Almond Blossom Festival in Tafraout

Asmaa BahadiRabat – Under the motto “Land of Almond, Wealth of Tomorrow,” the Tafraout Almond Association will hold the 6th Annual Almond Festival on March 4th-6th.The event is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the National Agency for the Development of Oases and Argan Trees, the Province of Souss Massa, the Prefecture of Tiznit’s, the Municipality of Tafraout, and a group of local and nation businesses. The Almond Festival is an occasion where the Tafraout Tree Association celebrates the blossoming of almond trees, the development of local product through new methods, and the strengthening of social solidarity.The Association hopes to do this by creating a dynamic economy for the benefit of agricultural cooperatives and preserving the traditional character of the region.Tafraout Almond Association has developed a diverse programs designed to blend culture, sports, arts, tourism, and local business, among many other surprises.The association will also be welcoming many visitors and tourists to promote the progress of local development projects in the region.This year’s festival program will be announced soon by the Tafraout Almond Association.

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