Apple sues teen who sold white iPhone 4 conversion kit to Steve

first_imgBack in November we regaled you with a tale of a teenage boy named Fei Lam from Queens, New York who had made $130,000 from selling white iPhone 4 “conversion kits” months before the actual white iPhone 4 was released. Even Apple’s own Steve Wozniak bought one. However, it looks like Apple wasn’t too keen on the profits the teen made off of the company’s trademark product, and has filed a lawsuit against Lam and his parents.Whether Lam’s parents were encouraging his illegal activities or not, they’re the ones who are paying for it since Lam is still a minor under their guardianship. Lam sold the conversion kits through the site, which, of course, is no longer up. He claimed that he was getting the parts from a secondhand relationship he had with someone at Foxconn in Shenzhen, China.AdChoices广告Things clearly were a little fishy as Foxconn is Apple’s manufacturing partner, so why would it be selling parts to a teenage boy in the U.S.? We’re not sure how Lam formed this relationship, but it resulted in him selling the white iPhone 4 parts as a conversion kit for up to $279 a piece.According to Cult of Mac, Apple claimed in its lawsuit that Lam had infringed and weakened its trademarks, and had engaged in “deceptive practices.” Apple said that the defendant knew at all times that Apple had never given permission to sell its white panels for the iPhone 4, and that Lam got these panels from sources that were unauthorized by Apple.Apple somehow obtained instant message conversations between Lam and Alan Yang, Lam’s supplier in China, which showed that Yang was having trouble at customs in Hong Kong due to trademark infringement suspicion.Oddly enough, Apple also filed a voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit at the same time it filed the original lawsuit. This could mean that the two parties have already reached a settlement. Apple has requested that Lam no longer sell the white iPhone conversion kits. He also has to give up all the profits he made, reimburse Apple for its legal costs, and  payback Apple with any other financial matters concerning this case.Via Cult of MacJennifer’s ThoughtsI’m a little surprised that there’s no mention of other legal repercussions on Lam’s end. Did the teen have to go to juvenile detention for this? Will it go on his record? When minors get in trouble with the law for something as small as stealing a couple of candy bars, it can go on their records and affect the jobs and colleges they apply for. Does Lam not have any other repercussions besides the monetary parts of the settlement?Also, do you think it’s fair that Apple filed the lawsuit on the teen, or should it have left Lam alone?last_img read more