Quick success and instant benefit is the biggest taboo of standing

I want to publish this article only talk about personal feelings since I do stand, hope that the webmaster can have different opinions about the criticism and guidance, I will humbly accept (but not vulgar languages to attack, it would diminish your personal qualities)

it is undeniable that the development of the Internet has brought us a lot of convenience, but also created many millionaires, millionaires, which makes many new friends want to join the Internet business in the past, they are excited about the Internet entrepreneurship is, like a lot of friends, when I first joined the desire to achieve their own career in the Internet (big not to say, as long as they can feed themselves and their parents on the line) than it seems every day in the Internet, from the most simple HTML, then to ASPCSS learning, I feel the time is not enough, and there are many places do not understand then, every day to each big famous forum to post for help, six months down, I can know about, but also for some basic grasp, but what of it, you can make money on that day, also do not know Tao wasted much time, fortunately I have added a lot of old webmaster QQ, some of them are indeed very good, not only teach you to do more station technology, will teach you a man, I learned a lot from them, until now I still clearly remember a word – even if your website development is good, don’t be divorced from the masses, they will have no you don long today, don’t look down upon those who are new, new feelings is the most real. read more

The four step choose high quality host effectively improve the optimization effect

As the foundation and the foundation of the website operation,

plays a more and more important role in the website construction, production and optimization. From the user’s point of view, a fast loading, persistent, safe and stable operation of the site, can greatly enhance the user experience. Especially more and more impetuous now, more than five or six seconds can not load completed web site, basically was abandoned. So is the search engine, Google had already made it clear that the website loading speed into the site weight calculation and loading speed range, not only in the website weight assignment reflected in Google Adwords keyword advertising, will also be included in the quality calculation formula of loading speed. Google so, other search engines are the same, but did not explicitly say it. read more

Super simple way to get more than 50 thousand P per day

many owners want their station IP high up, I will introduce a method here, perhaps to help you, my blog is the webmaster also strange, I have two small, one is the moonlight, the other is a wizard of Warcraft website

women on the network but an important role in the excavation of the value of beauty will benefit you, which is to say that the use of beautiful women to achieve IP5 million days of creativity, as long as you insist on doing, 1 weeks will see the results.

soliciting Alice

the woman turned this forum a guy, but I want to collect advertisers sponsorship, the event called " XXX ", Tibet Forum; starting with Tibet, I have a cool, invite decent man walk cost by oneself, I QQ:…………… Interested friends, please leave their QQ number thread. read more

What do you attract customers by running a website

twenty-first Century today the Internet has become an indispensable element, you are no exception? In the face of such developed Internet users of the Internet industry competition has entered the white hot stage, all walks of life have appeared the typical website, living space more and more small grassroots webmaster.

I was born in rural areas, there is no high education, but also a grassroots webmaster, has also dreamed of winning a place in the Internet industry, I believe most webmaster have the same idea as I do. In 2005 the establishment of the first customers to start my career through the grassroots, middle is also a life of Amoy first pot of gold, then the transfer out of the site because I can’t see the real value of the site, all traffic almost all rely on search engines to repeat almost zero. Stand in the angle of the majority of Internet users or stand in the operator’s perspective on the market here, you will love what kind of website? The answer is very simple, is that we need to pay attention to what will be related to the type of web site. Many webmaster friends often love on the station, because the station owners need to see and learn something, if you pay attention to more than once the station you are back, this website is valuable to you, and you like the idea of people more station more valuable. There are many friends like to buy some groups to buy the site, because buy site can give people the price of the agent, this is the value of buy site. read more

Some experience and experience about building websites

some experience and experience about building websites

since the Internet has been a few years of history, in the online can be regarded as what the whole bar, but it seems to have not been the same long, ha ha, first do not talk about this, the following to cut into our topic!


ha ha, below I will grasp some experience and experience since the establishment of the station, and share with you, for your reference communication, if there is anything better, but also welcome criticism, correct! Ha ha read more

Adsense note Baidu began to intensify supervision for the Olympic Games

Baidu’s recent series of unusual moves, after nearly a month of observation, concluded that Baidu was buying insurance for itself,

first for those who do is edge ball website included to prevent the gates of fire affecting the fish Baidu seems to see the government face to act

secondly, Baidu has also added

this fully shows that this is not an accident, but Baidu felt a certain joint threat

related search is also removed, although in order to prevent everyone SEO, but more importantly, in order to avoid those prone to disputes in the Olympic Games during the impact of Baidu read more

Grassroots from the media blogs are how to make it

introduction: wildfire burning, spring breeze blowing again, we are from the media blog, like grass, only burned countless times, but still stand up will be successful!


grassroots, from the media blog, most of them are income, general life, but ambitious friends established. We have no background, no background, and no steady income, but we also hope to realize our dreams through the media.

a few days ago, my friend asked me, "how tall is your education?" I said. "I only went to junior high school. I set up a website, SEO, set up a shop, and I was self-taught by the media.". After listening to the net friend, a little admire me, I feel so arrogant, no education can do this. In fact, the network is really not difficult, without any technology you can learn. read more

How to avoid the trap of upgrade

rich uncle began to engage in Chinese click in 2007 to make money in the industry, in this click circle is still a small reputation, why is it called Mao Fu? Because Chinese click Wangzhuan the score is relatively low, only 11 Fen of the gross profit, so called Mao fu. Of course, there are many good points in the process, like seven paikin is a typical representative, later a Bux way to make money, click on the Chinese station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out the same station, because the cost is particularly low, a station of a CN domain of a yuan of money and space cost tens of dollars on completion of the. The cost is low, the time is quick, and the death is quick. read more

Enterprise website construction operation fund investment strategy

many corporate owners very confused, invested a lot of money but the income is not very good, how should the enterprise website planning funds, to get traffic and access more? Business website needs to invest, if not let investment corporate website is only then the site is as can be imagined, emerge of itself and perish of itself, and not to bring any benefits and income. Just as a person to eat, if you do not give him to eat, then he will get sick, if you give him to eat, but it is not the law so he will get sick, people only maintain regular three meals a day, so people will be very healthy. The same is true of website operation, which requires enterprises not only to take good care of them, but also pay attention to strategies in terms of input. read more

How to reduce the cost of dialogue booking costs to hospital costs three major costs

read an article about SEO on the Internet today, and what I was told about it was probably due to the fact that I was engaged in the website optimization of the medical profession. The cost of the three he mentioned: effective dialogue cost, cost, cost of appointment to the hospital, we have done detailed statistics and analysis in each marketing meeting, indeed as he said, the hospital no matter what kind of marketing, whether it is through what kind of way is around the three cost of the.

so today I would like to discuss with you how to effectively reduce these three costs, presumably this is what I and you are very concerned about a topic. Some of you may have seen it in front of me to write a medical website without drop right when it is at the end of Baidu and upstart medical industry personal view of the two articles, believe that after these two articles we are able to know the medical industry, SEO can be said to be almost killed by Baidu crippled by almost more than ninety percent of the hospitals are not in the medical website ranking achieved great breakthrough. read more

Enterprise Station SEO and marketing ideas

many companies put SEO and marketing into two departments such seemingly better management, in fact, is to weaken the competitiveness of the team, because SEO now is the core to meet the needs of the users and the marketing is based on this point, the two can only complement the function to the extreme, but not for their own business. Today, niche for everyone to share their own SEO and marketing combination of several ideas.

first, self positioning

regardless of whether you sell products or sell services, you have to make a self positioning, in order to better win customers’ recognition, the user’s needs can be broadly divided into two categories: read more

How can websites profit from non advertising alliances

aftertaste month 5000 website alliance years

remember, in October 04, I had an overseas Chinese community. In fact, is a mobile network community forum, hung a good domain name, placed in a brother’s server space. When the forum was first established, every day, many articles related to the big websites were posted up, and then they went to the various websites to study and immigration. It seems that at that time, Internet users do not think that my connection is virus. Anyway, every ad post will bring a lot of traffic. Slowly to the beginning of the 05 year, this forum has accumulated more than 3000 post; at that time, opened an Immigration Forum to communicate (actually I don’t know much about immigration related things, fortunately met a friend to be better, users put out) the issue of immigration in the above, but we can through the website timely reply to him. In this way, after the interaction, the site registered users quickly reached more than 1200 people. read more

Four key points in the process of successful operation of a website

who did the website operation can say the innumerable experiences, while in the previous site operations, most of them are starting with the UGC, but not really have a real profit in the end, this paper mainly discuss when to do operations, do what needs to help the students walk the website operation farther.

1. only fast not broken

for example, the first look at the Tencent sports channel operating mode, when the end of the game, as the operator to do is to discuss after the quote lists at the end of the game after half a minute, and then immediately put on the home page. On the home page, there will be a lot of traffic to discuss the post, and then further competition data, video and tidbits posted up, the whole process should not be more than 2 minutes. Since the end of the game, when the user is the most excited sports, they urgently need some content to continue their excitement, this is like drinking, drink a cup of a cup again, do the operation too, better ability to refill. read more

How to enhance the readability of web content

core tip: the most important aspect of web design is the readability of your web site. Readers come to your website to read what they care about, and if the content of the article is hidden by the design, which makes it difficult for readers to read, it will only keep them away from your web site.

1, underline

for your link

readers look forward to seeing underlined links, so don’t let them down.

2, use the appropriate line height

for the text in the paragraph

a fast, simple way to measure the line height by using the size of the font in the paragraph. Ideally, the line height is about 1.5 times the font size. read more

Micro business master did it three

introduction: This article is very suitable for preparing micro business friends to read, but I think the most valuable part in the second half, I finally know how others do it one-way, the moment can reach thousands of reasons.

"I’ve watched a lot these days,"

articles on micro business, most of which are small sellers complaining of no business, and some doing better in sharing their micro business experience,

, but in the end or leave a WeChat, this I don’t say you all understand, read more

1500 yuan is withholding on site earnings by Alliance shameless deduction

recently. I was a domestic union shameless deduction of more than 1500 yuan, although not much money, but it really makes people angry!!!

wrote it to keep us from being evil!!!

 : replay: (first,


chargeback is not the game pool alliance.. Don’t fall for it again…

, this is

from March 1st to 10

, this is 3. 11 to 3. 31 days of

below is from 1 to April April 9th..

the total amount is 1538 yuan.

I’m calling the game library’s custom ad. One thousand clicks 15 yuan. read more

nternet veterans subvert the traditional baking industry do O2O cake brand annual revenue of 80 mi

‘s baking market across Shanghai was 10 billion, while Wu Zifeng, an Internet invader, cut tens of millions of dollars in revenue in just six months. He said he was "bring doctrine", learning Jobs and Lei Jun, the explosion in the Internet, fans, economic, interactive, extreme products and other thinking into the traditional cake field, brought subversion.

Wu Zi a "pure Internet concept of cake brand" thinking mode of reconstruction of the Internet, in the traditional baking industry to create a new model, his "ultimate cake" now the monthly sales of 3 million, this year’s revenue is expected to reach as high as 80 million. read more

Lu Songsong price website shopping experience

click the favorites in the "price", out of every mall on the price of 550D, Amazon, suning.com, Jingdong it is a price, it is only 10 dollars cheaper, the most beautiful table cheating, you spent 200 yuan, but no impulse.

has installed the plug-in, online shopping is convenient for many, at any point to open a store ", point favorites than price, all the different sites of similar goods prices will come out, and it can get the lowest price of the first order, allowing users to have a more affordable choice. read more

ndustry website experience a program chapter

            the current industry of many sites, swept all walks of life, you may think that others do, their little hope of doing, and I don’t think that, because there are some loopholes in the industry or very few people do, even if someone is doing, does " waste ". As long as you do. Stick to it, certainly to have the harvest, I now put this 3 years experience of the station operation industry and share the following


1: program function is not necessarily more, but to be practical, for the industry customers to get users, such as I do this industry site, part of the majority in the age above 30 years old, the function is very complicated, they don’t understand, remember to do a verification code, need to move the mouse to the input box to show the verification code, looks like a very simple question, but many users do not know how to get a call: read more

Article type website initial stage of operation eight methods

I called the

website, refers to other news, forum outside papers, writing class, and all other articles in the blog as the main content of the website, for example, the author of the secretarial nets the YISHION station letters text content form, is a typical type of the site, in fact, text is a necessary way to search, all kinds of links, but also one of the most important ways, in essence, the other does not belong to the type of website also draw attention to the advanced practice station, the station get better promotion. Since the creation of about a month since the Secretary visits every poet, is on the rise, ad traffic is increasing, so that some pages of the web site in the search engine has included many webmaster, how to promote the site early site, talk about experience and personal experience, the website of letters long secretarial station initial operation and summarized eight methods, hope and you learn together. read more