Agakhan a firm banker

first_imgWith 12 races slated for tomorrow at Caymanas Park, much attention will be focused on the late Super-6, which offers a $3.8 million carryover from Wednesday.This, the twilight six as it is otherwise called, will be conducted from Race Seven to 12, while the first Super-6 will embrace the first six races on the card.We look at the late Super-6 commencing in Race Seven over 1100 metres for high claimers, the field including the recent winners RIO COBRE; UNBREAKABLE, who bids for his fourth consecutive win; and FORCE DE JOUR, who, despite his disappointing run behind ACTION MAN as the favourite over 1400 metres on February 27, can definitely rebound now dropped in class with only 52.0kg.However, with RIO COBRE having resumed winning ways over the straight in overnight company on February 24, the American-bred eight-year-old gelding from the stables of champion trainer Wayne DaCosta is tipped to repeat with four-time champion Omar Walker again in the saddle. RIO COBRE beat EDISON over the straight recently, and with the runner-up having paid tribute to the form by winning in overnight company last Saturday, speaks volumes for his chances.HELLO LADY, with champion jockey Shane Ellis riding for in-form trainer Anthony ‘Baba’ Nunes, showed promise when finishing second to NOLAN HILL in a fast-run straight five race (57.2) on February 20, and now better for the experience, the Fearless Vision offspring should lead home GOLDEN GLORY and LIKE A LADY in a field of 11 maiden three-year-olds.NINTHRACEThe ninth race, confined to $180,000 claimers for the Roderick ‘Pilot’ Francis Memorial Trophy, looks tailored for down-in-class EL CLIENTE, a January 30 course winner at this level. The six-year-old gelding from the stables of Anthony Smith wasn’t disgraced when finishing five lengths seventh to REGGAE GOLD over the distance on February 27 on a $250,000 tag, and now back to $180,000 claiming, should lead home another recent winner, SPORTING CLAY, with Dane Nelson aboard. Top apprentice Linton Steadman has the ride in a 10-horse field.The 10th race over the straight for maiden three-year-olds has attracted five first-time runners in a field of 16, including the Bridled Quest filly DANCEHALL SWEET (working well), with Nelson riding for trainer Gary Subratie. Having looked advanced in her preparation, DANCEHALL SWEET gets the nod over ZANDRINA and BIG MISTAKE from the DaCosta stables.Horse of the Year SEEKING MY DREAM, to be ridden by Omar Walker for DaCosta and Member of Parliament Derrick Smith, beat the best horses in the country in last December’s $6.5 million Diamond Mile, and having followed up over 1500 metres recently, should lead home the 2015 Superstakes winner FRANFIELD (Nelson up) in the Chairman’s Trophy grade one feature over 1500 metres to be contested by six starters.Then, take the course specialist AGAKHAN, with Robert Halledeen up, to win the closing race over the straight (claiming $350,000 – $300,000) at the expense of FRANKENSTORM.SECOND SUPER-6 FANCIES(7) RIO COBRE/FORCE DE JOUR(8) HELLO LADY/GOLDEN GLORY(9) EL CLIENTE/SPORTING CLAY(10) DANCEHALL SWEET/ ZANDRINA(11) SEEKING MY DREAM/ FRANFIELD(12) AGAKHANlast_img read more

Observer Publisher, Bai T. Moore’s Son Critical of Government

first_imgThe publisher and managing director of the Daily Observer, Kenneth Y. Best, says that forgetting Liberian cultural  hero, Bai T. Moore, and relocating the Liberian Culture Center to Marshall, manifests ingratitude on the part of the Liberian government to the  long-time cultural icon, poet and novelist. Speaking in Dimeh Town in Bomi County last Friday at a program marking the 26th anniversary of Bai T. Moore’s death, Mr. Best described Mr.  Moore as a patriot in the cultural realm who along with a few others, put Liberia on the cultural map of the world.   But the publisher wondered why the Liberian Government and the Ministry of Information are running away from Bai T. Moore.He recalled that a few years back the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs & Tourism under pension scheme gave LD$300 to Bai T. Moore’s widow, and later increased to a thousand Liberian Dollars.“Could this be what Bai T. Moore should get in this country with all the sacrifices he made to lift Liberian culture?”  Mr. Best asked.He recalled that the National Cultural Center at Kendeja had been closed, giving way to  construction of the RLJ Hotel where, unlike the Cultural Center, no Liberian can have access to except one who is financially potent. “What do Liberians go there for?  Food, yes, but what is there that can be particularly called Liberian?”Many years have elapsed since the National Cultural Center was closed and very little or no attention has been given to its revival.  It would seem as though Bai T. Moore and others who promoted culture in this country are now totally forgotten.He noted that the cultural center was a place where people used to go to be entertained and learn about Liberian Culture, but now no Liberian can boast of learning from his/her culture because they have nowhere to go and learn it.Making reference to his son Bai Best, Mr. Best said he and his wife Mae Gene, upon their return from Nairobi, Kenya, in 1980 to start the Daily Observer, made it a habit of taking their children regularly to the Cultural Center at Kendeja to expose them to their culture.  Bai was only four when he and his siblings were taken to the culture center.  It was then that he watched the celebrated Liberian acrobat, Jacob Dweh from Grand Gedeh County mingling his little body in all directions.  At one point, Jacob  started walking on his two hands on the ground with his legs in the air.“When we returned home, Bai had become so inspired by Jacob Dweh that upon entering our home at Voker Mission, Bai immediately started doing the same thing he had seen Jacob do.  To our amazement, Bai started walking on his hands with his two legs behind him in the air.  “Today at 35,” Mr. Best told his Dimeh audience, “Bai can still perform that feat.  I tell this story to emphasize how important culture is to a people.  It inspires them and fills them with creativity, empowering them to do things they would not ordinarily do.  Bottom line, we play with our culture at our own peril.  We will never know how much we are losing—we and most especially our children.”He also recalled his encounter with an Italian family during a visit to Italy in early 1970s.  He saw a couple take their infant child to visit an old Italian ship.Having asked why they would take the baby to that occasion, their answer was to instill the culture of the land in the baby at early age so that they would grow to know it and appreciate their country’s contribution to world civilization.The assertive Manager and veteran Liberian Journalist also frowned on Government for relocating the National Cultural Center in Marshall in where he said there were, “yes, beautiful beaches and a fishing village named Fanti Town. But what is in Marshall that represents the genesis of Liberian Culture?Mr. Best made reference to a four-year old child marvelously performed a cultural dance during the occasion in Dimeh.  He observed that she had not been chosen as one of the dancers of the day, but ununiformed, she started dancing because it was in her blood.  Mr. Best said the performance of the little girl clearly demonstrates that Liberian Culture originated from counties including Margibi, Montserrado, Bong, Lofa, Gbarpolu, Bomi and Grand Cape Mount.  “This Dowein District, including Cape Mount, Bomi and Gbarpolou, is the center of our culture, having produced such eminent figures as Bai T. Moore and Dwualu Bukele, the inventor of the Vai Script.Mr. Best strongly  recommended and called on government to relocate the National Cultural Center to Bomi. This would not only  get people to remember Bai T. Moore, Liberia’s Cultural hero who wrote many books about Liberian Culture and always dressed to reflect his culture.  The culture is already here, as seen by the three female masked dancers that brilliantly entertained the Dimeh audience last Friday.For Sando Moore, one of Bai T. Moore’s surviving sons, he expressed that his late father did much for the country to promote Liberian Culture, but he (Bai T. Moore) is now  totally forgotten.Sando said since his father died 26 years ago, the Government of Liberia has not organized a program or built anything in his memory to symbolize and remind people about the great work he did to promote Liberian Culture.As Liberia’s leading photo Journalists and publisher of the Images Magazine, Mr. Moore contended that it is better to honor people who are honest and dedicated to work of the country than to glorify corrupt people who misuse and abuse their country for their selfish gains. The ceremony marking 26 years of Bai T. Moore’s death was attended by high profile government officials including House Speaker Alex Tyler, Bomi County Senator and Chairman of the Bomi Legislative Caucus, Lahai Gbabye Lansanah and County Representative S. Gayah Karmo.  Also in attendance was former Liberian Ambassador to China and former Bomi Legislative aspirant, Madam Neh Dukuly-Tolbert, former Bomi County Senator Richard Divine, Dewein District Commissioner Foley Siryon, who is a former Daily Observer photographer,  and Dey Governor Blama Gaye. Other eminent citizens present included Madam Musu Kiadii of the National Governors  Council of Liberia, Demeh Women Group Chairlady, Janet Rogers, Siafa Ballah, son of the late culture promoter Peter Ballah (Flomo), and Morris Johnson, a classroom teacher.Madam Neh Dukuly Tolbert thanked Sando Moore for inviting her to the occasion, and said she wholeheartedly agreed with Mr. Best that the National Cultural Center needed to be relocated in the Bomi area, where Liberian culture is already vibrant and I being practiced on a daily basis.  She pledged to lobby for the Center to be relocated in its natural habitat.Responding to concerns raised by Mr. Best and Moore, House Speaker Alex Tyler said the people of Bomi are partly responsible for the neglect of their father and son, the late Bai T. Moore.  The Bomi people have not been assertive enough, he admitted.But this will change, he declared.  “The county has  capable men and women who should keep the flame of Bai T. Moore burning.  And we will do what we have to do.Speaker Tyler said he concurred with the views of  K.Y. Best that the National Cultural Center should be relocated to Bomi, where Liberian culture is already in action.  He said he would approach the President of Liberia for prompt action.Among some of Bai T. Moore’s  publications for which he is widely known are Murder in the Cassava Patch, Ebony Dust, a collection of poems and Gola Boy in America.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lunar Mysteries Plague Materialist Theories 50 Years After Apollo

first_img(Visited 447 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Apollo was supposed to decide between 3 competing theories for the moon’s origin. Conclusion: all 3 were wrong.The last Apollo mission left scientists with many questions. Artwork by Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut.In the 1960s, there were three competing theories for how the moon formed: (1) it spun off the Earth (fission theory), (2) it formed at the same time as Earth (co-formation theory), or (3) it was captured by the Earth (capture theory). Now, most planetary scientists reject all three theories in favor of the Giant Impact theory. Sometime in unseen history, they allege, a Mars-sized body impacted the Earth and spun off material that formed the moon. This theory became popular around 2000, decades after Apollo, although some simulations suggested it around 1980. In some versions, the impactor brought water to the Earth, creating our oceans.It may be the most popular idea, but the Giant Impact theory is not without huge problems of its own. For one, an impactor would have to be just the right size, and would have to approach the Earth at a finely-tuned speed, angle and position in order to work. Otherwise, it would either speed by the Earth, merge with it, or obliterate it. Computer models can be intelligently designed to achieve the desired result, but how realistic are they? That’s only one of many mysteries for those wishing to limit their explanatory toolkit to the Stuff Happens Law (i.e., chance). Even so, they will admit that we were awfully lucky to have a moon, because without it, we would not be here.Lucky Break?Other than Pluto (which is lifeless), no other planet in our solar system has a moon as relatively large as ours. Because of its size and distance from Earth, our moon gives us at least three outstanding benefits. It stabilizes our axis of rotation, giving us reliable seasons so that solar heat is distributed efficiently around the globe in a predictable way. It is the main contributor to ocean tides that cleanse our coastlines and create oceanic currents used by marine life and by sailors. It also creates ideal conditions for solar eclipses—unique phenomena among all the bodies in the solar system—which are not only awesome to behold but also provide unique opportunities for scientific discovery (see The Privileged Planet book and film; the documentary can be watched on YouTube).Many see these benefits as indicators of intelligent design and foresight. Secular scientists, preferring to remain materialists, just say we are lucky. But accounting for the moon by sheer dumb luck doesn’t help science. It actually creates more problems that remain baffling 50 years after Apollo was supposed to solve them.Earth Has WAY More Gold Than the Moon and Here’s Why ( There are two problems emerging from low lunar quantities of gold and other siderophile (iron-loving) elements: (a) The debris from the Giant Impact should have spread these elements to both the Earth and Moon equally, and (b) The Earth’s abundances should have sunk into the core, but are largely at the surface. How do secularists explain these facts? The article invokes several theory-rescue devices to get around the problems. For one, they allege that these elements arrived later by asteroids. Then why didn’t the moon get them, too? For the next rescue device, they allege that the Earth, with its higher gravity, was better at holding onto its siderophiles than the moon was.“This has been a major problem in terms of how we understand the moon’s accretion history,” Qing-zhu Yin, a professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Davis, said in a statement.See also the press release from UC Davis that includes Qing-zhu Yin’s boast,Neil Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon. Artwork by Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut. Used by permission.Reconstructing the late-accretion history of the Moon (Nature). Here’s the paper for the above article. Calling on Lady Luck, it models “random impactors” coming in to bring Earth’s gold special delivery after the moon had formed. They first state the problems facing theorists:The importance of highly siderophile elements (HSEs; namely, gold, iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhenium, rhodium and ruthenium) in tracking the late accretion stages of planetary formation has long been recognized. However, the precise nature of the Moon’s accretional history remains enigmatic. There is a substantial mismatch in the HSE budgets of the Earth and the Moon, with the Earth seeming to have accreted disproportionally more HSEs than the Moon. Several scenarios have been proposed to explain this conundrum, including the delivery of HSEs to the Earth by a few big impactors, the accretion of pebble-sized objects on dynamically cold orbits that enhanced the Earth’s gravitational focusing factor, and the ‘sawtooth’ impact model, with its much reduced impact flux before about 4.10 billion years ago. However, most of these models assume a high impactor-retention ratio (the fraction of impactor mass retained on the target) for the Moon.And thus they go, weaving new scenarios they hope will work. They tweak their models by adjusting the size of the impactors, their arrival times and other knobs, then run a “Monte Carlo simulation” (more Lady Luck) that tapers off to get the results they want. “The combination of a low impactor-retention ratio and a late retention of HSEs in the lunar mantle provides a realistic explanation for the apparent deficit of the Moon’s late-accreted mass relative to that of the Earth,” they boast. The boasting will probably last until the next critic comes along. Qing-zhu Yin actually admits this: ““The beauty of this work is such that all of these things are now coming together nicely. We may have solved this problem, at least until someone find [sic] new discrepancies!” Yin said in a press release from UC Davis.Note: no actual observations were conducted outside the computer. They use various forms of the word assume (assuming, assumption) 33 times, usually in the form, “we assume.”Tomorrow, we will look at more “lunar tunes” coming from the Stuff Happens crowd.last_img read more

Workflow Tip: Use Bundles in FCPX To Archive Your Projects

first_imgArchiving master files of your projects is never a fun task, but using bundles in FCPX makes it a whole lot easier.For years, I had a terrible system for archiving my final cuts of commercial and personal projects. I’d typically only create one master file, which of course meant that if I ever needed that file in a different resolution or codec, I’d need to re-encode it. Not the end of the world in many cases, but in circumstances where I needed that file right away it was a bit of a pain to dig through old archival drives to find, convert, and upload it to a video hosting site.My current method of archiving has become far easier and more streamlined as a result of the bundles feature in FCPX, which effectively allows you to output multiple deliverables with a single click.Currently, most of my projects are shot in 4K, so this is how my bundle is set up to archive final 4K projects:4K Data Master (ProRes HQ)1080p Data Master (ProRes HQ)1080p Web Master (H.264)Both the 4K and 1080p Data Masters will output to my internal drive, while the 1080p web master will not only output to my hard drive, but will also automatically upload to Vimeo with a password. This means that even if a client calls me while I’m on vacation asking for a cut of an old project, I can simply pull up my Vimeo app and send them a link straight from my phone.Bundles are a very powerful way to create masters of your projects in a single click, and you obviously can and should customize your bundle to your specific work needs. Regardless of how you set it up, simply taking the time to arrange a bundle structure in Final Cut Pro X in the first place can save you hours of time down the line, searching for and converting older projects.last_img read more

Brighton splash out record £16m on Locadia

first_imgTransfers Brighton break transfer record for £16m Locadia Matthew Scott Last updated 1 year ago 05:36 1/20/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Locadia - cropped Brighton and Hove Albion Transfers Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion v Chelsea Premier League The Seagulls have set a club record with their outlay on the Dutch striker as they seek to achieve safety in the Premier League Brighton and Hove Albion have parted with a club-record fee reported to be in the region of £16 million to sign PSV striker Jurgen Locadia.The forward has penned a deal until 2022 at the Amex Stadium, as Chris Hughton looks to add goals in the Seagulls’ attempts to retain their Premier League status.Brighton are 16th in the table, three points above the drop zone, but only rock-bottom Swansea City have scored fewer than their 17 goals this term. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Locadia arrives on the south coast with nine goals to his name in 16 Eredivisie outings this season.Hughton told the club’s official website: “We are delighted to have signed Jurgen, and pleased to welcome him to the club. “He is a player we have been aware of for some time, and it’s been no secret we have wanted to add a striker of his type.”He is a strong, powerful and quick centre-forward, with a real eye for goal and will increase our attacking options in the second half of the season.”Jurgen already has a prolific goal record with PSV in the Dutch top division, and it is one we hope he can continue here with us in the Premier League.”last_img read more

Walkers Place of Safety Wards Get Relief Supplies

first_img Portfolio Minister,  Hon. Shahine Robinson, presented the supplies to Chief Executive Office of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), Rosalee Gage-Grey at the Maxfield Park Children’s Home in Kingston (Jan. 19) where some of the children are being housed. A massive fire at the Lyndhurst Road location of the Walkers Place of Safety on Monday night (Jan.15) claimed the lives of two children and destroyed the facility. She said the Government will “seek to put in place whatever safety measures we can to ensure that incidents like these never happen again.  Whatever we can do from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security we will do. A massive fire at the Lyndhurst Road location of the Walkers Place of Safety on Monday night (Jan.15) claimed the lives of two children and destroyed the facility.A massive fire at the Lyndhurst Road location of the Walkers Place of Safety on Monday night (Jan.15) claimed the lives of two children and destroyed the facility. The Ministry of Labour and Social Security, on Friday (Jan. 19), handed over food, clothing and other relief items to benefit wards of the Walkers Place of Safety.Portfolio Minister,  Hon. Shahine Robinson, presented the supplies to Chief Executive Office of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), Rosalee Gage-Grey at the Maxfield Park Children’s Home in Kingston (Jan. 19) where some of the children are being housed.“We’ve brought toiletries, school bags, sheets, beds, canned goods, sachets of flavoured drinks, rice and a lot more,” she told JIS NEWS.“This is just a symbolic hand over as the bulk of the relief supplies will be delivered to the Duke Street offices of the CPFSA,” she informed.A massive fire at the Lyndhurst Road location of the Walkers Place of Safety on Monday night (Jan.15) claimed the lives of two children and destroyed the facility.The 34 wards, who have been displaced, are being housed at residential facilities in Kingston.Minister Robinson expressed sorrow at the incident and the loss of lives.She said the Government will “seek to put in place whatever safety measures we can to ensure that incidents like these never happen again.  Whatever we can do from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security we will do.”Minister Robinson commended persons, who have come forward with donations, and encouraged others to assist the children.“We look forward to even more expressions of generosity to help rebuild the home. We’re dealing with children here and whoever  can contribute, do so with a willing heart,” she urged.Mrs. Gage-Grey, in expressing gratitude, noted that the response to the relief and rebuilding efforts “has been tremendous.”“We want to say a big thank you to Jamaica.  It shows us that together, we really can build a better Jamaica for all our children. This support is really appreciated,” she told JIS NEWS. Story Highlights Prev 1of4 Nextlast_img read more

CTMA Ferry Procurement Hits Legal Hurdles

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pexels under CC0 Creative Commons license Canadian Davie Shipbuilding has launched a legal proceeding which questions government support to the Coopérative de transport maritime et aérien’s (CTMA) procurement of a ferry to replace the CTMA Vacancier and the CTMA Voyageur.The shipbuilder believes that the former government’s support for the acquisition was tainted with serious procedural irregularities and must be suspended and, ultimately, declared invalid.The outgoing government announced last May that CTMA would be granted financial support to acquire a new ship. In parallel, the government sought to extend the CTMA’s concession to operate the ferry service to the Magdalen Islands until 2020 and then for an additional 20 years.The announcement was confirmed in a decree enacted on August 17, 2018, as informed by Davie.CTMA issued an invitation to tender for the building of the new ferry and the first phase of the tender was to be concluded on November 15.The motion for judicial review presented by Davie Shipbuilding on November 1, alleges that the process leading to the invitation to tender involved a number of “violations of laws and of public order.”The motion criticizes the government’s attempt mandate CTMA, described as a “cluster of private companies”, to organize a public tender to purchase a vessel, which will be largely paid for from public money.According to the claim, this role must be fulfilled by the government’s Société des traversiers du Québec (STQ), whose mission is to purchase vessels for this purpose in partnership with private enterprises.The motion also alleges that CTMA didn’t obtain an authorization from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), as stipulated in the Act Respecting Contracting by Public Bodies. In addition, the claim denounces the attribution of the 20-year concession and the subsidy to CTMA for the procurement of the ferry for having been made without the budgetary appropriations required by law.The procurement process has been halted and the matter is presently before the courts.last_img read more

Future uncertain for Bowbazars jewellery hub

first_imgKolkata: The jewellery industry in Bowbazar stares at an uncertain future, after being badly hit due to the effect of the damage caused by the tunnel boring work of East-West Metro.The All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) will prepare a list of the artisans who have been hit due to its impact and will submit it to Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Ltd (KMRCL), seeking compensation. “The jewellery shops are located on the main stretch of B B Ganguly Street but the workshops of the artisans associated with these shops are located in and around Durga Pithuri Lane, Syakra Para Lane and Gour De Lane that have been affected badly. 350 such artisans working in 85 workshops located in this area are now at a complete loss as they have been asked not to go and work in the workshops,” said Bablu De, working president of Swarna Silpa Bachao Committee. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaDe said that during the Pujas there is usually brisk business for the jewellery shops and the workshops in the area are abuzz with activities. “The papers of transaction and other documents of orders and even raw materials for the manufacture of jewellery are lying trapped in several workshops and the shops are being unable to cater to the orders given by customers,” pointed out Tagar Poddar, general secretary of Bangiya Swarnashilpi Samity. Initially, when the collapse of the houses was reported, 36 shops on B B Ganguly Street were closed by the administration citing safety concerns. The matter was taken up with the top brass of Kolkata Police, Mayor Firhad Hakim and MLA Tapas Roy, who is also a resident of Bowbazar and after some days, the shops were allowed to open.last_img read more