Those things from the website traffic caused by the fluctuation caused by the

brings the flow of this part can be said that 80% is the core of the user site, and is our focus on the development of object. To improve the proportion of this part of the flow.

This part of 3. click on the link

brought traffic

now return to the US version of problems caused by traffic, what changes are likely to affect the web site traffic, as is to improve the flow, or reduce the flow, this is a test of operators "technology". Here is not to need operators need to understand the technology, but the operators need to understand "in the website after the need to pay attention to the problem, including before the revision, after the revision of the problem". read more

What kind of enterprises need to recruit Shanghai dragon how to recruit

so, what kind of enterprise need to recruit Shanghai dragon? Have editors, even with the technicians, but the ranking is not, must be out of the question of Shanghai Longfeng this time. There are many websites every day on the bidding investment is terrible, some natural ranking search output appropriate, will greatly reduce the expenses. Such enterprises usually need to recruit "medium" enterprise, Shanghai dragon. And those who just built a site, there is not any personnel responsible for the site, the most suitable is the annual payment, according to the single word "pay for outsourcing, outsourcing industry is now speaking of keywords, the water depth is more than 95%, service providers will not use formal approach to deal with, the ranking is up, then charges. Do not, without any loss to them, but the site itself may suffer punishment. read more

Five problems often encountered in the optimization of the entire station

do a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master in order to save their own research and development of a software, can easily push can be a release of information to multiple platforms, get many of the chain, radish feel this kind of software is only suitable to promote some relatively large portals, information, and most of them are original a lot of the chain increased, the short term is the search engine can accept, but some enterprises, some information is not updated too frequently or not to go to the site, radish feeling. Using this software, so as to avoid spending money to buy the software, but also not. read more

Analysis of cosmetics website of Shanghai Longfeng case target keywords


Korea cosmetics wholesale 150 love Shanghai ranked 61, Google ranked first page of

cosmetics wholesale network for 0

is a keyword competition is too fierce, spend a lot of time and energy, even money, no way to optimize.

from the ranking data, website ranking in Google is good, a little love in Shanghai in the.

imported cosmetics wholesale 100 love Shanghai ranked 52, Google ranked third page

cosmetics wholesale 600-800 love Shanghai ranked 215, Google ranked first page of

the following actual case analysis: how to determine the target keywords web page read more

Network marketing allow users to complete marketing experience in

some friends may say, I just don’t love fill in the Shanghai encyclopedia, when users enter search keywords in the search engines love Shanghai, also can show a lot of relevant information. That itself is not wrong, but love is the Shanghai encyclopedia you can control its own to display information and other information display the contents of a lot of uncertainty, even if you do not want users to see the information, then, according to the Shanghai love search engines display order, fell in love with the sea is usually displayed in the Encyclopedia of the front a few search results, so you can put your message through the love of Shanghai encyclopedia passed to a valid user, the user can also in the first time to fully enjoy the user experience. read more

How to make your website popular search engine

The Because the

search engine algorithm, to the webmaster, cry up wine and sell vinegar but also the scenery day has gone for ever. When users search for iPhone 4S mobile phone content, a theme is only related to search engine optimization website is not ranked, theme of the site must be clear.

The authority of the

website content completely by webmaster control, so the website can use the correlation of cheating means to fake. For example, in the discussion of key words being embedded with search engine optimization unrelated Shanghai Longfeng optimization article, and put these keywords as anchor text, link in the station outside the station and. But this method to create content by search engine is difficult to escape the fate of punishment. read more

Discussion on the three aspects of judgment is website promotion effect

website promotion of the word in the webmaster and not strange, as long as you have a website you need to do the promotion, but in general, the webmaster will be particularly concerned about whether it can bring obvious effect when doing promotions are. But if you want to extend the analysis is not to have the certain effect or whether the maximum impact, we need to analyze data, and this one is most of the webmaster headache, after all, many owners prefer to do more than a few chain to see a bunch of boring figures. But don’t see it not, therefore, according to the website promotion effect, is to make people happy and worry ah. Today I share a few simple methods to determine the site promotion effect: read more

Analysis what needs to be done to prepare before the line on the website

7, robots.txt

6, blank page

to determine their own web page title, then don’t site, found wrong changes frequently, easily lead to search engine drop right, so we must be included in the written before. There are pages written in title is standard, is not all one with a title of the important keywords are front.


specification within the page’s URL, this is also very important. If the problem is found, the URL of the website changes, also easily lead to search engine drop right. Specification for web site is to let each page only a web site can be opened, not a content has more than one. And within the page URL as short as possible, but also conducive to the inside pages of the rankings. read more

Decrypt the millions of traffic cattle station link strategy with love Shanghai outside the chain of

(link source distribution figure two: millions of traffic the station)

1, a variety of sourcesA


Shanghai dragon industry myth has always been come forth in large numbers, especially in recent years a large number of traffic overflowing cattle stations continue to challenge our common sense, these cattle station is how to rely on Shanghai dragon in just a few years or even a few months will flow to millions and millions of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix? Nothing more than links and content, have has many Daniel made incisive analysis from the contents before, but limited to link link query tool YAHOO has closed and the other Chinese link query tool is just query page, Bing data completely suck – for the cattle station external link analysis few people involved, but the love of Shanghai opened in November 22nd the whole network links Webmaster Tools query, using this tool, the author analyzed several recent high-profile cattle station, slightly from here with Share read more

24 hours of home white hat techniques decryption quick exhaust essence

One of the

brush out rate is fast row way, what is the bounce rate? The bounce rate refers to the only visited the entrance page (such as homepage) percentage visits and leave the total traffic generated. And out of the lower rate, indicating that the site is more outstanding. But there are some websites, the bounce rate can reach more than 90%, this is what causes? "Too slow, too, page advertising harassment can not find effective information, information, information is too old to adverse…… read more

Do more easily play the bidding bidding misunderstanding

second: the account of the word the more the better

once, some of our bidding specialist together talking, a lot of people complaining about every tune tune creative changes – adjustable price. Adjustable adjustable price words, or modify the creativity is a foundation for the bidding. Adjust the tone – adjustable price, modify the creative just to let users better for our promotion. But if you just in order to optimize the quality of optimization and optimization. Did you know, for your occupation is not enough. SEM, or straight bids, bosses look attention here, because it can reduce the cost of sales, get more benefits. Do now can tell the account: adjust the purpose is to reduce the cost of sales, to win more benefits. In addition, the bidding specialist must analyze data, grasp the key word optimization (recommend you to look at the "28 law"). read more

A5 group purchase to teach you how to build quality chain output quality content

, the content of the website

will be 1 topics to explain in the Shanghai dragon training also.


where the acquisition rules are written, through the collection, collection >

, how to build a web site outside of the chain.

for the love of Shanghai, the content is very important. Good content is directly reflected on the PV.

software is a powerful software DIY.

worm is soft, as one of the top China best Shanghai dragon software, how to play his greatest value, is a compulsory course for each user of the soft insect. read more

Crazy love Shanghai update let me understand how to do Shanghai Dragon

for a long period of time their sites have not been Baidu "time period" affect, at first I thought these are adhere to their original effect, but their website in update 6.28 has been greatly affected, almost pulled clean, this time I found in Shanghai Dragon 3 times, the content is no longer a panacea. First of all, the punishment for love Shanghai collection content increase, rely on this web site owners are able to escape the love of Shanghai K station, although I adhere to the original, but not a collection of web content is not possible, the content can be collected is such a point of the site was plucked, visible love in Shanghai means. Secondly, the website to provide more novel and valuable things to the user, and not what others do not have, want to attract more traffic to attract people with real content, rather than beautiful pictures, gossip or even false information, finally the site’s profit means should be appropriate, not blindly hanging on the site advertising, not only affect the user experience, but also make your own website brand is definitely affected, get short-term benefits. read more

A name card online production site optimization case

" name card online production of " the word from the perspective of competition index (300+) competitive, there are many websites with the home page to do the word ranking. But we will see a page in the row to the home page, in the third row. The following analysis of the website ranking is so good why.

The first kind of

fourth, we need to design tall on the name card.

page user experience is very good, is not only the text to meet the needs of users to search, in each category is in line with the user experience. For example, click on the first "self design", the following will be a lot of templates to choose, can own custom text, greatly reduce the user cost of communication. Choose a template, this single page can be printed. The user is satisfied, the next need to design a name card, will come to this page, keep the user ranking is a natural thing. read more

Analysis of Liu Huanbin’s Shanghai dragon VP tactics

I think this is perhaps the reason is Shanghai dragon VIP ranking in the home page, also is the priority among priorities. If there is no large number of clicks, I think Shanghai dragon VIP this site only by good ">

we look at Liu Huanbin said: "in addition, Shanghai dragon" Shanghai dragon training "keywords ranking within a day to the first place, it should be concerned with the click behavior. In December 5th, I published the case in micro-blog, attracting a large number of Shanghai Longfeng crowds, we use the mouse to Shanghai dragon voted, love Shanghai apparently understood everyone’s intentions, given the rankings." read more

Discussion on several mainstream and profitable Taobao customer mode

two, Taobao mall customer. The Taobao passenger is currently more common types, such as a pair of Taobao customers, Taobao mall and various customers. The Taobao guest website usually adopts API interface, automatic transfer of sales data on Taobao, so there is a similar Taobao user experience. So from a profit perspective, relatively large, but it is now Taobao were blocked from different extent, after all the way off Taobao seriously affected Taobao’s traffic, which is disadvantageous to the development of Taobao. So this kind of Taobao guest website in the choice must be careful, do not because of this Taobao guest website seems to sell a variety of products, and the user experience is also very good, on the choice of operation. Because once Taobao has been blocked, even do awake for others, it is difficult to obtain Taobao’s commission. read more

Finance collection 10 simple steps to help your startup finance smoothlyLet the effective method of

two, through the user’s enthusiasm to participate in making money, so that the site’s IP effectively precipitation at the same time making money, this is the way to make money.

2. think about what type of investment you need, and what will you pay for this investment?

1. creates a winning strategy

has convertible notes. When you convert the loan into a bill format, it will be converted into some mortgage assets on the basis of the price on the note. This conversion model has two distinct advantages: read more

10 golden rules do WangzhuanWangzhuan novice how to play according to the secret of success

short, want to become a successful Wangzhuan master must have a complete and their own lack of factual thinking mode, this as a novice should try to do so. Those who wish to do such work will succeed.

1: you have to remember to pay the same time and energy to do foreign station income is 3-5 times the domestic station, which is consistent with the level of economic development of the country. The 178 is to discuss the onhook Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, free Wangzhuan, adbux, Chinese Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan China, vote, tools, Wangzhuan alliance, foreign Wangzhuan, network to make money, make money online network part-time information of.0 S7 M2 F9 * o& 3 E6 p read more

Expose five of the worst advertising alliances in the countryHome improvement O2O into the second ha

This effect of

five sea advertising alliance, a US advertising alliance was born, this alliance than some practices we made more hateful, do not pay the Commission, but also do not say what, what goes everywhere everyday, the highest credibility, the Commission also never owed a webmaster to help them speak alliance evaluation. But who else will go in this way? My payment is up to no cheating, but they don’t pay. Contact their customer service, a customer service "five sea _ Hao song" said very well, every day that tomorrow must pay, mom, is such a lie Lao Tzu, and customer service 2: 443555511, fuck, this is not what the customer said, I ask what in the group when they pay. Take me out to the T group. The alliance, I believe, is worse than everybody else, and I’m sure he won’t be there soon. read more

Talk about nternet business insist on successFeel the mind stuck How can you have a breakthrough i

1, Alibaba Jack Ma

but breakthrough ideas often have some constraints, because it depends on whether the idea fits your company’s current situation. But even then, there are creative ideas and ways to help you overcome those constraints.

mentioned entrepreneurship, you can not help but talk about "adhere to."". While the majority of entrepreneurs to "adhere to the" two word opinion is highly consistent, the implementation is surprisingly similar, it can be said that the 99% have become "three minutes" or "keep on keeping on, just three hours." The next step is to make excuses for giving up and failing. It can be a law, money, team, industry. The original passion suddenly come to nothing, the head of the three thousand hair almost in one night will bleach, think of the countless nights, others in the number of stars, they looked at the Internet business success story, his mouth still talking about Robin Li, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other famous celebrities, those catchy inspirational slogans, why would come to nothing in an instant? In fact, our analysis will be Jingxiaxinlai seriously that they just got a little more than we insist, then became the difference between heaven and earth. Here, Xiaobian take a look at our current situation: read more