ED raids Kolkata jewellery house for money laundering

first_imgKolkata: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday raided various locations and office premises of Shree Ganesh Jewellery House here in connection with a Rs 2,672 crore money laundering case, an official said. “Our officials have started search operations at 11 locations including Shree Ganesh’s office premises and residences of its senior officials in the city,” an ED official said. The agency has been investigating the case under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed Based on a complaint of defrauding a consortium of banks led by the State Bank of India (SBI) for non-payment of loan to the tune of Rs 2,672 crore, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had earlier commenced an investigation against the company. Subsequently, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had, in June 2018, arrested Nilesh Parekh, the promoter of the company in the alleged diversion of primary gold of over 1,700 kg. According to DRI officials, the firm having several units in Manikanchan Special Economic Zone (MKSEZ), Kolkata, was allegedly involved in diversion of gold imported duty free on the strength of being a nominated agency and also in its capacity as an SEZ unit. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata Bose “Currently, Parekh is on an interim bail and there was restriction on his movement outside of the city. We are in process of finalising a charge sheet against him, which will be filed soon,” a DRI official told IANS. During investigations, the agency found the accused to “be actively involved in the fraud of diversion of primary gold of over 1,700 kg among other violations like non-realization of remittance on account of export of gems and Jewelleries to the tune of Rs 7,500 crore” to the several dummy and shell companies at Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.last_img read more

Woman refuses to buy smart phone son sets her on fire

first_imgKolkata: A 17-year-old boy allegedly set his mother on fire by pouring kerosene on her at Sulunguri in New Town on Monday night.The victim was rushed to R G Kar Medical College and Hospital in a critical condition. Police have arrested her son under Sections 307 IPC (attempt to murder) and 326 IPC (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means). The boy was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board, Bidhannagar, and was sent to a home for 14 days. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThe boy lived with his mother and the father lived separately. Locals alleged that he used to mistreat his mother. Recently, he asked for a smart phone which his mother could not afford. However, he kept forcing his mother to buy him a smart phone. On Monday night, when she strictly refused to his demand, he allegedly beat his mother. Later, he poured kerosene on her and set her on fire. The woman gave a statement at the hospital.last_img read more

BJP will not come back to power CM

first_imgBankura/Purulia/Kharagpur: Accusing Narendra Modi of talking nonsense as he is suffering from fear of defeat, Trinamool Congress supremo said the death knell of BJP will be sounded on May 23, the day when the Lok Sabha election result is declared.Addressing a mammoth rally in Bankura on Thursday afternoon, she clearly indicated that BJP will not come back to power in Delhi and said: “Modi is talking nonsense as he is suffering from the fear of defeat and the death knell of BJP will be sounded on May 23.” Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAt Purulia, Banerjee challenged Modi to prove that his party leaders are involved with the coal mafia as alleged by him. “The Central Industrial Police Force (CISF) guards the coal mines which are under the Ministry of Coal and BJP leaders are its agents. Instead of blaming them, Modi is blaming us. If he can prove that any of my leaders are involved in the matter, I will withdraw the candidature of 42 candidates but if he fails to prove his allegation, he will have to tender apology and do 100 sit-ups holding his ears.” Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateIn Bankura, Banerjee alleged that to please Modi, seven-phase elections are being held in Bengal. “It is impossible to bear the heat but still polls are being conducted so that Modi can come and address election rallies. He is least bothered about the people who are suffering from unbearable heat and incredible stressful conditions.” Banerjee said that BJP had used power to hold Modi’s meeting in Bankura. “There are 50 owners of the land and out of them only 17 had allowed the party to hold the meeting. BJP used force to hold the rally at the venue,” she said. The Chief Minister further added: “Modi had influenced police to get clean chit in Godhra and Gujarat riot incidents.” She also alleged that BJP workers threw chairs and bottles at the police. “Modi babu, this is your culture and not ours. Such incidents do not happen in the meetings of Trinamool Congress leaders,” she said. Banerjee added: “He does not know about our culture and heritage. He says that I do not allow Durga Puja in Bengal. More than one lakh Durga Pujas are held and more than one crore Saraswati Pujas are organised throughout Bengal. He is so shameless that he does not do any homework before addressing the election meetings.” Banerjee urged people to vote for party nominees Subrata Mukherjee, former state minister for Panchayats and Rural Development in Bankura and Mriganka Mahato in Purulia. “Your one vote will help Trinamool to consolidate its position in Delhi and help to form a stable, secular and pro-development government.” Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday hailed his Banerjee as a “Bengal tigress” and said she had “taught a lesson” to the Prime Minister. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief attended her election rally in Kharagpur in support of her party’s Lok Sabha candidate Manas Bhunia.last_img read more

SSKM doctors conduct rare surgery to remove foreign object from boys chest

first_imgKolkata: A team of doctors conducted a rare surgery and saved the life of a six-year-old boy at SSKM Hospital on Sunday.According to sources, the patient identified as Rohit Dolui of Daspara at Ghatal in West Midnapore was suffering from cough, fever and breathlessness since last three years. Despite he was treated by several doctors, none could identify exactly what was the problem. In every occasion, when he fell sick with symptoms of fever, nausea, cough and breathlessness doctors reportedly prescribed antibiotics and other medicines but failed to Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamatadetect the actual cause of the problem. Rohit’s mother Manabi had informed doctors that her elder son said Rohit had swallowed something three years ago but no doctors could find any foreign object inside his chest. Since May this year, Rohit’s condition started deteriorating. Recently Manabi took him to a doctor at Panskura who advised her to take him to some hospital in Kolkata. On Saturday, Manabi brought her son to SSKM Hospital. After preliminary check, concerned doctor had a look on the ‘Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy’ report and found something is stuck on the lower right part of the lungs. Immediately X-ray and other necessary examinations were done. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateFollowing the tests, doctors decided to operate on Rohit’s chest to remove the foreign object. A medical team was set up under the leadership of ENT head of the department Arunava Sengupta. On Sunday, after almost a hour of surgery doctors successfully removed a small object made out of plastic from Rohit’s chest. According to doctors, this case was very rare case as the boy was carrying a foreign object almost adjacent to his lungs since the past three years. This could have been fatal if the object remained inside for a few more days. According to doctors, Rohit’s condition was stable and he had been kept under observation.last_img read more

Grandparents play big role in kids screen addiction habits

first_imgWhile parents usually take the blame for spoiling their kids by letting them spend huge amounts of time with high-tech electronics, grandparents are to be equally blamed for screen addiction in children. Grandparents have long been associated with letting their grandchildren do things their parents would never permit, such as extended bedtime, too much television time, and carefree fun. In the study published in the Journal of Children and Media, researchers found that today’s grandparents are still true to their traditional fun-loving image – allowing their grandchildren, while under their supervision, to spend about half of their time on a mobile phone, tablet, computer or TV. The study reviewed the experiences of 356 grandparents of children aged 2-7 who take care of their grandchildren at least once per week and found that during an average four-hour visit, the children spent two hours either watching videos or playing games on electronic devices. Most of the experts suggest that grandparents should restrict technology use by setting simple rules for screen time when babysitting. This is particularly needed when children bring a device from home and expect to watch even more. The unconditional love-shower of parents and grandparents can go to the point of spoiling children, said Pallavi Joshi, Clinical Psychologist at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute in Delhi. “Over the past few years, grandparents’ responsibilities for their grandchildren have increased due to changes and issues in families and society. “If we focus particularly at the extreme amount of screen time the kids devote to the idiot box (TV), parents and grandparents may be blamed for the same, as they do not oppose this habit,” Joshi told IANS. “It’s just another sweet way for them to spend more time with children. But this habit should be kept in check before it becomes an issue,” she added. Increased screen time may critically impact a child’s development and have several negative consequences; it can stimulate the way a child behaves, even in the long run, as well as make them less physically active. Now, not all screen time is detrimental, but families need to develop limited, healthy screen habits. “Gadgets have started replacing traditional ways of engaging with children at home. Even with grandparents at home, it is getting increasingly difficult to curtail the screen time for young children. A lot of grandparents are unaware of the effects of excessive screen time,” a Child Psychologist said. We need to educate grandparents about the impact of technology on children’s lives and on its proper use that will benefit them.last_img read more

The First HighlyDetailed Maps of the Moon from the Father of Lunar

first_imgSince the beginning, people have looked up at the moon and wondered. Early gazers may have thought the Moon was inhabited or that it somehow played a part in our fate. Polynesians of the Pacific said that the moon was a creator goddess named Hina, the Greeks believed the moon was the goddess Artemis, sister of Apollo, the Romans called it Luna, and the Japanese believed that the moon was a god with powers of clairvoyance. There was also the green cheese theory.The far side of the Moon is sometimes called the “dark side” of the Moon, as most of it is not visible from Earth due to tidal lockingMoonlight was considered at one time to be dangerous and could drive one mad. According to a forum Myth Encyclopedia, in the 11th century, English philosopher Roger Bacon wrote, “Many have died from not protecting themselves from the rays of the moon.” Interest increased when Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius published the first atlas of the Moon in 1647 – all without the use of any high-powered telescopes.  If fact he is considered the last astronomer to do major work without the use of a telescope. He eventually used a huge Keplerian telescope with a wood and wire tube he constructed himself.Hevelius, born in 1611 in Gdańsk, Poland spent his early years studying with German astronomer, mathematician, and polymath, Peter Krüger.Johannes HeveliusHe was a brewer by trade and had studied law, but, upon the death of Krüger in 1639, Hevelius decided to become a full-time astronomer with his main focus on the Moon. Coming from a wealthy brewing family, he was able to put his full attention to his work. He built an observatory on the roof of his house and, later on, filled it with telescopes such as the large Keplerian telescope with a 150-foot focal length and other astronomy tools calling it Sternenberg or the “Star Castle.” However, even amidst pressure from colleagues to rely more on telescopes, Hevelius always maintained he could get just as accurate mappings simply with a quadrant and alidade.Woodcut of Hevelius’ 46 m (150 ft) focal-length telescopeHis star castle became the go to place in Europe for stellar astronomy and was visited by the Polish Queen, Marie Louise Gonzaga; Polish King, John III Sobieski; and Edmond Halley of Halley’s Comet fame. King John was so impressed he allowed Hevelius and his family to run their brewery tax free to enable more resources for celestial study.Related Video: Apollo Moon Dust Bag Sells For $1.8m At New York AuctionFor several years, Hevelius sketched the moon every night and the next day engraved the images into copper for a print plate. In 1647, he published the nearly 500 page Selenographia, sive Lunae descriptio (Selenography, or A Description of The Moon), complete with 137 pictures from the copper plates.Peter Crüger’s azimuthal quadrant, completed by HeveliusWhile he wasn’t the first to document the moon, his drawings contained more detail than anyone had seen before. He was the first to include the entire surface that is visible from Earth, and, from studying lunar eclipses, Hevelius was the first to determine how to map longitude. Astronomy historian Albert Van Helden tells us on CityLab that Hevelius managed the amazing feat of showing details of the moon in all phases in his engravings.Johannes Hevelius – notes on a cometThe book also contained three large plates, each showing the full moon in different ways: one view is as the moon looks through a telescope, one view uses geographical conventions like a mapmaker might use, and the third map is a synthesis illuminating all the lunar features.Hevelius map of the moon 1647According to Forbes, Pope Innocent X highly respected the book’s information, but he wished it hadn’t been written by a heretic (Hevelius was Lutheran). Hevelius named many of the landscape features, including a mountainous region called the Alps, and several of the names are still in use today, including a crater he named for himself.Map of the moon from ‘Selenographia, sive Lunae descriptio’, 1647Not only did Hevelius document the moon in great detail, he also discovered ten new constellations, identified four comets, and wrote several other books on astronomy. He built better and better telescopes, created star charts, invented the pendulum clock, and improved on the sundial.Hevelius map of the moon 1645Hevelius’s wife, Elisabeth Koopman, was a partner in his work and became an astronomer of some renown on her own merits. She published his star catalog in 1690, three years after Hevelius’s death; the catalog has been kept at Brigham Young University since 1971.Read another story from us: 4 Billion-Year-old Rock from Earth Discovered on the MoonSeveral copies of Selenographia sive Lunae descriptio still exist, including one in the Huntington Library near Los Angeles, another at the Hubble telescope observatory, and one in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University. There were about 1,000 first editions printed that now command about $50,000 each.last_img read more

Protests erupt in Charlotte over police shooting

first_imgWe do sports, but every morning we bring you the most interesting non-sports stories across the headlines to start your day. It’s our news page. It’s Stick to Sports for today, September 21, 2016.Protests erupt in Charlotte over police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.Protests break out after Charlotte police fatally shoot a black man https://t.co/pslsPjIldb pic.twitter.com/Ck4l01ct8N— The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) September 21, 2016 Advertisement Details flying as Brangelina files for divorce.#Brangelina split amid rumours of drugs, affair and clash over parenting https://t.co/PXToDLQmAi pic.twitter.com/jaOXUoOFuZ— The Times of London (@thetimes) September 21, 2016 Hollywood movie homes currently for sale.Living the Hollywood high life: movie homes up for sale https://t.co/yVZs0Zc90K— The Guardian (@guardian) September 21, 2016 Back II the Future II power-shoelaces are finally here.#Nike #BacktotheFuture Inspired Power-lacing Shoes Revealed. But where is my real life #HoverBoard https://t.co/9pRiI5oOQB— Steven Romo (@stevenromo) September 21, 2016 RIP L.A. Confidential and 8-Mile director Curtis Hanson.‘8 Mile,’ ‘L.A. Confidential’ director Curtis Hanson dead at 71 https://t.co/pBvJnuAgFX— Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) September 21, 2016center_img If you hate your arteries, have a Hamdog. Pokemon Go player robbed live on livestream. Scientists discover source of light to mysterious space blob. Aliens?Researchers say they have uncovered the secret behind the eerie light of a mysterious glowing “blob” in outer space.https://t.co/CTCBRnyn1S pic.twitter.com/rKn0XTRRwi— NPR (@NPR) September 21, 2016 ICYMI: Protesters in #Charlotte looted a semi truck and set stuff on fire along highway pic.twitter.com/hz3LwUl4EH— Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) September 21, 2016last_img read more

Colin Goodbye Kanye hello Jerry Westbrook Video

first_img Nobody saw this coming, here’s his full rant. Advertisement Russell Westbrook blew Colin’s mind last night and it wasn’t because he got his 578th triple double. It was because he played a disciplined, efficient game and showed an understanding of playing with tempo. not just going 110 mmiles per hour for 48 minutes.Colin absolutely loves this Westbrook. For today, he isn’t Kanye, he’s the new NBA logo, Jerry Westbrook. Kanye Westbrook is an all-star, Jerry Westbrook is an all-time talent.“Today, I’m changing his name to Jerry Westbrook. Disciplined. Logo. Good teammate. Formidable. Played with others. So, the new NBA logo, for a day, is Jerry Westbrook. I loved what I saw last night, and it had nothing to do with a triple double.”Colin just hopes Westbrook doesn’t revert to Kanye when he plays James Harden and the Rockets coming up. Colin loves Jerry Westbrook.last_img read more

VIDEO Tony Romo drills 40foot birdie putt in PGA Tour debut

first_img Advertisement Tony Romo is making his PGA Tour debut, playing under a sponsor’s exemption at the prestigious Corales Puntacana Resort and Club Championship in the Dominican Republic. So far, he’s not embarrassing himself.Romo is at even par through 10 holes, and scratched back to par with around a 40-foot birdie putt on the Par 4 5th. No one could have seen this coming, except for Romo who probably predicted he would nail the putt.Watch Romo rolling:last_img

Belichicks offseason moves say he wants to move on from Brady

first_imgBelichick’s offseason moves say he wants to move on from BradyBill Belichick has gotten rid of, or opted not to resign five offensive starters, and Colin thinks he’s dismantling Tom Brady’s supporting cast so he can eventually make the case to Robert Kraft to move on from Brady.Belichick was overruled by Kraft and forced into trading Jimmy Garoppolo last season, but if Brady struggles this year, he can argue that the 40-year old Brady is in decline and it’s time to make a change. LeBron lets the Raptors know he still owns themThe Raptors are the #1 seed in the East, but in their last two meetings against the Cavs, LeBron has made a point to ramp up the intensity and soundly crush them so they realize they don’t have a real shot to win the East. Most NBA regular season games are meaningless, but LeBron is clearly intent on sending the message to Toronto that the conference is off limits as long as he’s in Cleveland. Also:– Sean Mcvay and thee Rams passed on OBJ after vetting him– One play that represents the problem with Baker MayfieldGuests:Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Analyst is in-studio talking Cavs dominance over the Raptors; and if the Sixers are the second-best team in the East.Joel Klatt – Fox Sports College Football Insider is in-studio to explain why Colin is wrong on Baker Mayfield, and why a clip of Mayfield celebrating away from his teammates is misleading.Eric Mangini – Former NFL Head Coach is in-studio talking Baker Mayfield; Johnny Manziel blaming the Browns for his failure; and if Manziel’s latest slip up hurts his NFL prospects.last_img read more