Bend Police “Heroes and Helpers” event helping families despite pandemic Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Twitter Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

News story: International Textbook Summit

first_imgMinister for School Standards Nick Gibb hosted the first International Textbook Summit in London on Thursday 14 June, bringing together curriculum experts and teachers to discuss how to use textbooks to improve education for every child and help tackle teacher workload.The Minister welcomed government representatives and international experts from 15 nations including Finland, Singapore and Germany to the Royal Society in London to share the latest international evidence on textbooks and explore ways of emulating the success of textbook based teaching programmes, such as Teaching for Mastery.Evidence suggests textbooks save teachers around 18 minutes a day and high performing countries, including those in the Far East, have a strong focus on textbooks to help raise education standards.The international symposium builds on the recent launch of a £7.7 million curriculum fund to support the development of high quality resources. These resources will also help teachers deliver the government’s new curriculum while freeing them up to focus on what really matters in the classroom.School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said: Tim Oates CBE from Cambridge Assessment said: The Summit developed an extraordinary consensus about the value and function of textbooks; the discussion of what ‘quality’ means will help with both new generations of textbooks and allied digital resources. Textbooks support teachers to translate the vision of a curriculum into carefully sequenced and well-resourced lessons, reducing teacher workload and increasing the quality of classroom teaching. That’s why we are encouraging the creation of these resources through our £7.7 million curriculum fund. It was an honour to host world-leading experts for this first ever summit and to discuss how we can use these resources to improve education for every child, building on the 1.9 million more children now in good or outstanding schools than in 2010 thanks to the hard work of teachers and our reforms. The evidence of best practice and the discussions at the summit will help to shape the development of resources as part of the curriculum fund. It will also inform the development of the department’s teacher recruitment and retention strategy which is due to be published later this year.The Education Secretary has been clear that there are no great schools without great teachers and his top priority is to make sure teaching remains an attractive and fulfilling profession – removing unnecessary workload is at the heart of this commitment.Also speaking at the event were: Tim Oates CBE, Cambridge Assessment; Professor Bill Schmidt, Michigan State University; Professor Dr Eckhardt Fuchs, Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research; Lee Fei Chen, Times Publishing Limited; Rickard Vinde, Swedish Association of Educational Publishers; Dr Nuno Crato, University of Lisbon; Debbie Morgan, National Centre for the Excellence in Teaching Mathematics; and Professor Xingfeng Huang, Shanghai Normal University.International Textbook Summit – 14 June 2018: summary document (PDF, 4.76MB, 11 pages)Read Nick Gibb’s full speech here.last_img read more

New Nine Inch Nails EP Features Dave Grohl, Dave Navarro, & More [Full Stream]

first_imgThe new Nine Inch Nails is here. After years of waiting, Trent Reznor surprised fans with the announcement of a new EP yesterday. The new EP is called Not The Actual Events, and features music written with longtime collaborator Atticus Ross, who is now considered to be an official member of the group. The EP also features previous collaborators, drummer Dave Grohl (Nirvana, The Foo Fighters) on “The Idea of You”, guitarist Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) on “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)”, along with Reznor’s wife and fellow How to Destroy Angels bandmate, vocalist Mariqueen Maandig on “She’s Gone Away”.Not the Actual Events comes three years after NIN’s 2013 Hesitation Marks. According to Reznor, the album is “an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make. It’s an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story.” Have a listen to the five-track story below:Album Credits:last_img read more

Fulbright graduates attend SMC re-entry seminar

first_imgSaint Mary’s College hosted 2014 Fulbright Women’s Re-entry Seminar this past week.The seminar, held April 9-13, included about 45 female Fulbright graduate students from Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the Saint Mary’s press release. In the seminar, students examined the difficulties they may face in their re-entry into the professional communities of their home countries.The Saint Mary’s Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership (CWIL) focused on the re-entry process and women’s leadership, Mana Derakhshani, associate director of CWIL, said.“The seminar is focused on helping the women with the transition back to their home countries. Workshops deal with reverse culture shock, leadership styles, women’s issues globally and practical skills such as networking, grant-writing, problem-solving and conflict resolution,” Derakhshani said.In addition to sessions led by CWIL faculty and staff and Saint Mary’s political science and English professors, the press release said five participants from the local community were invited to engage as part of a panel discussion.“Each of the women on the panel of local women leaders shared with the participants their personal leadership journey and talked about challenges they had faced and ways that they had overcome them,” Derakhshani said.The panel members included Kathryn Schneider, executive director of St. Margaret’s House; Linda Baechle, president and CEO of the YWCA of North Central Indiana; Andrea Popielski, executive director of Hannah’s House; Jesusa Rivera, Mexican-American community activist and bilingual case manager for Proteus and Yully Ortega, a Hispanic quality expansion specialist for the Indiana Association for Child Care Resources and Referral, the press release said.Another local, retired director of bilingual services for the South Bend Community School Corporation, Maritza Robles, was the seminar’s keynote speaker.Derakhshani said the seminar schedule was very intensive, although some events were planned to provide social interludes.“Events of note were the visit to the Amish community for a specially prepared Amish meal in an Amish home and a tour of the Menno Hof museum, the panel of women leaders followed by the opportunity to visit the organizations that they represented, dinner and an evening at a local family’s home and attending ‘The Wiz,’ a musical theater show at the South Bend Civic Theater,” Derakhshani said.At the end of the seminar, the women will complete their studies, according to the press release.Derakhshani said the women attended from universities all across the country.Although the application process to host the seminar was highly competitive, Derakhshani said Saint Mary’s had a well-established involvement with the Fulbright Program.“Saint Mary’s has hosted Foreign Language Fulbright Teaching Assistants in Arabic and Chinese for the past few years,” she said. “Saint Mary’s faculty have obtained Fulbright grants for research or teaching abroad [and] students have obtained Fulbright grants to go to graduate school … or to teach English in another country.”She also noted the similarity between the seminar’s mission and the College’s.“While we have never hosted this specific event before, Fulbright’s goals for the participants … are closely aligned with Saint Mary’s mission of preparing women to make a difference in the world,” Meyer-Lee said.“Through this event, we hope to shine a light on Saint Mary’s College as a place that prepares women to become global leaders. We also knew that having 35 to 40 young women from overseas on our campus would widen our horizons if only a few days,” Derakhshani said. Tags: Fulbrightlast_img read more

Save poinsettia

first_imgSaving can be a challenge”I have new plants each year for research. But I also have agroup of plants that I save from year to year,” Oetting said.”You can save them from year to year at home, too. But it’s achallenge. You just have to understand how a poinsettia works.”Once the Christmas presents have all been opened and holidaydecorations are packed away, treat your poinsettia like any otherhouseplant. “You don’t want to overwater or underwater apoinsettia plant,” Oetting said.During the spring and summer, a poinsettia is a green foliageplant. “When the weather turns warm, repot your poinsettia,” hesaid. “You also need to decide whether you want your plant to bea bush or a tree.” Create a treeIf you fancy trees, he said, cut off all the plant’s side shootsand leave a single runner that will grow upward. If a bush ismore to your liking, pinch off the terminal shoot and the sideshoots to make the plant branch more.”Where you keep your poinsettia between New Year’s and Septemberdoesn’t make a whole lot of difference, as long as it getslight,” Oetting said. “The tricky part comes after September.”To flower, the plant needs the same amount of darkness MotherNature provides,” he said. “Somehow, you’ve got to keep thatplant in the dark after the sun goes down, and it has to stay inthe dark until the sun comes up. If there is any flash of light,you can forget it.”Once the plant begins turning the bright red it’s known for,there’s no turning back. “Once it starts turning, it’s gonna go,”Oetting said. “It’s already set physiologically.”Oetting has seen this process work and fail. By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaWhen the holidays are over and you pack away the decorations,don’t pitch the poinsettia plant. If you’re up for a challenge,this year’s poinsettia could become a part of your holidaydecorations next year.Ron Oetting has several poinsettia plants in his greenhouse leftover from past holidays. Oetting is a research entomologist withthe University of Georgia College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences.Each year he is surrounded by a new crop of poinsettias hestudies to solve insect problems growers face each year.center_img Totally in the dark”We saved some poinsettias in one greenhouse from the previousyear and they were right on track,” he said. “But the poinsettiasin the greenhouse next door were doing poorly. We figured out whywhen we noticed the streetlight just outside the greenhousedoor.”Oetting doesn’t recommend trying to save your poinsettia plantunless you are up for a challenge and don’t mind failure. “It’stoo easy to break the period of darkness,” he said. “It’s also awhole lot easier and cheaper to buy a new one each fall.”One unique characteristic of poinsettias is that its red”flowers” aren’t actually flowers at all. The true flower of theplant is the small yellow flower in the center of the red color.The spectacular red, flower-like arrangements are the plant’sbracts or leaves.A tropical plant from Central America, the poinsettia is alsoknown as the Christmas Star or the Mexican Flameleaf. It’s namedfor its discoverer, J.R. Poinsett, the first U.S. ambassador toMexico.last_img read more

Colombia Blocks Maritime Routes to Narcotrafficking

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega/Diálogo May 08, 2019 In late March, the Colombian Armed Forces dealt another significant blow to narcotrafficking in three operations, resulting in the seizure of more than 3 tons of cocaine, a semisubmersible, and the arrest of three criminals. The Colombian Navy, with the support of the Colombian Air Force (FAC, in Spanish), the National Police, and the Office of the Attorney General, led combined operations in Nariño department, in the Colombian Pacific coast, as well as in Sucre and Bolívar departments, on the Caribbean coast. According to the Navy, the drugs seized would be valued at $50 million in the international market. Authorities also estimated that criminal groups invest around $1 million to build a semisubmersible, which represents a considerable loss for narcotrafficking. Semisubmersible in the Pacific Navy intelligence work and information from sources, which reported a semisubmersible carrying drugs that had departed from Nariño, led to the first operation conducted March 23. Units of the Pacific Naval Force and an FAC surveillance platform located the vessel after a six-hour search. “We were really close but couldn’t see it, because that equipment is difficult to detect,” Colombian Navy Lieutenant Commander Juan Camilo Ocaña, commander of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station, told Diálogo. “At 60 miles west of Sanquilanga Natural Park, and thanks to cutting-edge technology equipment, we located a semisubmersible with three people aboard, on its way to Central America.” Upon seeing the security units, the semisubmersible crew tried to sink the vessel by opening valves. Their efforts, however, failed. “There was a depth of more than 350 meters at their location. It would have been very difficult and expensive to bring it [the semisubmersible] afloat,” Lt. Cdr. Ocaña said. Aboard the semisubmersible, the Navy seized 1,562 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and arrested the crew: two Colombians and one Ecuadorean. Naval units then took the vessel to the Tumaco Coast Guard Station dock so it could be searched while they brought detainees and drugs before the Office of the Attorney General. “They were prosecuted for two crimes: navigating in an unauthorized naval artifact, and producing and trafficking drugs,” said Lt. Cdr. Ocaña. “The capture was made legal […]. At this time, they are being held locally until their situation is defined.” According to the Navy, the operation surpassed all drug seizures carried out so far in 2019 in the Colombian Pacific coast. By mid-April, naval units had seized 19 tons. The vessel is the ninth the Pacific Naval Force seized in 2019. Clan del Golfo’s cache During an operation conducted March 28 in Cartagena Port, Bolívar, Navy units found 42 packages of cocaine in a container coming from Bogotá. Antinarcotics personnel, coast guard units, and dog-handler teams seized 1 ton of cocaine. “This operation was conducted with intelligence from the Navy that identified a container at [port terminal] Contecar,” Colombian Navy Commander Jorge Enrique Uricoechea, commander of the Cartagena Coast Guard Station, told Diálogo. “During the road trip, the Clan del Golfo contaminated it.” Local patrol and surveillance operations near Berrugas Beach in Sucre the next day, led the Marine Corps First Brigade’s 13th Battalion to find 42 packages of drugs. The illicit substance was hidden in the swamp, within a wooded area. “Criminals take advantage of these areas to hide drugs. These can be special hideouts, abandoned houses, or any kind of place,” Cmdr. Uricoechea said. “They hire security, two or three armed subjects, who wait there while drugs are gathered to be taken by speedboat.” Naval units collected the packages and confirmed they contained 1,127 kg of cocaine. According to the Navy, the drug likely belonged to the Clan del Golfo, as it was labeled with logos similar to those from the Cartagena Port containers. Between January and mid-April 2019, the Caribbean Naval Force seized more than 12 tons of cocaine. “We have intelligence agents with special networks throughout the Colombian Navy’s jurisdiction to anticipate these events, these new ways of smuggling drugs, storing, loading, and shipping toward Central America and the United States,” said Cmdr. Uricoechea. “We try to evolve, to be one step ahead of those criminals.”last_img read more

Selig Goldin Award nominations sought

first_imgSelig Goldin Award nominations sought Selig Goldin Award nominations sought The Bar’s Criminal Law Section is now accepting nominations for its Selig I. Goldin Memorial Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to Florida’s criminal justice system.The section will make its selection at the Bar’s Midyear meeting in January, and present the award at the section’s luncheon during the Bar’s Annual Meeting in June.Nominations must be submitted by November 30, and include the name of the candidate, a description of their contribution to the criminal justice system, a biographical sketch or resume, and the candidate’s contact information.Nomination should be sent to H. Scott Fingerhut, H. Scott Fingerhut, P.A., 2400 South Dixie Highway, Second Floor, Miami 33133-3100 or e-mail to [email protected] October 15, 2005 Regular Newslast_img read more

Long Island Tech Startups Get Chance to Expand Overseas

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Attention Long Island tech startups, London’s calling.Recently Martin Cook, the United Kingdom’s deputy counsel in New York, toured the Island to drum up competition for the GREAT Tech Awards. Now in its second year, the contest is intended to encourage high-growth technology companies in our region to pick the UK as “a place where they can set up and grow their businesses.”“I had the privilege of meeting with local companies at the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) as well as at the Long Island High Technology Incubator (LIHTI) in Stony Brook,” said Cook. “I saw first-hand the impressive innovation thriving in the Long Island area. I encourage Long Island companies to consider this year’s awards and look to the UK as a destination to grow their businesses.”But here’s the catch: the deadline for applications is no later than 11:59pm EST on Aug. 1. Finalists will be announced the week of Sept. 15, and the winners will be awarded at a gala event in New York City on Oct. 9.The competition is run by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the British Consulate General New York. The categories are: education, finance, health, internet of things (sic), lifestyle and media. Judging the contest are Yinka Adegoke, deputy editor at Billboard; Douglas Atkin, fin-tech fund portfolio manager at Guggenheim Partners; Peter Cashmore, chief executive officer and founder of Mashable; Lily Cole, founder of; David Karp, chief executive officer and founder of Tumblr; Marco Mohwinckel, the global head of integrated care solutions for Janssen Healthcare Innovation; and Margaret Molloy, global chief marketing officer at Siegel+Gale.Last year’s winners included TeachBoost, a Brooklyn-based company that has created one simple online interface to manage classroom observations and teacher evaluations; Floored, a company that builds software that turns 3D data into an interactive virtual experience; and Charitybuzz, a Manhattan-based company that helps nonprofits raise funds via online auctions with the world’s biggest celebrities and luxury brands.The award winners get a round-trip ticket from New York to London in November, five nights’ accommodations plus breakfast at the Corinthia Hotel in London, a meeting with a senior representative from No. 10 Downing Street (where the prime minister lives), a customized business development program in London; plus legal services, accounting help, recruitment assistance and mentorship from UK business executives as well as three months of office space in Second Home, an incubator in East London.The potential to form a lasting relationship that can lead to future success in the digital world is what drew last year’s entrants—and UKIT is hoping to repeat that formula this year. Right now there are more than 70 co-working spaces in London plus 40 high-tech accelerators to help startups get off the ground.“The 2014 GREAT Tech Awards will attract the best tech talent from the Tri-state area and Connecticut, including Long Island,” said Cook. “It will offer companies a unique opportunity to expand their business both in the UK and from the UK, as a springboard to Europe.”last_img read more

Former state senator faces 31 bank fraud charges

first_img continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr A former Rhode Island state senator and business owner will be arraigned in U.S. District Court in Providence next week on 31 counts of bank fraud that victimized a credit union and two banks, according to federal court documents.James E. Doyle II,  46, of Pawtucket, who resigned from his state senate seat earlier this year, is accused of running a $550,000 check kiting scheme that victimized three financial institutions, the $33.3 million Alliance Blackstone Federal Credit Union in Pawtucket, Bristol County Savings Bank in Taunton, Mass., and Santander Bank in Boston.Doyle is also charged with one count of filing a false tax return and one count of failing to file a tax return.The former state senator held at least 20 accounts with AFCU, BCSB and Santander. He owns Doyle Respiratory LLC and Doyle Sleep Solution LLC.last_img read more