Letters to the Editor for Thursday, June 20

first_imgIsrael letter reveals a lot about writerJames Van Dijk’s June 15 letter attacking Israel is instructive in a macabre, Nazi sort of way. When a person comes right out and says a sovereign nation should cease to exist,  and it happens to be the nation of the Jews, it really makes you think. Funny how the letter writer doesn’t also come right out with a solution for where Israel’s 7 million Jews are supposed to go.Jessica Hornik EvansAlplausTrump not getting credit he deservesI, for one, am tired of CNN, CBS, MSNBC and 90 percent of the newspapers constantly putting President Trump down. Is President Trump a perfect president? No he’s not. But if you look at the good things he has done, lowest unemployment, high GDP, brought more jobs back to this country than any other president before him. Also the best raise on Social Security, then he’s the best president we have had in many years. Does the news give him any credit at all? No, none.Also, all the Democrats do is fight him all the way. The border is a mess. If the Democrats get in power, all the good that Trump has done will be undone. And if America goes socialist, only God will be able to help us. Remember, nothing is free. Someone always pays, and we will lose all our rights.Also, The Gazette should give a whole page for people’s opinions. Oh, but that would take away the left’s agenda.It seems to me The Gazette leans way to the left and favors the Democratic party. I noticed in the May 7 edition all the opinions were people knocking our president. That’s right, our president. Like it or not, he is the president and has done more for this country in two years than Obama did in eight. The Democrats keep saying Obama started the recovery. What a bunch of baloney.Tony MonteDuanesburgZlotnick, Isachsen Kerr team for MiltonI support Benny Zlotnick, Barbara Kerr, and Ryan Isachsen for the town of Milton because of their trustworthiness, responsiveness, and vision. Zlotnick has been approachable, genuine, insightful and honest both as a council member and as a volunteer in Scouting. He has my trust to keep taxes low while making sound decisions. Kerr has been a vocal supporter of the town’s purchase of Camp Boyhaven as she, like Mr. Zlotnick, saw it as a rare opportunity to secure beautiful park land to benefit the well-being of current and future Milton residents. I support Mr. Isachsen based on his work on the Ethics Board and because of his resident-focused vision.Given that the current supervisor failed to respond to emails sent in 2018, followed by his failure to close the Boyhaven deal, I feel certain that Zlotnick, Kerr and Isachsen will bring the positive change needed to maintain a healthy balance of development and protected, recreational land for the people of Milton. I’m confident Zlotnick, Kerr, and Isachsen have the experience to lead our town responsibly; I hope my neighbors will consider the issues at hand and character of these fine residents.Melissa TaylorMiltonMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18 Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionSt. Clare’s workers deserve care firstI can’t believe that New York state has approved licenses for undocumented immigrants but cannot come to a decision on the pensions of the St. Clare’s retirees.If immigrants want licenses, make them citizens first. Some clown in the Legislature said that this would be good for the economy. What about the St. Clare’s retirees having a pension to spend in the community? Wouldn’t that boost our economy? And these are citizens.I’m not against immigrants trying to get away from war-torn countries, but I am against giving them benefits before they become legal citizens. I think the Legislature and the governor should have focused on St. Claire’s before spending the time on these licenses. What’s wrong with this picture? And please don’t lecture me on “humanity.” Think of the St. Claire’s retirees. This was inhumane.Lorraine VanDerWerkenSchenectady last_img

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