Fernando Hierro: “We did not know how to enjoy the three titles”

first_img JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS) “Everything was very fast and football doesn’t stop. Over time we will value what we really conquer. ” -Clemente leaves and Camacho arrives, two completely different personalities.-Different but at the same time a little similar. Jose also had the personality of taking full responsibility. I knew Camacho from Madrid. When he arrives I meet a coach with great preparation. The day of his debut in Granada against Russia, he arrives and throws many pages of paper and tells me to read them at night and that we would talk the next day. I read them.They were my statistics of the last month with Madrid and the last matches with the national team. I was everything. Where he lost the balls, where he won them, where he lost the duels, where he started the game, the kilometers traveled, the high intensity. Things I had never seen.We talked the next day, he showed me more videos and at the age of 31 a man arrived who taught me to defend. He had had coaches with a defensive reputation, such as Clemente and Capello, who were not really like that. I had had Floro with a reputation for being very tactical … But when that happened I realized that Camacho was right and that he could not jump to all the heads, nor go to all the crosses. He went to all the places and then he had to defend. I didn’t have to make so many efforts. So I arrived at minute 80 and could not with my soul.–In the European Championship, the decisive match against Yugoslavia does not play. What exactly happened that day?-It was broken. He had an injury in the abductor of Slovenia’s day. A little roturita, but it had good feelings. I told Camacho that I could, that it was fine, but he asked me to go to the Press room and say it was doubtful, that I didn’t know if I could play. He had already decided that he was not going to play. But he didn’t want the rival to know. He told me that everyone who asked me would say that he was very well.-Corea and Japan 2002. Say goodbye to the national team before the last match against Korea.-Yes. We had already spoken six months before. And when the day came, Jose told me that we could use the announcement of my farewell to divert the attention of the party as such, to talk about something else. We use it as a weapon.–He got an important cry.-It is very hard that the time comes, even if you have decided. I cried with joy, with grief, for the good memories, for the four World Cups and the two Europeans, for the 88 games … You cry for many things not because it was going to be the last game. At that moment I thought I had a good time there and why it couldn’t get longer. But I was clear that I had to go. It could not be a problem for anyone. My career allowed me to choose goodbye day and I did it. I was afraid to spend a year in doubt, if they called me or didn’t call me anymore. Camacho also left. Standing ballGracious. “A phenomenon”Camacho “A very prepared uncle.”Raul “A 9 in everything. I had to have enjoyed those four years. ”Luis. “I learned a lot from him and enjoyed.”Forest. “An older brother”Sergio Ramos. “It has broken all the common sense of statistics.”Pique. “He and Sergio have been the two best centers in the history of Spanish football.”Iniesta “Brutal quality. It couldn’t be that it was so good. ”Xavi “His rhythm has marked an era. When I started to spin it was that everything was controlled. ” “It always gave us the feeling that we were going home when we were better. We were not beaten by football but by head ” -It was face or cross and cross came out.-And if I had left face I would also be here with you and explaining the same. When I make the decision to be a coach I make the decision that at the end of the World Cup I leave the Federation. What I do mean is that when I returned from the World Cup, when I went on vacation, people had an exemplary behavior with me on the street. Thank you.-The team was very affected by everything that happened-Everything shows when you change your coach in those circumstances. Tomás Ondarra -In all facets of which we speak you closed the door on the outside. It must be one of the few Spaniards that conjugates the verb to resign. It’s a weirdo.-Do not. I am guided by sensations. As a player, he finished the World Cup in Korea and Japan and was 35 years old. I didn’t see myself in another qualifying phase with another 10 or 12 games. Nothing better than closing a cycle with a World Cup. Depart and not be a problem for anyone. The Federation and Camacho knew it six months before. I did it for love and respect.Then, as a sports director, I left for two reasons: one because I wanted to try other things in my life and the second because I wanted to change many things and in the Federation then they were not used to changes. We had to update ourselves to the world in terms of organization and professionalization. JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS) -To the worst we enjoy it when I spend another long time without winning, as had happened before.-Yes, with time yes. Unfortunately we will realize when all the members of that selection disappear, there are few left. We would have to pay tribute to them. Gather all that generation. Put by post all were among the three best in the world. They were very normal, reasonable people. They had fun playing soccer. They enjoyed what they did. They transmitted commitment, effort, solidarity. We work as a team, not as a selection. And for this the figure of Vicente del Bosque was very important.-Time Tunnel. Let’s travel to your first game with the national team.-I was in the service after a training with Valladolid and they told me to stop by the club that they were calling me urgently. I found out that way. I debuted later against Poland in Riazor. 23 minutes I entered by Andrinúa.-And suddenly he finds himself going to the World Cup of 90.-Yes. I had no hope. I was wrong. I was 22 years old. That was a daily Master. I didn’t play, but I soaked everything. I could only be grateful to Luis Suarez. It was a prize. I would have liked to play even if it had been three minutes, but gratitude reigned. I trained, trained … just in case. He gave me no explanation. He was a man of few words. I began to realize what the National Team was …– It says it by that appearance of all the equipment before the Press after the first party…-For example. It was after a draw against Uruguay. You were there and saw all the players sitting on the stage. It was hard times. I said where I have gone. That was the high level. It was tremendous.-After the parenthesis of 92, comes his big night: the goal to Denmark in Seville and the pass to the US World Cup.-That was my big day yes. It was only worth the victory. A few minutes later we were left with one less for the expulsion of Zubi. Cañizares leaves. It was a wonderful night. I remember my goal, but also what people supported. As an anecdote I will say that when I got home, the answering machine had a hundred and one peak of messages and missed calls. There was no mobile, of course.-The World Cup arrives and the newspaper archive says it did not play the decisive match against Italy …-Do not. I did not play it. I had some discomfort in the abductor and between Javi (Clemente) and the doctor decided not to start. I played the last half hour. I never asked Javi why he didn’t put me and that we had a great relationship. But he left me out.-He lived closely the elbow of Tassotti to Luis Enrique …-Yes, it was a blow. It was once again bumping into our wall, our top. The opportunity of Julio Salinas and then the counterattack in which they put us in the goal. Many times we told ourselves that the day we passed rooms, we would fly. Every time the quarterfinal came, we looked at each other and told ourselves this movie and we have seen it many times. We looked at the suitcase, it was all pure victimhood. As always we got here … It was the feeling of the whole team. We knew how far we could go. But that was not our top. We were better. We lacked a great victory. We thought the day would come that we would win a penalty shootout. -He drools …-It is for this, it was four years very big and I think we do not enjoy enough. We did not know how to enjoy. Perhaps because of the immediacy of the titles and because football does not stop. We did not realize what we were doing. What that team gave off. The world of football felt affection, respect and admiration for us. “We were the mirror in which everyone looked at each other. He felt affection, respect and admiration for us. We transmitted commitment, effort, solidarity ” -And as a coach?-I understood that I had already been a sports director for a year in very difficult conditions, three presidents … I know why I went and I know why I left. And I understood that I could not stay again as a sports director after being a coach. I could not go on. Everyone was going to look at me differently and although I had a contract until Qatar 2022, it was best to leave.-From everything, it remains with its stage of player. Deep down you never ceased to be.-Yes. The best is obviously to be a player, but I really enjoyed the four years of sports director with the three titles. When I got to that position, people told me that I wasn’t going to have much work, but I did have content. Not only was it the absolute, they were all other selections with their respective Championships; Territorial, FIFA, UEFA … They were extraordinary years. Every day I learned a new thing. Everyone wanted to see us. We were everyone’s mirror for what we got. We won everything with all the selections … – How it occurs to him in the last party to seat Iniesta, his pretty boy?-I talked to Andres before. It was the only player I told him in the rally that he was not going to play. It was not easy. I understood that the party was going to ask us for something and that we were going to need Andres later, or if there was an extension. It was just a soccer decision. It was not a punishment. As a coach I understood that in the last half hour I could win the game. So clear. I felt worse than him, sure. He was convinced that Russia was going to lower his physique and there we would find his space and freshness. We ended up playing with Rodrigo, Isco, Iniesta and Aspas, four strikers. And the sides. I felt for Andrés and I feel adoration.center_img JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS) JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS) “I thought Julen had to go on. In my case, either I accepted to be a coach or I had to go home ” -Along the arbitration of Al Gandour, he does not believe that Spain should have won Korea, yes or yes.-After the game, I left the last of the field and after all I told myself that we had lost the great opportunity. We play well. If we had got one … They are human errors, but they are sensations. What humbled me was that in the field change in extra time we were going to drink water to the band and not let us and the Koreans were drinking. That gesture of the referee could go unnoticed, but for us it was conclusive. That’s why we ride in anger. Why not us? That feeling makes me think. That then is silly, because in the end we all drank water.–In the time since he retired from the player until he returned from sports director, he had found a logical explanation of why his different teams had never won anything.-There was no logical explanation. Neither I nor anyone could have it. We tried but the time came when we couldn’t, we couldn’t. It was more head than game. They did not eliminate us because the rivals were superior to us.-And how many heads of so many players from so many generations could agree to fail at the right time?-Because we all thought about what had happened to us the previous time. I do not know what situations occurred but we always thought of the worst. If there was a penalty shootout, something happened; If a match was reached well, something happened and when it happens four or five times in a row, you think that this is not for us. It was not a bad day, two years later another bad day, and so on. No. He didn’t throw us football, they gave us circumstances. They were not football defeats.-And everything ends in 2008-Yes and exactly it was in the penalty shootout against Italy. That is why the next game against Russia we play the best game in a long time. A show. The time had come and for those players who had been with me on the field, the Casillas, Xavi, Puyol … and they say this is our moment. And it was.-He comes to the position of sports director and the first thing he has to do is appoint a coach. Luis announces that he is leaving for several months.– He sends me the timing. With all due respect in the world I had to get ahead. I knew it could be done better or worse. But I had to do it fast and that was no disrespect for the professionals. Unfortunately it had to be that way. I had to look for a coach. React. And I decided to choose Del Bosque and present his name to the Federation.–The months of living with Luis Aragonés were hard, right.– I have very good memories of Luis. They were not easy months, they were not, but it was not what the people said. It was not that run-run that was said. When the Federation tells him that he will sign me as a sports director, Luis says that he is delighted with life, that perfect. From there, the first day I feel with him and his team, the first thing he told me was that the absolute selection was his plot and that he was in charge there, that he didn’t want to know anything about the other divisions. I, then, became very involved with the lower categories. I understood that the A ’was very much of the coach and he was right. It was true. Then we maintained a correct relationship. We had our long conversations talking about many things. My feeling is that I with him was respectful in his subject of coach. He had his personality and I had mine. He did not understand the figure of the sports director for the absolute selection. He wanted to be only a coach, that was his territory, his land and the “little ones” he didn’t want to know much.– He arrives at the World Cup in Russia as a sports director and finishes as a coach.– Three days after starting the competition, I had to do what I did. For responsibility and for many other things. I only had that way: say yes or come to Spain. I could not stay there if I was not as a coach. You had to try to make that flow.-Rubiales disavowes him when he dismisses Lopetegui. You did not agree with that decision.-I didn’t agree with many things. I thought Julen had to go on. What had happened happens in football in all areas, with players, coaches … It was very clear, or I accepted or turned. And at that moment I understood that Spanish football could not do that. Knowing that he had much more to lose than to win. The image of Spain could not be that. What happened had never happened before a World Cup. Never. You have to see yourself in there, as I was, without a coach. The president’s decision was that I had to assume it. I did not propose to anyone. I accepted It is my way of being. I was convinced of what I had to do. JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS) -In Eurocopa 96, it didn’t happen either.-Neither. We played a great game against England, but we failed on penalties. We always had the feeling that we were going home when we were playing better. I have given many laps to the penalty that I failed. I wanted to pull hard, I wanted to throw it there, at the head of the goalkeeper. On vacation everyone reminded me of it. It was a difficult summer. By Fernando Ruíz Hierro (Vélez-Málaga, 23-3-1968). Player, captain, sports director and coach. The selection is Fernando Hierro FC. The appointment is in a very soccer hotel in Madrid, the Monterreal, where for a long time he concentrated with Real Madrid. Play on known terrainWhat remains for being in the Federation?-President. Just kidding … It’s not easy being international. Then I was lucky to be the first sports director of the RFEF and then a coach. I am a unique case in Spanish football. I feel very proud. I always loved defending that shirt. They are 18 years old. I always found myself comfortable. I liked. He always came back with desire. –We continue with the penalties. World 98, eliminated at the first exchange and also says a friend of his: Zubizarreta.-We had a bad day and went home. We already knew it was Zubi’s last game. I stayed with him in the field hugging him and thanking him for everything. And when I say goodbye he says: “I’m very sorry, now everything will go for you.” I knew he was telling me because the first captain was going to pass. Then in the shower I asked him what exactly he meant and he said “you will find out what it is to be a captain. You will have to solve everything. Has touched you. You don’t choose it. ”–Immediately, after the summer, comes the Cyprus match that costs Clemente, coach and soul friend.-It was a very hard night. There was great aggressiveness. We were leaving someone who had made a family with us. Javi was much more affectionate than it might seem. He respected people on and off the field. What happens is that he played, played with his press conferences, played with protecting us so that we would be untouchable. Everything already came from the Eurocup of England, which we live live. We told him that he didn’t need to defend us anymore, but he kept thinking we were his children and that he always had to help us. We saw that he was assuming a lot of criticism. Everything was focused against him. We were not touched. “I told Iniesta that I was not going to play against Russia. It was a soccer decision, not a punishment. I feel adoration for him. ” JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS) “In my time as a player, we came to the rooms and looked at the suitcase, it was pure victimhood” JAVIER GANDUL (DAILY AS)last_img read more