Education Ministry resolves teachers, REOs controversy

first_imgAs the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) continue to bargain for the rights of its teachers where they wereChief Education Officer Olato SamGTU General Secretary Coretta McDonaldreportedly ill-treated by the Regional Education Officers (REOs) from various districts, the Education Ministry has intervened in a bid to resolve the issue.The union had highlighted that teachers specifically in Regions Three and Ten were being subjected to blatant disrespect by the REOs in aspects that were affecting their full production.The accusations were laid during one of the union’s regular conferences where teachers protested the quandary they were forced to endure.However, after the matter was highlighted by this newspaper, the Education Ministry has taken requisite actions to resolve the issue.This is according to general secretary of the union Coretta McDonald, who told Guyana Times that the ministry wasted no time in addressing the issue which had begun to spiral out of control.When the matter was brought to the ministry, officials reportedly took immediate action in consulting with the REOs.Stemming from this, warnings had been given and thus far have been effective as teachers reported being more comfortable at the respective schools.McDonald remarked that the Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam had met with them and the solutions were agreed on.Nonetheless, GTU continues to keep its ears out for any recurrence which would hinder the efficiency of the teachers.The REOs were accused of verbally abusing teachers as well as hindering their leave processes and spontaneously transferring them to other schools.In addition, reports were made that communication between the two bodies had depleted.When the matter was first highlighted, the union had contended that this would not only affect the teacher but will also have a lasting impact on the students of the schools.The union believed that if these teachers were being put under undue pressure, this negative energy would then pass on to the students. As a result, classroom learning would not be fulfilling.When the REOs were contacted, they had refuted the allegations, stating that they were unaware of the incident as the teachers and regional education administration maintained its close relationship.GTU continues to stand firm in its commitment to teachers across Guyana so that the education sector can be advanced as well as the educators’ rights could be respected and upheld.last_img

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