Mystery in Arabia –

first_imgThe novelty of the competition, the stage and the environment surrounding the game, far from the thrust that the teams give their respective stadiums makes tonight’s encounter is an open book with a more uncertain ending than ever. A mystery.Neither team has given enough reasons to stand today with the status of a favorite in the semifinal. Barcelona is indecipherable except for the fact that away from home it offers more than mediocre records. But technically, the game is not going to play away from home. Moreover, despite being disputed in neutral territory, everything indicates that King Abdullah stands will be populated mostly by Barcelona supporters. Important fact, because the difference of Barça as a local or as a visitor of a time to this part means the difference between day and night.For its part, Atletico does not reach the game with a service sheet that allows him to breastfeed, but his symptoms of improvement are evident regarding the start of the championship. He has consolidated his game despite continuing to have that lack of a goal that has penalized him so much in the first part of the championship. New and strange scenario for Barcelona Y Atlético de Madrid keep writing a story that has become a tough rivalry in recent years in which the Madrid team has gone ahead of the Real Madrid in the persecution of Barça in The league. In Jeddah (8:00 p.m., Movistar) Barcelona and Atlético must decide what value they give to the first game of this new competition format (follow the match live on teams have written a legend that has gone from starring in crazy matches in which the goals were secured to a new era in which the strategy, contention and goal economy rules. For a long time now, in these matches, the strikers are not imposed on the defenses as was the norm of these duels that offered unlikely results.last_img read more