Saint Mary’s first-year awarded national scholarship

first_imgThe Law Enforcement Education Program awards $2,000 scholarships to exceptional students every year in hopes of encouraging students to pursue law enforcement and public safety-related careers. There were only eight students who received this scholarship this year and Sydney Bleich, a first-year at Saint Mary’s College, was among the eight.  Bleich is in the dual degree in engineering program, pursuing a degree in computer engineering from the University of Notre Dame and applied mathematics from Saint Mary’s. Bleich said she knew what she was going to major in computer engineering and applied mathematics the moment she talked to admissions counselors. “I just went to the admissions office and I talked to them and said I want to be in the dual degree engineering program,” Bleich said. “They looked at what I had [done in] high school, and they looked at my experiences because I was the lead programmer of my robotics team in high school, I started a robotics team in middle school, I did a presentation at a Michigan security conference and talked to Dr. Jared Demott, who is a world-renowned doctor of programming and hacking. That was pretty cool.”  Bleich hopes to become more proficient in programming through the experience gained from both Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame, she said. “I think the scholarship will help me achieve my goals for the future and hopefully I’ll be able to learn more programming languages than I already know,” Bleich said. “So here I’ll be able to expand my knowledge on Python, which is what we study. And at ND, I’ll be able to expand my knowledge of C++ since I’m on the robotic football team and I want to join the Bellebots here. It would be cool to work on all these different programs. I am really excited about the program. I think my hard work will pay off.”Bleich said she does not know she wants to do with her degree, but she will keep her options open unlike she used to. “I originally wanted to work in the FBI, but I don’t really know quite yet what I want to do,” she said. “I have six internships lined up currently. Some of them are with places that program computers and certain softwares. Some of them are for hacking industries. I want to go into forensics basically. That’s my end goal: going into the forensics of hacking and programming and working on software.”Bleich attended a cybersecurity conference in Michigan, and said she remembers the feeling of being not only one of the youngest in the room, but also one of the only females. “When I went to the Michigan cybersecurity conference, it was kind of cool, there were about seven females but there had to about eight hundred people,” Bleich said. “I mean these are all businessmen and they were all from business companies and I was the only high schooler there and I was one of the very few females. So it was kind of intimidating. That was one of the coolest experiences ever.”Bleich said she met one of the prominent figures in her field. “I got to meet all of these companies and I met with one of the presenters named Dr. Jared Demott,” Bleich said. “He is a founder of one of the main security companies now. He was a former NASA security analyst. He has a CTO in binary defense. I actually got to talk to him, which was really cool because there were about 300 security companies and management companies waiting in line just to talk to this guy. It was a really cool experience.”Bleich said she hopes that other girls at Saint Mary’s can experience the setting of a STEM-related conference just as she did. “I think it would be really cool to have Saint Mary’s girls go to conferences because that’s a once in a lifetime chance,” she said. “We’re trying to get girls in the STEM field. It’s just so many guys in the STEM field and you can even tell from the older generations and the new generations coming up.”Bleich said she hopes scholarships like the one she received will help women become more involved in STEM majors and careers. She said she hopes that men will understand that being a girl does not make girls less smart. “Sometimes guys will give you a hard time or they will be very biased especially because you’re a girl in the field,” Bleich said. “It’s a ‘guy’s field.’ Some of them are really sexist, but you have to kind of get over it and be like, ‘Hey, just because you’re a guy and I’m a girl doesn’t mean that you’re smarter than me.’” Receiving the scholarship is a testament to how much girls and women can do, she said. Tags: Dual Degree in Engineering, law enforcement education program, saint mary’s, scholarshiplast_img read more

Decorator safety

first_imgBy Faith PeppersUniversity of GeorgiaRecent concerns about lead in artificial greenery have many holiday decorators turning back to nature. But be careful what you grab, a University of Georgia expert says.”Many people worry about accidentally bringing poisonous leaves in the house during the holiday season,” said UGA Cooperative Extension horticulturist Paul Thomas. “That’s not the item they should worry about the most.”The real problem is not the leaves on the holiday wreath but the vines that make up the base of the wreath and any berries used to decorate it.Wretched wreaths”It’s becoming popular to make your own wreaths by going out to the woods and getting grape and kudzu vines to make the basic form,” Thomas said. “They do make great wreath framing. But when people are pulling down vines from a tree, they often make the mistake of grabbing poison ivy vines and mixing them in the wreath.”Most people looking for decorative vines are looking for ones that are the width of a finger and become bendable when soaked in warm water.”Middle sections of poison ivy vine fit that description,” Thomas said. “The only way to tell which vines are poison ivy is to look at the base of the vine. If the vine looks ‘hairy’ or has hundreds of tiny, root-like things attaching to the tree or rock, leave it alone!”Grape vines have long, flaky bark and may have remnants of a single tendril every so often. Woody kudzu vines are smooth all the way to the base.Left outside, where the oils are inert, poison ivy vines can be relatively harmless. “But when they get inside and get warm,” Thomas said, “the oil can volatilize or be released from the vines. That’s when everyone in the home gets poison ivy.”The best way to tell the difference, he said, is to get a good botanical book. Study how the vines look in your area. Make sure you can tell the difference. Many Web sites have images that can help you identify woody vines.Be careful with berriesThomas says 99.9 percent of plants in holiday decorations aren’t deadly. But you still need to be cautious if you have kids or pets. A good rule is that if the berry is fleshy and soft, like a grape, remove it. If it’s hard or very firm, keep it.”Mistletoe berries (which are fleshy and soft) are deadly, but can simply be removed before bringing the greenery indoors,” he said. “Holly, yew and juniper berries can make you very ill if you eat a great many. However, the taste is so unappealing that this rarely happens. One berry or two won’t harm people or pets.”But nobody would want to risk a sick child or pet during the holidays. So Thomas recommends placing any greenery with berries up out of reach of children.”If you have a wreath on a door or greenery on the mantel, you should be fine,” he said.Keep an eye out for berries that happen to fall onto the floor. They can be irresistible to small children. Dogs and cats usually leave the berries alone.Wet is bestDried greenery can be a fire hazard.”All plant material, once it dries out, is flammable,” Thomas warned. “Christmas tree boughs are the most flammable. Common sense dictates that we don’t place candles in arrangements of dried woodland materials.”Keep pine branches wet and use them just before your holiday events, for the same reason you cut Christmas trees fresh and provide water to your tree. There are products you can spray on the leaves and stems to make them less flammable.”It takes about 10 days for untreated woodland materials to dry out. Hopefully, by then, the holiday season’s over and you can make them into compost,” Thomas said.last_img read more

Rumsey Punch: How Obama Blew It

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York [dropcap]M[/dropcap]any elections ago, Adlai Stevenson, one of the smartest Democrats to ever run for president (or so he seemed to think), was greeted one day by a woman on the campaign trail who said, “You have the support of all the thinking people!” He reportedly replied: “Thank you, madam, but I still need a majority.”Watching President Barack Obama’s post-election press conference made me think of that anecdote, as he parried with members of the Fourth Estate who tried in vain to make him own up to his party’s shellacking that cost them control of the Senate.Obama wouldn’t take the bait but he gave the impression he clearly regards himself as one of the brainiest people in the room, despite the Democrats’ debacle. He should have come out swinging, daring the Republicans on Capitol Hill to do something positive for a change. But expressing that kind of raw emotion is not his style. For all his intelligence, this president has never learned how to govern without seeming to disconnect his head from the body politic.When push came to shove, and his party was literally up against the wall, his inability to communicate viscerally will have profound political repercussions in the months to come. The neediest and the unemployed will suffer the most, and he’ll be powerless to help them. Democrats nationwide should have grasped the importance of this mid-term election and come out to the polls, but the vast majority of them stayed home.So now he’s the lamest of lame ducks as he clings to relevancy in the remaining two years of his presidency. All the good he did—and there was a lot, such as saving America from the second Great Depression—will probably become a footnote in some future grad student’s thesis. And the misguided followers of Fox News can go on deluding themselves that Obama is “the worst president ever.” Move over James Buchanan, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillmore! Those Fox folks’ deliberate ignorance of American history is pathetic, if not unpatriotic.But a history lesson was surely in order for the president and his closest advisors. You’d think all the president’s men and women would have seen this train wreck a long time coming. But they proved surprisingly obtuse.The coup de grace to the Democrats’ slim chances of retaining the U.S. Senate supposedly came on Oct. 2 this year, when Obama said in a speech in Chicago what was already obvious: “I am not on the ballot this fall… But make no mistake—these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”That observation wouldn’t have made such a stir—and given the Republicans such potent ammunition in the final weeks of the campaign—if the administration had been working closely with the Democrats on Capitol Hill long before this election cycle began. But Obama had remained aloof.Obama is a cerebral guy, all professorial and cool. In basketball—his favorite sport—he prefers to be the outside shooter because he dislikes going hard in the paint. In politics, metaphor aside, under the basket is where the action is. On Capitol Hill, he is consistently a no-show. It’s amazing that the Affordable Care Act ever became law—and his party has been paying for it ever since, despite providing health insurance to 10 million Americans and counting who never had coverage before!Both sides of the aisle knew what this off-year election was going to be about. Yet only the White House was in denial, as the Washington Post so adeptly reported on Nov. 4, and those Obama people are supposed to be the best and the brightest!The sad part is that his policies haven’t gone far enough despite the right-wing rhetoric. He’s no radical; the opposition is. Compromise is not on the conservatives’ agenda. Why wasn’t that an issue on the ballot? Even before Obama’s first inauguration, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who’s about to become the majority leader, told his fellow Republican Senators his determination to deny the president any record of accomplishment. Yet Obama has never found an effective way to communicate their obstruction.The most the Republicans have ever had to run on is their base’s irrational, emotional hatred of the first black president, a man who’s had more threats against his life than any other occupant of the White House, according to the Secret Service—and the president’s opponents blamed him for the agents’ incompetence.Tellingly, even though the party out of power tends to gain seats in an off-year election, especially when the incumbent president is in his last term, Republicans and their billionaire backers weren’t taking any chances. According to the Wesleyan Media Project, more than $234 million was spent on just the Congressional races, and that’s the money we know about, not the vast secret sums from the shadowy operatives given carte blanch to buy votes thanks to the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has simply become another conservative wing of the Republican Party under the leadership of Chief Justice John Roberts. The fact that these rich folks forked over so much money when history was already on their side is another sign of how high the stakes really are for this right-wing cabal.Was there ever a chance that the Democrats would regain control of the U.S. House of Representatives? Hardly. Since Obama took office, his party has lost nearly 70 seats. But to lose control of the U.S. Senate is a colossal failure that should not have happened on his watch.So, like a typical Democrat, instead of blaming the enemies of progress, I first want to criticize the figurehead of my own party for bungling the 2014 mid-terms. I know I should cut him some slack. After all, I voted for the guy twice, but that gives me an excuse to let his team have it. For justification, I cite the great American humorist Will Rogers of the 1930s, who once said, “I am not a member of an organized party—I am a Democrat.”Besides, it’s not the worst Democratic defeat I’ve lived through. For that low point, I’d have to go back to November 1972 when I was still in college.We started out so idealistic, we “McGovernites,” in supporting the candidacy of the three-term Democratic U.S. Senator from South Dakota because of his outspoken anti-Vietnam War stance. Of course, it wasn’t all altruism on my part—I had a draft lottery number, like other young men my age. Four years before I’d walked the streets of Concord, N.H., with then-U.S. Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D. Minn.), who gave President Lyndon B. Johnson a run for his money in the 1968 presidential campaign.McGovern was cut from the same cloth as McCarthy. At the Democratic Convention he finally got the nomination sometime after midnight, and wound up giving his acceptance speech when most Americans had already gone to bed. McGovern’s first mistake—and his campaign had barely begun. But, we who despised President Richard Nixon were sure that nobody could vote for “that crook.” Yet “Tricky Dick” carried every state except Massachusetts, and that’s where I was on the night of the election, watching the news as the nation turned red except for the Bay State.George McGovern let the Nixon campaign paint him as a pinko weakling despite his heroism in WWII. (Photo credit: Warren K. Leffler)I never felt so out of touch with the country. How could Americans buy what that snake-oil salesman was selling? Yet they all bought it, hook line and sinker, millions of them. Within two years, Nixon resigned in disgrace, proving us right. His supporters had successfully painted McGovern as a pinko weakling who hated America—and they lambasted his Democratic platform as “acid, amnesty and abortion.”Years later, I learned that McGovern had actually been a war hero himself in World War II. He flew 35 combat missions as a B-24 pilot, receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal with three oak-leaf clusters. Why his presidential campaign didn’t use his medals to counter the character assassination I’ll never know.Why Obama and his advisors let the Republicans turn the president into such a pariah that his own party didn’t want him around on the campaign trail is another thing I’ll never understand. Take Alison Grimes the Democratic Secretary of State from Kentucky, who got trounced by McConnell, whom she tried to unseat. She was an Obama delegate to the 2012 convention, yet she refused to admit publicly whether she voted for Obama!Now it’s time to move on. I am so looking forward to 2016 I can hardly stand it. The country deserves better.For comfort on these dark November nights, I like to recall what Major Gen. Ulysses S. Grant said to Gen. William Sherman after his Union troops had just suffered a surprise attack at the battle of Shiloh that left him with his back against the Tennessee River.“Well, Grant,” said Sherman, “we’ve had the devil’s own day, haven’t we?” “Yes,” Grant said, chewing on his cigar in the rain, “lick ’em tomorrow, though!”They did. And so shall we.last_img read more

Loan Zone: Payday lending rules in two countries

first_imgCredit unions in North America have a duty to promote financial health through services that focus on helping improve members’ spending, saving, borrowing and planning habits. One piece of that puzzle is the small-dollar, short-term loan, which fills a critical niche in assuring access to money for millions of borrowers.Many consumers in both the United States and Canada rely on these financial products. However, each of these countries has its own regulatory landscape, which poses differing obstacles for credit unions in developing and offering loans to help members with their short-term borrowing needs.In the United States, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has encouraged credit unions to offer members an alternative to payday loans. At the same time, the bureau’s new, overly prescriptive proposed regulations may stifle innovation and impose onerous restrictions on lenders, particularly in meeting expectations for confirming a borrowers’ ability to repay. The proposed “full-payment test” is one of the most controversial elements in the CFPB’s planned requirements. Placing too much importance on confirming a member’s ability to repay by requiring prescriptive, specific methods, such as credit checks and human intervention, is likely to make these loans too costly for many credit unions to offer.Many members, even higher-income households earning between $100,000 and $150,000 annually, are unable to produce $2,000 within 30 days for an unexpected expense, according to a recent study. This makes these types of loans a valuable service for members across the spectrum of income and credit standing. By permitting credit unions to use automated technology that analyzes members’ transaction history to determine their ability and willingness to repay, CFPB could ensure that consumers have access to much-needed small-dollar loans. continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Here’s Where All the Cracks in the ‘Blue Wall’ Were for Biden

first_imgOne place that was not especially helpful to the president-elect was the city of Detroit. A lack of enthusiasm there for Mrs. Clinton helped sink her chances of winning the state, but this year Democrats had high hopes that turnout in the predominantly African-American city would rebound. It did, but for Mr. Trump. Though Mr. Biden won Detroit with 94 percent of the vote, he received almost 1,000 fewer votes than Mrs. Clinton did in 2016. Mr. Trump increased his totals by nearly 5,000 votes, with strength concentrated in small pockets of the city like the west side, which has a large number of Latino voters.PennsylvaniaThe trends in the state that put Mr. Biden over the top in the Electoral College were similar to those in Michigan. Its biggest city, Philadelphia, went overwhelmingly to the president-elect, but also provided Mr. Trump with more votes than he received four years ago.Though votes were still trickling in nearly a week after Election Day, Mr. Biden was behind where Mrs. Clinton finished in Philadelphia. And Mr. Trump saw an uptick in his numbers in white working-class neighborhoods in the city’s northeast, as well as in precincts with large Latino populations. On Election Day, Mr. Biden’s analysis prevailed. He won every state. Here is a look at the dynamics that worked in his favor.MichiganThe antipathy toward Mr. Trump in many swing and Republican-leaning suburbs was a national phenomenon, and in the communities surrounding Detroit it provided Mr. Biden with the votes he needed to help claw the state back from the president. – Advertisement – Victory was always going to be difficult for Mr. Trump in Michigan, a state he won by less than 11,000 votes in 2016. But he traveled there often in the final days of the race, believing it was within reach. The Republican National Committee, whose chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, lives in Michigan, dropped money on a last-minute ad campaign in the hope of moving the needle in the president’s favor. Outside of Philadelphia, it was a different story. Mr. Biden’s voters showed up in overwhelming numbers in the suburbs and swing counties farther out, like Northampton in the Lehigh Valley and Erie in the northwest. These predominantly white counties voted twice for Mr. Obama, then went to Mr. Trump in 2016.Mr. Biden won them both, but narrowly — Erie County by one percentage point and Northampton County by less than a point. Northampton, with its mix of rural areas, old mining towns and small to medium-size cities like Bethlehem, behaved like other demographically similar areas where Mr. Trump’s leadership style drove voters away and energized the opposition against him. – Advertisement – WisconsinFor much of the campaign, Mr. Trump’s re-election seemed to hinge on Wisconsin. It was the test market for his playbook of driving up turnout in rural areas where his operation could identify people who liked him but who didn’t vote in 2016. The playbook worked, but the margins were too small: a few thousand votes, give or take, in most of the state’s 72 counties.Mr. Biden didn’t flip any major counties, just two smaller ones north of Milwaukee. But in a sign of the president’s weakness among voters 65 and older, one of those was Door County, northeast of Green Bay on Lake Michigan. As a destination popular with retirees but also reliant on tourism, Door County was an especially bad environment for the president, considering the many voters who blamed him for mismanaging the deadly coronavirus and the economic fallout that followed. In the end, Mr. Trump held onto most of the counties he won in 2016 and boosted his vote total statewide by nearly 370,000, with gains in places like Macomb County, a bellwether that first appeared in the political spotlight in the 1980s, thanks to its high concentration of Reagan Democrats. But it was not enough. He grew his base, but often in smaller, rural counties where there weren’t a lot of votes to begin with. And even in places where he gained significantly, like Macomb, Mr. Biden’s gains were bigger when measured against Hillary Clinton’s totals in 2016.Mr. Biden surged ahead of Mrs. Clinton’s statewide, especially in suburban areas where Republicans were once dominant. He managed to flip conservative-leaning Kent County in the western part of the state, the home of former President Gerald R. Ford. In Oakland County, the state’s second-largest, Mr. Biden finished ahead of Mr. Trump by 14 points, a major improvement over not just Mrs. Clinton but also Barack Obama in 2008, who both won it by eight points. Mr. Biden managed to do very well in the county’s wealthy enclaves like Bloomfield Hills, where Mitt Romney grew up and where being a Democrat was, until recently, one of the surest impediments to getting elected at any level of government.As was the case in many suburban areas across the Midwestern battlegrounds, women voters were especially activated in Oakland County. Erie County does not have as high an average income as Northampton, but it has about the same majority percentage of white voters, spread across rural areas and small cities. It was the kind of place where Mr. Biden’s back story, rooted in the working-class city of Scranton, about five hours east, seems to have made Trump voters comfortable switching sides. While Mr. Trump increased his vote totals in Erie County by roughly 5,000, Mr. Biden outdid him. He improved on Mrs. Clinton’s performance by more than 9,000 votes to pull just barely ahead, proving again that in places where the Trump campaign was effective at mobilizing its base, it could not keep pace. Updated Nov. 9, 2020, 4:46 p.m. ET President Trump’s path to re-election always had very little margin for error. His victory in 2016 was decided by just 77,000 votes spread across three Northern battleground states, fewer than the crowd at an average Big Ten football game on a Saturday, at least before the pandemic.Since the start of his campaign in early 2019, President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has made the case that he could beat Mr. Trump precisely because of the strength he would have in those states — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — where his unpretentious, approachable style and moderate politics would connect with voters.- Advertisement – In the bigger picture, Wisconsin’s shifts toward Mr. Biden came from its cities and largest counties. Well-educated, prosperous counties like Dane, home to the liberal university town of Madison, saw a significant jump in turnout over 2016 that went almost entirely to Mr. Biden. In the conservative counties surrounding Milwaukee that are a bulwark of support for Republicans running statewide, Mr. Trump’s share of the vote declined. The drop off wasn’t huge, but it helped Mr. Biden build his 20,000-vote lead in Wisconsin.In the city of Milwaukee, the dynamic was once again similar to the ones seen in Detroit and Philadelphia: Mr. Biden won an overwhelming share of the city but did not improve much over Mrs. Clinton. And in wards of the city with majority Black populations, fewer voters cast their votes for him than they did for her, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Mr. Biden also appeared to do worse against Mr. Trump in city wards with a large number of Latino voters. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant reveals future of Hamptons style and next big trend

first_imgPictures show American real estate salesperson and reality television star Ryan Serhant, walking through the streets of Redfern, Sydney on 9th September 2017. Serhant has been one of three real estate agents featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. (Pics by Julian Andrews).ONE of the biggest names in New York’s property scene has forecasted the future of the famous Hamptons style — and it is music to the ears for some. Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant revealed the style that was taking Queensland homes by storm would never go out of fashion and was a safe investment. The TV personality is in the country for a seminar to share his insights into the property market.He said Australia was “was obsessed with all things property”. “It shows the economy here is strong and everyone in the world can see property is selling very quick and it is very crazy,” Serhant said.“I don’t see the Hamptons style changing at all, it is still flying strong in New York and I have clients coming to me to request a Hamptons style house,” he said. “The style comes from our traditional Gable house and property is taking a turn back to tradition, we have moved away from the uber-modern look and become more homey in our styling. Hamptons style villa at 7 Adams Ave at Miami is on the marketMore from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North4 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa23 hours ago“If anyone is styling a house Hamptons is a great way to go if you’re looking for a safe investment.” Serhant said the next big trend starting in New York was small floor plans.“It sounds crazy because bigger has always been better right?” he said.“Smaller floor plans in bedrooms are becoming really popular because it is more practical and economical and if you’re buying a property you look at it through a sq m perspective – or a lot of New Yorkers do. “That way you’re never paying too much and you’re getting just as much back.” 25 Denawen St at Palm Beach sold for $1.39 millionSerhant said 70 per cent of the New York population were renters. “We have a lot of supply but Australia is just the opposite, there isn’t much product here,” he said.Known for his expertise in property and sales in the US, Serhant leads a real estate team in New York City. One of his highest sales has been a $US36 million (AU$45 million) townhouse in Central Park Ave and last year he and his team sold just under US$1 billion in real estate.center_img Hamptons palace at 10 Sunnymeade Place, Mudgeeraba. Picture: Jamie Auldlast_img read more

Spirit Energy picks Craig International for procurement services in UK

first_imgOilfield procurement specialist Craig International has secured a contract with Spirit Energy, which is potentially worth £21 million ($27.4m) over seven years.Craig International said on Thursday it had been awarded a five-year contract, with a two-year extension option, to source and supply products for maintenance, repair and operations at Spirit Energy’s onshore and offshore sites in the UK.The contract is for the provision of third party procurement services for nine of the sub-categories including hand tools, lubricants, mechanical, lifting and HSE equipment.Jill Macdonald, joint managing director of Craig International, commented: “In the North Sea, we are a market leader with around 75% of the market share. Having worked in this region for more than 20 years, we also have a deep knowledge of what UKCS operators require and how we can best deliver third party procurement that is time and cost efficient.“Our innovative systems allow us to maximize efficiency and add value at every stage of the procurement process and this is why Spirit Energy has chosen us after a competitive tender exercise.”Spotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email. Offshore Energy Today, established in 2010, is read by over 10,000 industry professionals daily. We had nearly 9 million page views in 2018, with 2.4 million new users. This makes us one of the world’s most attractive online platforms in the space of offshore oil and gas and allows our partners to get maximum exposure for their online campaigns. If you’re interested in showcasing your company, product or technology on Offshore Energy Today contact our marketing manager Mirza Duran for advertising options.last_img read more

BHS Athletics Recognized With National Award

first_imgBatesville High School is the recipient of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Safe Sports School award for its BHS Athletic Department.The award champions safety and recognizes secondary schools that provide safe environments for student athletes. The award reinforces the importance of providing the best level of care, injury prevention and treatment. The Batesville Community School Corporation along with Margaret Mary Health is to be commended.“Batesville High School is honored to receive this 1st Team recognition from NATA, and we remain committed to keeping our student athletes safe during physical education classes, team practices and games so they can accomplish their own goals of great competition, winning records, fair sportsmanship and good health. Our goal is to lead our athletic program to the highest safety standards for our players,” said Athletic Director Mark Ferguson.“At this time, we are one of only two schools in Indiana receiving this distinguished award. We are very fortunate to have a close working partnership with Margaret Mary Health who is also dedicated to the safety and welfare of our student-athletes!”Physical activity is very important for our youth, according to NATA president Jim Thornton, MS, ATC, CES. “There has been an increase in competitive sports, which are, unfortunately, not without risk. Brain injury/concussion, cardiac arrest, heat illness, exertional sickling, cervical spine fractures and other injuries and illnesses are potentially life-threatening.” Proper planning with proper equipment and personnel is vital to the safety of student athletes today, he notes.In order to achieve Safe Sport School status, athletic programs must do the following:• Create a positive athletic health care administrative system• Provide or coordinate pre-participation physical examinations• Promote safe and appropriate practice and competition facilities• Plan for selection, fit function and proper maintenance of athletic equipment• Provide a permanent, appropriately equipped area to evaluate and treat injured athletes• Develop injury and illness prevention strategies, including protocols for environmental conditions• Provide or facilitate injury intervention• Create and rehearse a venue-specific Emergency Action Plan• Provide or facilitate psychosocial consultation and nutritional counseling/education• Be sure athletes and parents are educated of the potential benefits and risks in sports as well as their responsibilitieslast_img read more

Ligue 1: Mbappe pips Yedder to golden boot after season’s cancellation

first_img Promoted ContentTop 9 Scariest Haunted Castles In Europe10 Absolutely Stunning Asian Actresses5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Who Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way Kylian Mbappe has been confirmed as the Ligue 1 golden boot winner for 2019-20 following the decision to end the season.Advertisement Last week, league officials decided to bring the campaign to a close prematurely after French authorities decreed there would be no sporting events until September due to the coronavirus pandemic.Paris Saint-Germain were declared champions on a points-per-game basis, having been leading the top flight by 12 points from Marseille when the competition was suspended. Read Also: Tyson receives massive offer to fight in bare-knuckle boutMbappe’s goals-per-game ratio was also superior, his 18 coming in 20 games, while Ben Yedder scored his in 25.Lyon forward Moussa Dembele finished third in the standings on 16 goals, while Mbappe’s team mate Angel Di Maria was confirmed as Ligue 1’s top creative player with 14 assists.Mbappe also won the golden boot last year, scoring 33 times in 29 league games as PSG romped to the title.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Loading… Mbappe was joint-leading goal scorer in the division on 18 goals, level with Monaco striker Wissam Ben Yedder. However, Ligue 1 confirmed via its official website on Thursday that Mbappe will be recognised as the season’s top scorer as all his goals came from open play, while three of Ben Yedder’s were penalties.last_img read more

Helmets passed out at Healthy Fair

first_imgGreensburg, IN—Last week, the Greensburg Police Department were able to hand out over 75 Bike Helmets to kids, between the age of 5-14, at the Decatur County Memorial Healthy Fair hosted at the Greensburg Elementary School.This was made possible by a grant from the Central Indiana Bicycle Association. The Greensburg Police Department will continue to pass these helmets out at events throughout the year.GPD would like to send out a huge thank you to the community for their continued support.last_img read more