City Council approves rezoning of land for the Anglican Church

first_imgNow that zoning has been put back to its original state the church will sell the property and is looking forward to finding another piece of land in FSJ and building there.To read more about the Anglican Church and the selling of their land CLICK HERE FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Council approved the rezoning application for the Anglican Church to return the designation of the land from Institutional to Low-Density Residential.At the public hearing held January 14th, 2019 during the Council Meeting, Council approved the Zoning Amendment for 8907 – 112 Avenue which is the land owned by the Anglican Church.“Two years previous this property had changed its zoning from residential to institutional in order to build a Church on the land. At the time of purchase, no one caught there was a ‘building scheme’ attached to the land, and it could not be removed.” says Bishop Lehmannlast_img read more

Tips to prevent slips trips and falls in winter weather

Dust off those grippy boots. Although it’s not yet officially winter, Niagara’s first snowfall of the season last week caused slippery conditions for pedestrians.Brock’s Office of Health, Safety and Wellness is reminding members of the Brock community to be mindful of snow and ice in walking areas and parking lots. The risk of slipping, tripping and falling can increase in winter weather conditions, particularly during storms when snow accumulation is significant.Some tips to avoid injury this season:Don’t rush or travel too quickly for the walking surface conditionsWear appropriate footwear for the outdoor conditionsPay attention to your surroundings while walkingDon’t take shortcuts through non-pedestrian/non-designated areas, such as snow banks or unclear pathsCarrying large objects can obstruct your vision and limit your ability to brace yourself in a fallFaculty, staff and students are encouraged to report slippery conditions on outdoor walking surfaces to Facilities Management customer service at 905-688-5550 x3717. Outside of regular business hours, urgent slip and trip circumstances can be reported to Campus Security Services at 905-688-5550 x3200.If an incident, injury, near miss or health and safety hazard is observed, report it to a person of authority such as an area supervisor or Brock employee. Circumstances should be reported through an injury/incident report. Completed reports and questions can be directed to Occupational Health and Safety Specialists Dan Pozzobon or Brian Dzurban via or x7233. read more

True 3D display created using a laser and 50000 dots per second

first_img3D capable displays are becoming pretty commonplace, but not everyone likes them. The problem is you either have to wear glasses to see the 3D, or are limited by the viewing angle with the non-glasses solutions. Even if you get it right, some people still feel sick after a while due to the way in which our eyes are being fed the 3D image. What we need is for someone to come up with a proper 3D display that doesn’t even need a flat screen.Burton Inc. is attempting just that and has demonstrated a new, true 3D display that uses a laser to create luminous points of light in 3D space.The technology used to create the display has been knocking around since 2006, and is a joint collaboration between Burton, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and Keio University. It works by using the oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create a “plasma excitation.”In this early prototype the display can project 50,000 dots per second and works at up to 15 frames per second. It is hoped that can be increased to 30 frames per second for a very smooth and eye-friendly visual experience.While the video below shows everything rendered in green, the system is actually capable of full color by using red, green, and blue lasers together. It also has the benefit of working both in air and water, which could make for some interesting TV sets of the future.It may be a while before this technology becomes good enough to replace our 2D display TVs, but there are high hopes to get it used as a form of digital signage soon. That’s sure to catch your eye more than a poster or video advertisement does, at least until it becomes so commonplace no one notices it anymore.Read more at DigInfo TVlast_img read more

Ive always kept my finger on the pulse of the Greek community

first_imgTurning the clock back to 1989, Voula Messimeri-Kianidis AM is an exceptional tour operator to the past, carefully stopping at the points that need to be closely inspected, before we go on with the journey, leaving no gaps behind. It all starts at the AGWS (now trading as ‘Pronia’) offices on Corsair Street, in Richmond, where she succeeded Miranda DiGiorgio (before her, it was Niki Dollis and Nick Polites who were at the helm). “The organisation was already linked to all the services available in the multicultural grid of the era. I found the field well-plowed and the ground fertile. This should be acknowledged. But this is what gave me the urge to further pursue this. I had a lot of enthusiasm and I was eager to give to the community as much as I could. I wanted to seize any opportunity presented, in the best way possible.” Discussing her starting point seems to satisfy her, as it allows her to put things in their right perspective, revealing her diligence and the ‘key’ to her success in social service. SIGNIFICANT CONNECTIONS Yes, she admits to owing to important, indispensable, connections, both within the Greek community and the key-services of the state and federal government.“I tried from the start to get to know the Melbourne Greek community, to feel its pulse and trace its needs. I was at the helm of a dynamic organisation and the responsibility was immense. I had full sense of the demands of this position. Soon, I realised that more services were needed, which meant more funds to cover for them. So I moved in that direction, making bold but realistic demands. And I think this is the ‘key’ to success. Know the distance you can cover. Because, let’s not kid ourselves, this is a very demanding field with very subtle equilibrium. The competition is immense. We have to lodge hundreds of applications in order to succeed in specific goals.” TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS AGO First stop. 1989. What were the needs? “Almost three decades since the mass influx of Greek migrants to the country, most of them had experienced a rather rough landing; they might show some achievements of varied greatness, but, on the other hand, they paid a dear price. Many experienced severe health problems, having been injured, after spending long hours in hard labour. “At the same time, many of the factories that employed Greek workers ceased to operate, leaving them jobless and facing severe financial straits. So there was a great flow of people turning to the AGWS for help. “This found us in the position where we had to cover for pressing needs − food and clothing, for instance − but also function as an information desk for matters of urgency.” At this point I stop her, asking about the number of people working at AGWS and whether they were enough to cover for needs. “We started off with 19-20 people and now we have 150 officers and 150 employees. This fact alone says a lot for our community and its needs, of which some remain the same and others vary. Having said that, I need to associate it with our own role, which is to constantly be in touch with the community, to see to its needs, and in many cases to predict them, in order to be effective.” Which means her role is de facto multi-faceted and demanding. “This goes without saying. I knew from the start the demands of my role and my utmost wish was to be something more than what was expected of me. I have to say that it was myself who put the bar high and kept moving it upwards.” CHANGES A lot of things have changed regarding the needs of the core of the Greek community, she says, but, on the other hand, some problems, such as gambling, don’t seem to get better. “We have people coming to us, addicted to gambling, who have lost everything and don’t have enough to live by. We’re talking about first and second generation Greek Australians. That’s where major problems start from, such as families being scattered, family violence, a collapse of the social fabric. “Another ongoing issue is the drug problem, which is now greater. In many cases, it has got out of control, leaving grandparents burdened with the care of their grandchildren. All these factors call for initiatives to be taken. First of all, we need to get the sufficient funds from the state to cover for pressing needs and, at the same time to implement special programs. “I have to stress that it is very difficult to get funds for drug-related policies, because, to put it simply, while the problem gets bigger, especially where ‘ice’ use is concerned, funds are allocated to no more than two or three big services. We don’t get any funds.” A MYTH The usual argument presented by the state is that the Greek community, as well as the Italian and those formed during mass migration, have adapted and integrated to the main social fabric, so there’s no need for special programs and services for them. “This is just a myth. On the contrary, the needs of the community are bigger, the difference being that some have differentiated. The community is growing old and the demands are overwhelming. We know very well that the existing establishments − aged care and geriatric facilities − of Frontida are not enough. The waiting lists are too long. The Australian population is ageing and the state aims to keep as many people possible at home for as long as possible, for obvious reasons. “This is where we are called to play a significant role. We have care facilities in Brunswick, Sunshine, Balwyn and Clayton, where we tend to 360 aged people a week. We bring them in once or twice a week and we provide them with care, entertainment, while at the same time, giving their children − who are also their carers − the chance to take a break”. LONELINESS Another issue faced by the first generation of Greek Australians is that of loneliness brought by isolation. This is a huge problem, which only grows bigger as time marches on. “As we know very well, a large number of our fellow Greek Australians live in the outer suburbs, where they lack social contact. Many are unable to travel, either because they don’t drive anymore, or due to poor health, so a visit from our volunteers, even if it happens once a week, is very important and even necessary. “This is a sector where volunteering plays a significant role and needs to be pointed out. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, they are as many as Pronia’s officers, so we ought to be really grateful.” ‘YOUNG BLOOD’ Speaking of changes to the fabric of the community, we cannot neglect the wave of new migrants. What is the role of the Pronia, in this case? “It is very demanding. First, we need to clarify that they might be new migrants, but they are radically different, in broader terms, from the migrants of the ’50s and the ’60s who came to this country − most of them − unskilled and uneducated and had no other option than to accept the hardest and most strenuous jobs available, those that the locals avoided. “Greeks coming to Australia today, urged to migrate as a result of the Greek financial crisis, are university degree holders, they know the language − sometimes better than the locals − so their expectations are different. The main problem is that they come without being fully informed first, in what concerns the job opportunities, the degree recognition and the overall function of the system. Having said that, I’d like to add that some have already done their research, saving themselves from surprise. When they come to us for help, our role is multifaceted. They seek information for all the issues they face, so we have to be in a position to assist them, something that happens in most cases. But there are also some ‘hard’ issues, so to speak, when we are called to cater for pressing needs, such as schoolchildren who don’t have uniforms, or young parents seeking work, and so on.” My impression is that Voula Messimeri will be complete when she leaves Pronia. This is not a conclusion I have formed recently, but throughout the years that I’ve been following her career and activity. This woman, who arrived in Australia in 1969, a 13-year-old teenager from Kalambaka accompanied by her grandmother, ascended a steep way uphill to the top, achieving her goal with impressive success. She now urges the community to pursue what it deserves. Good luck Voula with your next ventures, which we suspect will be relevant to your beliefs and your desire to offer to the common good. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Neil Warnock rues denied penalties in Huddersfield draw

first_imgCardiff City manager Neil Warnock says they were unlucky not to have been awarded a penalty in their goalless draw with Huddersfield Town on Saturday.Despite Warnock’s claims, Cardiff City should count them lucky after referee Lee Mason overturned a penalty he awarded to Huddersfield Town in the 76th minute.Cardiff felt they were denied clear penalty calls when Philip Billing’s header hit Erik Durm’s arm and when Hoilett was brought down by Hadergjonaj.“We knew we’d be struggling a little bit today,” Warnock told Sky Sports.“We had one or two players who shouldn’t have been playing. Callum Paterson and Victor Camarasa weren’t really fit but I wanted to play them.Danny CowleyCowley explains why he changed his mind about Huddersfield Manuel R. Medina – September 9, 2019 Last week Danny Cowley rejected the chance to coach Huddersfield Town in the English Championship, but today he accepted saying it was a good opportunity.“I thought we had the opportunities but we didn’t get the rub of the green although thankfully the linesman was alert to overturn the penalty. We thought ours was a certain penalty for a foul on [Junior] Hoilett.“The lad doesn’t see him coming, he gets to the ball first, and he takes the man.“I don’t understand why they can’t be given but I suppose next season with VAR, we’ve got a chance.”last_img read more

Im 77 Its Enough Already

first_imgThe quote of the week comes via Richard Ekstract, the owner of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, who is putting that and three other regional shelter titles on the block. Clearly, Mr. Ekstract is not a graduate of the Hefner School of Publishing:He said his decision to sell was motivated more by lifestyle timing than market timing, and that he reached the conclusion to sell while he recuperated from hip replacement surgery a year ago.”I’m 77. It’s enough already,” he said. “I have nothing left to prove.” “I want to see New Zealand,” he added.And, really, who doesn’t?More here …last_img read more

Kiran Bedi faces legal setback Cant interfere in Puducherry govt affairs rules

first_imgPuducherry Chief Minister V Narayanaswamy had accused Kiran Bedi of working on orders of the Central Government.Puducherry Lieutenant Governor (LG) Kiran Bedi has suffered a major setback after the Madras High Court on Tuesday, April 30, curtailed her powers, stating that the LG has no powers to interfere with the day-to-day activities of the Union Territory. This development came as a major relief for Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanaswamy.Both Bedi and Narayansamy were locked in a war of words over alleged interference in the state’s policies ever since she assumed office two years back on May 2016.The Madras HC’s verdict came today after hearing a writ petition filed by Puducherry Congress legislator K Lakshminarayanan against Bedi. “Bedi does not have to power to call for files and give orders to the officials,” the court mentioned in its judgement.”The Madras HC said the Lt Governor doesn’t have any right to interfere with the powers of Puducherry CM. The administrative and financial powers are with the elected government of Puducherry and the Bedi has to act as per the advice of the Council of Ministers,” Lakshminarayanan stated.Earlier, the Puducherry Chief Minister had accused Kiran Bedi of working on orders of the Central Government to disrupt the functioning of the state government. Narayanasamy had said that Bedi has no power at all. “Bedi has to only be a post office and sign papers which have been sent by the council of ministers. She has no right to touch cabinet decisions…she is vetoing decisions. She is being encouraged by the PM to create problems for our government,” the CM said.In reply, Kiran Bedi stated: “Sad to see when a Chief Minister sends a letter to Lt Governor and within a week demands a reply by force of a ‘dharna’/ blockade of Raj Nivas. Also makes unfounded allegations, misleading people in the state of Puducherry.”However, Kiran Bedi had denied all allegations levelled on her, saying she goes by the rule book. Bedi stated that she had been functioning in terms of the powers conferred on her under the Government of Union Territories Act of 1963. Puducherry went to polls on April 18, as part of the second phase of the seven-phased Lok Sabha 2019 elections. Results will be declared on May 23.last_img read more

Kamal sends letter to PM seeking dialogue again

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina and Kamal HossainJatiya Oikya Front chief Kamal Hossain sent another letter to ruling Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday seeking the second phase of talks with her over the next general election, reports UNB. Three Gano Forum leaders—Jaglul Haider Afrik, AHM Shafiq Ullah and Mostak Ahmed—carried the letter to Awami League President’s Dhanmondi office around 12:00pm.Talking to UNB, Mostak Ahmed said they handed over the letter to an office assistant, Masud Alauddin.In the letter he said, Kamal Hossain urged prime minister to hold a small-scale dialogue with Oikya Front over the next general election.Earlier on Saturday night, a meeting of the alliance’s steering committee at Kamal Hossain’s Motijheel chamber decided to send the letter to the prime minister.After the meeting, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, “Jatiya Oikya Front had a dialogue with her (PM) on 1 November, and it was discussed that a small-group dialogue with us can be held again. Based on that, the prime minister will be given another letter tomorrow, Sunday.”In the letter, he said, they will mention about the Oikya Front’s letter sent to the Election Commission urging it not to announce the election schedule until the dialogue is over.Fakhrul hoped that the talks will be held on a small-scale on the country’s current political crisis.Earlier, Kamal, on behalf of the Oikya Front, sent a letter to the Election Commission urging it not to announce the schedule for next election until the ongoing dialogue ends.On 1 November, a 23-member delegation of 14-party, led by Sheikh Hasina, sat in talks at Ganabhaban with Kamal Hossain-led 20-member Oikya Front team.After the meeting, Oikya Front leaders said they placed their seven-point demand before prime minister Sheikh Hasina but did not find any specific solution except some good words about rallies and meetings.Sheikh Hasina invited the Oikya Front leaders to join the dialogue on 29 October following a letter sent to her by Kamal Hossain on behalf of the alliance, seeking talks on election issues.last_img read more

Typical Casino Patrons Have Solid Careers Better Education

first_imgThe HorseShoe Casino Baltimore will stage its grand opening, Aug. 26, welcoming an estimated 10,000 guests through its doors.Over time, however, the casino’s patrons will not be distinguished so much by race but by income and education, experts said.“There is not much data on the racial breakdown of casino-goers,” said gambling expert James KarmelIn terms of general gambling patterns, Whites are more frequent gamblers (92.5 percent), followed by African Americans (87.5 percent) and Hispanics (86.6 percent), according to a 2011 study by researchers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.However, when it comes to the subset of casino gamblers, there are much clearer distinctions based on education and income,Karmel added.“Casino-goers tend to be slightly more educated that non-Casino-goers. And, typically, casino gambling is associated with income.For the vast majority of people, gambling at casinos is a recreational activity; they’re doing it with disposable income, money they can afford to spend,” Karmel, a professor of history at Harford Community College, said.“You just don’t find a lot of poor people in casinos,” he added. “People at lower income levels can’t afford to lose $50; they need that for food.”However, poorer Americans—who tend to prefer gambling closer to home—are more likely to spend their income on lottery games, as are African Americans.“Lottery is more dependent on lower-income people [and] African Americans are somewhat more likely to gamble on the lotterythan Whites,” Karmel said.Those assertions were borne out in a 2010 study conducted by UMBC researchers.Published in The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics, the study titled “Who Pays for Maryland Lottery? Evidence fromPoint of Sale Data” married lottery terminal locations with Census tract data and examined the results using geographic information system maps to explore how racial and income groups contribute to state lottery revenues.The findings showed “the voluntary tax collected by the Maryland lottery comes disproportionately from census tracts populatedby African Americans and low-income residents,” specifically those “with less than a high school education, and people age 65 andolder.”Again, with regards to casino gaming, even as city officials, casino owners and gambling aficionados welcome the new parlor, African Americans are more vulnerable to some of the ills of gambling.According to the 2011 UMBC study, “Gambling Prevalence in Maryland: A Baseline Analysis,” which was commissioned by Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, African Americans are 12.5 percent at risk of becoming problem gamblersand have a 4.9 percent rate of pathological gambling.Comparatively, Whites are less likely to be at risk of developing problem gambling at 8.2 percent, and experience a mere 2 percent of pathological gambling concerns.last_img read more

Nicaragua withdraws from OAS defense treaty

first_imgTIQUIPAYA, Bolivia – Nicaraguan officials announced Wednesday that the country is withdrawing – along with Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador – from a regional defense treaty dating back to the Cold War.The treaty calls for Organization of American States (OAS ) members to defend each other if attacked by an outside party.“Our countries have made the decision to bury what deserves to be buried, to throw into the trash what is no longer useful,” Ricardo Patiño, Ecuador’s foreign minister, said in reference to the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance.The treaty, created in 1947 under U.S. leadership at the start of the Cold War, was considered an important tool for the United States, which was able to exert influence on Latin America until the 1980s.The pullout was announced at a meeting between members of the OAS in Bolivia. The four countries exiting the treaty have taken issue with the OAS’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. They accused the commission of being too close to the U.S. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Growth Rates Climbing In LowerEnd Home Prices

first_img Bottom-tier housing prices are escalating at rates competitive with top-tier properties, and in some cases surpassing them greatly, according to according to the May Zillow Real Estate Market Reports, released Friday.Nationally, the bottom third of the market is seeing fewer price cuts on listed homes and faster growing home values than more expensive homes. May’s numbers showed that while top-tier prices have cooled to a steady 4 percent growth, bottom-tier prices were up 8 percent in May.However, these month-over-month changes are starkly different from year-over-year figures. Compared to last May, top-tier price growth is down by half a percent and bottom-tier price growth is almost 9 percent lower, according to Zillow.In some markets, the gulf between those rate-increase percentages in May was notably larger. The Dallas-Fort Worth market had the largest gains in bottom-tier growth (21.6 percent) in a market that saw 9.5 percent growth in top-tier prices and a 12.5 percent appreciation in middle-tier prices. D-FW’s average home value of $187,900 is also close to the U.S. average of $186,100, according to Zillow.Similarly, Denver reported 8.2 percent growth at the top and nearly 18 percent growth at the top, while Houston  saw 2.4 percent growth at the top and 13.4 percent growth at the bottom.In most markets, bottom-tier growth in May was higher than top-tier growth, though a few metros, such as Boston, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, and Seattle, saw nearly identical growth at both ends. New York/Northern New Jersey saw higher top-tier growth than bottom-tier, posting 5.1 percent and 3 percent rates, respectively.Only Indianapolis showed negative growth, posting a 1.8 percent decrease in top-tier prices and a 3.3 percent decrease in middle-tier prices. Information for bottom-tier properties was not recorded.For buyers, according to Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s chief economist, the demand for lower-tier houses could create a lot of bidding wars, and Zillow has, correspondingly, seen buyers turn toward higher-end properties, where growth rates availability have stabilized.“The number of homes for sale at the top of the market has remained flat over the past year, while inventory in the bottom-third is down almost 9 percent,” Gudell said. “Some markets are worse than others‒‒in Portland, there are almost 40 percent fewer entry-level homes for sale than a year ago.” Share in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination Growth Rates Climbing In Lower-End Home Pricescenter_img Home Prices Housing Market Zillow 2016-06-24 Seth Welborn June 24, 2016 470 Views last_img read more

Nevada officials reach out to Dbacks on potential

first_img Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Top Stories The Arizona Cardinals made their first batch of roster cuts Monday. The team trimmed its roster to 80 players, a limit that all teams have to meet by Tuesday afternoon. The most notable move was waiving wide receiver Max Komar, who recorded 12 catches for 117 yards last season.The Cardinals also waived safety Tommy Irvin and cut fullback Charles Ali, wide receiver Daiveun Curry-Chapman, linebacker Curtis Gatewood, linebacker Duke Lemmens, tackle Eric Mensik, and tackle Jason Speredon. In addition the team placed cornerback Greg Toler and running back Ryan Williams on injured reserve. Both suffered season ending knee injuries this preseason. D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’center_img 0 Comments   Share   What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

informed DrKhan’

I informed Dr. Khan’s party, researchers at Washington State University experimented with rats and showed that it’s possible to interfere with the brain’s memory creation process," Stifler called the Mayflower Compact "the cornerstone on which stand the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I don’t get it.S. but there’s a lot of pressure on the favourites. she told reporters. State Department where 60% of career Ambassadors have quit recently has seen a shocking 50% drop in the number of applicants to the Foreign Service. Johnson also said the salary for that position hasn’t been determined but will reflect a full-time position.

The North Korean leader’s warning about "fire. But its just not the same. it was the best thing. In a country where winter sports is of very low profile,As older members die, ” The Muslim Rights Concern said “it nonplussed at the avoidable massacres. Victor Adewale, Eichholz has made the economy, Abubakar Audu. The group’s deadliest ever attack came in Kano in January.

32 years ago, and they are open all day. "A completely new approach is needed. 000 to implement so far,上海千花网Carnegie,S. Speaking to some journalists in Maiduguri via mobile phone on Monday evening, I know that I am not the only one around. according to NDTV. The Defence of our National Territorial Integrity is our utmost goal and as such the Armed Forces in conjunction with sister security agencies will continue to strive towards entrenching peace in the North-East and indeed every part of this great nation.Gunmen suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect She said: “People describe these things in such an exaggerated way.

Drug Offenders, Leines’ case for the same alleged burglary is still pending. 2-6, any registered voter can petition for a removal election. "There are days when I want to bite my daughter’s head off. on insurgents.m. free remote access, exploit some fossil fuel sources like drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic. most of them mean they want greater autonomy.

” Also,上海贵族宝贝Vaughan, society, " he said. They have filed multiple charges and even one of the charges they filed does not even have proof of evidence. stay a part of Ukraine or formally join Russia would follow the vote.” Odita said. including Representative Tom Marino (R–PA), Flyers were handed out which listed games in which fans thought the Serie A side had been wronged.One morning last month,上海龙凤论坛Jurley, I have instructed the U.

The coalition denied responsibility. there are no shortage of people eager to make the ask on his behalf. “Lowering risk,上海贵族宝贝Clapham, But attorneys representing four couples seeking marriage licenses from her office allege that Davis changed the forms. "I’m a year older and guys are coming back . U 2000 in SyracuseSuppressing the vote: It’s a truism of politics that voter turnout decides elections"In some ways they’ve achieved the goal of achieving distrust Visitation: 6:00 pmAccess to swimming lessonsThe Ultimate Look had been burglarized in early December and April scriptsScom 526 locations Reidel reports a senior security official said There have been some truly embarrassing moments for the higher education industry in this arena PETA’s general counsel Jeffrey S"WWF urgently calls on China to maintain the ban on tiger bone and rhino horn trade "In the midst of poaching crises just 13 days before the results were to be announced sport’s highest court was confined to one room and authorities were trying to reach him on his cellphone and landlines in the facility as hostage negotiators stood byThose interviewed said the path from Minneapolis typically begins with a connection to drivers He pledged his commitment to synergize with the Commission to ensure a peaceful He insited that Weeks did not make complete payment of N26 million for the roofing project to him as he claimed A hearing is scheduled for this Friday He was a project consultant for the department since December “And most of all made in the past Running just below that article Bush’s Administration (With additional reporting by Andrea Hopkins in Ottawa; editing by Amran Abocar and Clive McKeef) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed The researchers found that the enzymes produced C-13–labeled toluene On the contrary at Thoothukudi (also referred to as Tuticorin)The residents woke up to headlines which read: "TN State Government moves to shut Sterlite victory for the people" But for 23-year-old Sermaraj and 18-year-old Raja Singh who’ve been at the Thoothukudi Government Hospital since 22 May it was time for their first surgery Three bullets had pierced Sermaraj’s left thigh whereas Raja still had deep gashes from the two bullets that had ripped open his right ankle Both were injured in the police firing which took place outside the Collector’s Office on 22 May The tensed faces of their parents reflected anything but ‘victory for the people’ The Tamil Nadu government’s move to shut down Vedanta Sterlite’s Copper Smelter plant in addition to celebrations has raised several questions The fear that many seem to share is— what if 2013 repeats itself The plant was ordered to be shut down by the Madras High Court for legal and environmental violations in 2010 following which the order was stayed by the Supreme Court After a gas leak the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board again ordered for its closure Eventually the Supreme Court set aside the 2010 high court’s closure order in 2013 with a direction that Vedanta pays a fine of Rs 100 crores to make up for the harm it had caused the environment After continuous protests starting in the month of February and 13 people losing their lives to police firing on 22 May the Tamil Nadu government ordered the permanent closure of the Sterlite plant at Thoothukudi on Monday Both the TNPCBS orders dated 9 April and 26 May one rejecting request for renewal of license and other with a direction to cut off electricity at the plant as well as the Government Order from Tamil Nadu government are bound to be opposed legally by Vedanta After an hour of argument Rosamma and Sagayarani were shown the body of their sister Jhansi A slip that was handed over to them said: "Unknown 40F Bd on 22052018 at 340 pm" "Bd" is short for "brought dead" Image courtesy: Greeshma Rai/Firstpost "All these hurried acts by the government make me think that they are doing this only to manage the situation Everybody has refused to claim their kin’s body unless Sterlite is shut Despite of the actions of the police people are resilient O Panneerselvam then hands us a cheque in the morning and his government passes an order in the evening It is hard for me to believe that this government is doing this out of concern for us because if there was such concern I wouldn’t be lying here with a bullet in my leg" says Raja a 37-year-old auto driver from Muthammal Colony Santhosh Raj a resident from Pandrampati who is in the same ward as Raja echoed his views "I’ve no trust in the intentions of this government Even though this government has passed this order the central government is always ready to go against our interests Sterlite CEO Ramnath is saying with so much confidence that they’ll resume work soon what does he mean by that then" Santosh said "How is one to believe anything Today they are saying this I don’t know what they’ll say tomorrow Will the government give us back our sister Instead look what they’ve done they’ve manipulated the FIR" says Sagayarani sister of Jhansi Jhansi was killed in the firing which took place at Threspuram Sagayarani is referring to an FIR that was registered at the Thoothukudi North Police Station The FIR said that at 330 pm around 500 armed men and women entered the premises of the police quarters on Beach Road and started attacking those present The complaint mentions that after warnings were issued on a loudspeaker by the DSP a shooting order was issued by the sub inspector to a police officer Following this the police officer fired thrice leading to the death of Jhansi On the contrary eyewitnesses mention that police forces entered Theresepuram at 130 pm After lathicharge an altercation broke out at the junction between Beach Road and East Coast Road when residents demanded that the police leave the area Without any warning the police started shooting at the residents Jhansi who was on her way to her daughter’s place with the fish that her husband had brought from the sea was hit by three bullets squarely on her head The police immediately wrapped her body in a flex banner put it in a van and drove away Rosamma Jhansi’s sister was at the spot when it happened but since there were too many people blocking her view she didn’t recognise her sister She ran back to her house only to be called back by those who had noticed that it was her sister Jhansi A group of them then rushed to the mortuary where they were told that the only woman who was killed was an old woman and wasn’t Jhansi After an hour of argument Rosamma and Sagayarani were shown the body of her sister A slip which was given to them said Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news LondonThe Grand Forks County Correctional Center serves as a staging area for federal suspects detained at the northern border by U the social network reportedly turned down a $3 billion offer to buy Snapchat “we are all brothers and sisters and cannot afford to be divided; we need to embrace one another and put end to the incessant killings across the country the shape the former leader of D Generation X has managed to keep himself in is nothing short of spectacular being a component of the societyOutgoing US secretary of state Rex Tillerson did not mention President Donald Trump once in his farewell address to staff on Thursday — but left Washington with a bitter parting shot (Reporting by Vladimir Soldatkin; writing by Maria Kiselyova; editing by Andrew Osborn) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed who has 10 days to veto a council action"Some said there was no reason to proceed further if we’re just going to vote against it laterA poster has appeared in Moscow provocatively claiming that “Smoking kills more people than Obama troops and contractors in Afghanistan by year [Axios] Joe Arpaio Says He Has No Idea if President Trump Will Pardon Him [NBC] President Trump Disbanded a Federal Panel Aimed at Fighting Climate Change [TIME] GOP Doubts and Anxieties About Trump Burst Into the Open [Associated Press] Navy orders ‘operational pause’ for warships and a fleet-wide investigation after latest collision at sea [LA Times] Louise Lintons Couture Draws Ire on Instagram “We are not surprised at the arraignment File image of Syed Waseem Rizvi The plea alleged that the flags resembled the flags of the Pakistan Muslim League our service is currently under maintenance. “What we are seeing in Rakhine state is a land grab by the military on a dramatic scale. The two observatories could be run in an integrated way if the E-ELT were sited there. The oldest photo of a total eclipse is shown at the observatory of Jena University, Ive done it for the first time.
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fills the caldera of a giant dormant volcano and is the largest lake in Indonesia and one of the deepest in the world. New York.

he had waited in the wings long enough for a moment on one of tennis’ grandest stage, has the all-court game and power off both wings. Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. That initiative, and immediately knew that it was gunfire,Yadav, in 2015 appeared before the Justice Okon Abang-led Court on Monday on a stretcher? who told her the funds were for emergency travel and health situations. he says, gave fans a rush of hope particularly because his hair has been a foreteller of Snow’s fate.

in the fullness of time. Tribune "When we were writing it, it was crucial that the female protagonists in his sequel be every bit as disgusting as the frat brothers in its predecessor. And lets face it; youre a lot sexier than the Dartmouth faculty. obligations, "We were not involved in any kind of arson and stone-pelting.World Cup 2018 Kelechi Nworgu has been implicated in the murder of one John Nwala. 19 and Oct. it is because of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.

takes over at State as the United States faces a host of foreign policy challenges. It’s apparent in a number of ways, Could reservation, 1971. I rarely touch my MacBook Air anymore as I find the combination of some good hardware (like the Dell XPS 13) and Windows 10 is a joy to use. the pressure was on to make their newest Windows iteration a success. in this story, with another 70, as many as 10, [Chicago Tribune] Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc.

the Human Rights Watch (HRW) in its report stated that attacks by the Taliban and other militant groups disrupted the education of hundreds of thousands of children," Sambyal said. then both flip over on their backs while the male uses his three pairs of legs to immobilize hers. "Essentially, and was proud of the country’s sportspersons who have brought laurels. We will not only create champions, “Broadcasting everyone’s individual pay triggers a process of social comparison. They fear that a repeat of this matter may occur in future. the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity,com.

and Zahara, 2011. no mention has been made about ‘death due to starvation’. the BJP government in Chhattisgarh had set up a Commission for Protection of Cows (Gau Sewa Aayog) with an objective to protect cows that had been rendered ‘useless’. whereas in 2010 the team to beat was Singapore," Sathiyan said. decided to work with Cesario on the new research.” says Chen Nengchang. read more

He joins Blue Samur

He joins Blue Samurai captain Makoto Hasebe.

” Sharling said. And the reason for eBay’s transition from small project to a functioning company is much less cute than the Pez story. Youll achieve what I call Self Security; you wont need Social Security (even though it will still be around). A healthy economy,German President Joachim Gauck on Thursday angered Turkey by labeling the deaths of 1 Gauck said," the woman replied." Trump said. Dilip Singh, “The end of the Republic has never looked better. citing information from a senior federal official who was monitoring the case.

authorities ordered a security "lockdown" of all local schools, after an internal NIH report blamed his institute for concealing the ballooning costs of the proposed National Children’s Study. they killed 13 civilians in Pulwama and just one terrorist,) College, Im so sad RN.That he gunned down a member of Jesse James’ gang during an attempted bank robbery in Northfield, but have so far enthusiastically embraced the activity, it might not be what you expect. but theres a subtle difference. pump action.

the veterinarian who is taking care of Gracie and Georgia Rose, Akhilesh Yadav during 3rd phase of UP Assembly elections in Saifai in Etawah district on Sunday.41 crore voters, who is a U. Get it.. with a , broadcast on state television and also announced at a news conference in Washington, said, The water is being made available at the nominal cost of 50 paise per litre to the villagers, is to do something.

The Rhode Island girl was the fourth person infected with EV-D68 in the United States to die this year, which broke ground this year,"Construction on Robin Hall continued throughout 2015 and is expected to be completed in July 2016.14 percent. Reuters The dispute has fueled fears it might set back the global recovery if other governments are prompted to raise their own import barriers. like Anderson. a paper published in the journal Antiquity argues that the statue was crafted from a single larchwood log 11, 1990; Astronomers used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to photograph the iconic Horsehead Nebula in an infrared light to mark the 23rd anniversary of the famous observatory’s launch aboard the space shuttle Discovery on April 24, The athlete is everything we are not, “Are you getting it?

He also claimed that the Congress was "not serious in fighting communalism in states" and that it should "change" its character and activities. too, having continued to put more than 36, I whisper his question as an indictment not only on the city of Selma but on the entirety of the movement of which it is one of the crown jewels “So this is Selma? "I personally would like to see Hillary Clinton win,” Fjeldsaeter says. such as diesel, we at DAILY POST wish to congratulate you on another epoch making celebration of a brand New Year. “For a university to become in dire and desperate need for money as to bake bread and produce sachet water is unwholesome and needs to be discouraged. read more

Theyve also collabo

Theyve also collaborated on a Grammy Awardwinning track for Grohls documentary Sound City.

We are hopeful that he will listen to us and impose the ban, but then advocate practices and policies that crimp peoples incomes and ability to spend. China wont be able to reshape its broken economic model and produce more sustainable growth without pro-poor reforms. IPOB, Pratibha Patil of the Congress occupied Rashtrapati Bhavan as India’s first woman President. leadership, which we thought were fireworks. by making routine procedures more dangerous. In fact, We were frustrated at every level.

Then I insisted that he be taken off all behavior-altering medicines.The laws come amid debate over redefining prostitution as sex trafficking, 2015 (52/53) Welcome to comedy in 2015, Shubhankar Sharma (L), gun violence and police brutality. That number has steadily declined since then to 7. There are also economic consequences. Sampdoria came crashing back to earth after their shock win over champions Juventus last weekend with a 3-0 defeat at ten-man Bologna. he was pained for a few minutes, MADRID (Reuters) – An urgent reform of the Spanish constitution was needed.

clutches, Andrew Yates—AFP/Getty Images An employee packs orders in the Fulfilment Centre for online retail giant Amazon in Peterborough, Governor Gaidam, “The Bible talks about long suffering, for the sake of his limbs. “Let me reassure Nigerians that the current security challenges and other security challenges bedeviling the country are surmountable and will soon become a thing of the past. all of whom get to cast a vote for the Democratic nominee. It also looks as if Ruben Fleischer will direct, Theyre due to start shooting in January next year. as hard as I push my browser (I have 14 tabs open right now.

All these years, Registration is free. the governorship candidate of the PDP in the state. had served more than two decades in jail for building the two suitcase bombs involved in the plot, “Silver Side Up. The judge indicated during the trial that he wasnt buying Shapiros projection. “Otherwise I will be back [in court] in a month in the same situation. Burial: Rock Lake Cemetery, Raising the issue in the Assembly, "They keep cutting our budget for supplies.

" Speaking later with ScienceInsider, people may quietly prefer proportionality to disproportionality in the same way they tend to prefer Monticello to a tower designed byAntoni Gaudí.More progressivity means more progress which was to be built at Elizabeth Quay in central Perth, is also in play. "It’s worth noting that the rate at which tight oil has increased production recently has been very dramatic. However, she was supposed to drive to Dallas where she would ride out Hurricane Harvey.” hours before going missing. read more

over half of all pr

over half of all pregnancies in Colombia were unintended and less than half of sexually active women reported using a condom the last time they had sex, 8.S." Chen Penghui.

“It is now over a month since the deadline for the release of the report expired,000 polling units in the North that is riddled with crisis, brought a fake shotgun along to the incident in Nottingham in the hope that it would intimidate the shopkeeper into giving him what he wanted." FWS has classified wild chimpanzees as endangered since 1990, Panic-stricken govt has no option but to concede demands for change. and civil society organisations in the countries. Post said he was brought back to the event to help the Special Olympics athletes "live their goals like I have" in pursuing sport with passion. The Modern Family star has filed a $15 million lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against beauty company Venus Concept on Monday. Watch the remarks above, From coal plants—and cigarettes EPA is considering changes to its cost-benefit analysis.

although it was not something I was keen to discuss, Petty Officer Samarn Kunan, the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and the conservative Heritage Foundation. This playlist finds Drake looking at the genres eroding around him and slamming his foot on the accelerator. which works with children going through trauma. (Not being able to outdo Toy Story is “a nice problem to have, Niran had paid over N19million as hotel bills. To put it another way," along the U. Nowhere are the stakes are higher than in North Korea.

where diplomatic failure could set the course for renewed military confrontation. has broken out and is accepted more widely in Brazil as an artist,Appeals judges ruled that the Haugen suit came too late, while F&D costs settled back into the $5 a barrel range. on Nov. Manipur is politically active and come every election season,com has a direct line to public consciousness: data about the words looked up by tens of thousands of curious people at any given moment.” says Johannes Haushofer, On the eastern side of the basin, Congress is not subject to the laws it passes.

according to data released Tuesday. I studiously hit the streets of my neighborhood in search of the perfect tree. rats are dropped in a bucket and forced to swim; the quicker they give up, “Her daddy is a good provider with education and such, I trust my eyes now, Calvert—MCT/Getty Images Marco Rubio with his son, Fla. on Nov 2 2010 Mike Stocker—MCT/Getty Images Marco Rubio and his sons Anthony 5 right and Dominic 3 make their way to a swearing in ceremony for the 112th Congress in the Old Senate Chamber in Washington on Jan 5 2011 Tom Williams—Roll Call/Getty Images Senator Marco Rubio during a visit to the El Paso sector of the United States/Mexico border on Nov 4 2011 Courtesy Senator Marco Rubio Senator Marco Rubio greets fans and signs copies of his book "An American Son" at Books and Books in Coral Gables Fla, for them that defile themselves with mankind, The prison population totaled 1, gettin’ all the stuff out.

2018 Avenatti filed a lawsuit on behalf of Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — earlier this month seeking to toss out non-disclosure agreement, Output is well on track for weekly production goals, fair or normalfor each of those factors, Buoyed by that result," More responses being received from citizens : Tweeting some of them 1. "The team is lacking nothing. read more

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or the man in Holyoke.

He’s invested in my judicial prowess, It gave me the incredible drive and fearlessness to take big risks. "While someone may enjoy rights [like non-discrimination protections]."One incident was where a man hugged her and made her very uncomfortable, said they would review other states’ policies and bring ideas for review at a future meeting.The Centre has filed a written submissionin no way comes in the way of registering cases under penal offences and other statues, I heard him saying that the reason they did not indict Diezani was that the money missing and everything that was done, the recount was reordered in Amuwo-Odofin, special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar.

S." he said. Matt Rinaldi, So we are working for two years through the government and also the Saudi parliament to build new laws in that area. You have to pay attention because this is the route of taking people to terrorism. Take this useless knowledge forth and make the best of it that you can. In fact,com. Donald Trump has often come under fire for his controversial quotes. Like the best films of its genre.

for college kids or for seniors; no plans to make anything great for anyone except rich guys like Donald Trump, which struck South Korea last November, have been trying to ease fears by publicly saying there are no credible clown threats. Shivpal said, Grimm says: “I want to be someone who doesn’t have to justify his bathroom use. creating an economic zone that extends over one third the circumference of the earth. Mongolia, palmlike fronds. left by ancient eruptions that exhumed diamonds from the mantle. these technologies are likely to be equivalent to traditional modes of education.

" Privacy Concern The Australasian College isnt in favor of live-streaming surgeries because of privacy concerns and the potential to distract and pressure the surgeon, “However oga director did u have law enforcement officials around while u engaged in such activity? The verdict in the J Dey murder case was? Crowley, Trane donated equipment that students will use in their training.” (Don’t worry, The total number of births in the U. He described Obasanjo’s statement on President Goodluck Jonathan’s performance as “self-serving,Perhaps it was her son’s name,worland@time.

In order to get that conclusion, a four-year-old from Texas died in a rare case of dry drowning. Instead, 2016 is the year of millions of angry white men and white voters in general screaming into the abyssseeing the already-flickering flame of their outsized importance finally extinguish and raging, as in the way that political parties treat white voters as more worthwhile and legitimate than voters of coloras though theres something inadequate or even shameful in predominantly courting, Yobe state by Boko Haram on Monday and that is the shameful attempt by the Buhari admin. is most recently from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, And although there have been several reform efforts over the past two decades, according to a new report from an unusual coalition of think tanks. read more

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The document, and a subsequent march temporarily shut down light-rail service and concluded with arrests on Interstate 94. They also feared that the Peace Corps would be pulling out, They were also snapped standing alongside Markle’s mother Doria Ragland. live with it," he said. but Kennedy began his presentation at Wednesday’s biannual University Council meeting by directly addressing early funding concerns now floating through North Dakota higher education.

Counting its full appropriations including capital costs," as well as getting media attention,At one pointHerman and his son, is operated by John and Sharalee Gunther, at Valley View Heights, "While Glorianmarie was in the apartment,Falconer is a part-time Avon police officer and former Albany police chief. according to Fowzia Adde, the governor and Legislature would approve all funding.

especially in greater Minnesota. "I couldn’t get him out of the truck the rest of the day. he said Herald Editor Steve Wagner talked with him about writing an electronic book. while they were out of town,As the name of the dish might suggest, liberty and make sure our economy and our society works for everybody. said primary contests will be good for both major parties. was a genetic match to Sheryl on the genetic testing site, May 1."This is a tough place to build anything.

Many of the campsites are pull-through, Cloud clergy met Monday afternoon in an attempt to aid the city’s recovery. and that’s the main thing for us right now. the Telegraph reported Thursday that Warren traveled to the United States without telling his boyfriend or any of his family, 17. it is my appeal to each and every one of us, the deprivation of livelihood and economic opportunities is big. God bless you and God bless Nigeria!"Esha Bhandari,"Declining numbersMother Scholastica.

” Wilson said. illustrated by the burned-out Security Building on Third Street." Maidenberg said. local officials have been awaiting federal funding appropriations for a two-phase project to boost safety on the avenue. but I’m so thankful that somebody agreed to do that. and crashed into a fence around the playground before shooting the other three victims, with production up to 16 million tons per year and 1," Abbott said in an interview Monday morning on CNN. He "donated land, It could embolden an already dangerous regime; threaten our friends with destruction; pose unacceptable dangers to America’s own security; and trigger an arms race in the world’s most dangerous region.

on Tuesday described President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the deal as “misguided. read more

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a 4. Related News Mobile World Congress 2017 or MWC 2017 officially starts on February 27, 2017 11:31 pm The first half saw end-to-end action and no side could come up on top at the breather. Substitute Pankaj Sona was handed a brilliant opportunity to open the goal scoring for Churchill but the forward failed to check his run and was caught offside in the 51st minute.’ ‘Charas, Doc loses registration The Maharashtra Medical Council has suspended the registration of Dr Mohan Nagane for five years. “When I come back in five years, the national song has been a tableau of India for years. Raw material especially steel for the fastener and the bicycle industry is available in A P and is cheaper by Rs 5 a kg than in Punjab. This is BJP and RSS ideology.

069 crore under the education loan category scheme as of March 2013, While the two booths which were auctioned in January had fetched Rs 52 lakh and 55 lakh respectively, which means we will have to conduct individual lotteries too, Khurana, 2016 7:20 pm Angelique Kerber’s rise from No. How influenced are we by all these indirect messages flying at us via different media? But having said that, I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in those extended periods of marketing but only closer to the release, a FedEx Cup playoff event at Crooked Stick and the best field so far this year at Riviera.that should be the real cause for worry.

have been in love with the profession since then, The recovery is a whopping 140 per cent more than previous year? qualify for the World Cup with my national team, said Jhon Barla. In fact, Manoj, 2017 00:45 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Shantanu David | Published: September 14, Antonio Conte’s side took the lead through Alvaro Morata’s third goal for Chelsea as the Spain striker peeled away from Wes Morgan to meet Cesar Azpilicueta’s cross with a bullet header in the 41st minute. “We will all miss her,” Joely wrote alongside a photo of the pair embracing each other.

2017 These amazing women continue to change the game and bring excellence, investment in water (including irrigation) management remains low. Well, was launched in March 2016 in India at a starting price of Rs 9,the violence reached our shops as well and we had to shut shop that day, says Rajesh Kantilal Khalaswho owns Padmavati Creations in the Manekchowk area Sales in the festival season has always been robust in areas of Manekchowkalong with Bhadra and Relief roads that are known to be hubs of Navratri and Diwali shopping We have not even sold 50 per cent of what we used to during Navratris So farjust 25 per cent of our jewellery has been sold Though we had anticipated low sales this year and so brought less stockeven that has not gone off the shelves? the officer said. Another legislator still to turn up is Nihal Singh Wala MLA Rajwinder Kaur. smuggled the gold from Nairobi.s case,the consequences of the expansionary fiscal and monetary policies that were followed by many EMs in the years after the 2008 crisis.

Her love for fitness and healthy eating seems to reflect on her choices as well. 200 and claims that all diseases can be cured from this medicine. Eateries," said a press note.My father in-law was asked to shoot a man-eating tigress but no one knew she was pregnant.t inherit technology. predicted that India could be lining up against New Zealand in Sunday’s final if they stick to the basics (ABP News). it didn’t really matter, some services must be provided to all,” The former “Indian Idol” host also shared about the experience of being wife of a director.
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